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Just last week, the big run Hair Group electric business Platform Flying Cattle Network low-key on-line. It is another traditional retail transformation O2O in less than one months after Wanda's online line.

At present, the flying cattle net only in Shanghai area for internal staff testing, temporarily closed to business. There is news that the on-line only one week time, the staff member registered to break through 180,000 people.

The actual operation of the flying cow how to unfold, the outside is full of a lot of speculation. Wanda's network is already a pragmatic beginning.

According to the experience of friends, Wan Hui is positioned as Wanda Plaza O2O Intelligent E-commerce Platform, business covers department stores, food, cinemas, KTV and other fields. The future will provide users with the latest Plaza activities, business information, shopping guide, discount, film information, gourmet Group purchase, integration inquiries, gift exchange, such as a full range of information and services.

Do not provide in-kind online purchase services, only some of the services to buy and offer coupons to receive and purchase services. More like the Wanda Line shopping guide platform. and Wan Hui app relative to the website function is more perfect.

Wanda Electric business model will be completely different from Suning, gome and other traditional enterprises net, do not emphasize the direct purchase of physical goods online, but hope that through the line on the line of drainage, which means that Wanda Electric is more like a line of the flow of the platform, rather than the physical type of purchase platform.

So far, although the shape of different, but Suning, Gome, Wanda, Yintai, Ling-induced and other traditional retail enterprises have been testing the field of hydropower.

However, the current traditional retail transformation test water fusion situation is not the same, suning strategic adjustment struggled to turn, the United States, the water temperature gradually contracted, Yintai executives to seek cooperation with the cat.

In such an era of internet retailing, different enterprises have different demands for transformation and different development goals.

At the end of last year's National Business conference held in Beijing, Suning chairman Jindong said that the current retail industry after the chain operation, E-commerce two major stages, is entering O2O Internet retail era.

Jindong also said that the O2O model combines online convenience with offline experience, which will help to systematically address the many problems that have accumulated in the past.

Solving problems systematically is the ultimate goal of O2O. However, there are also some problems in the process of online offline integration.

Among them, whether the traditional enterprises have internet thinking is considered to be a major factor in the success of the transformation, and in the transformation of how to face the distribution of new and old interests, and how to transition to have a more appropriate speed to become a lot of traditional giant enterprises need to solve the problem.

Internet thinking

The first is Internet thinking. This may be the hottest word in the 2013 Tech circle.

I do not know since when, "internet thinking" this slightly ethereal but very attractive concept has been repeatedly mentioned, people even can't wait to put it as a label on their own.

The notion that everyone is speaking has no authoritative definition. What the hell is the Internet thinking?

At first glance it is strange: how can a group of pragmatic business people be fascinated by an abstract concept that has an infinite reading potential? The possible explanation is that people smell the new world that is raging, and what is happening around them is what makes them believe that the old era is coming to an end.

Music as "platform + terminal + content + Application" Vertical integration industry chain, carrying five screen life marketing to complete the ecological closed loop is the internet thinking; Millet MIUI platform to occupy the ecology, to hunger marketing to bring people to buy the carnival is the internet thinking; Tesla made a car and made a traditional car no longer a tin box with four wheels, And then become part of the network terminal This is also a good reflection of the internet thinking landing.

Under the guidance of Internet thinking, successful enterprises emerge, while the depression and crisis in another world, the sad end of Nokia era is too fast to react.

Ma said that many giants were still hot when they fell. This is why the traditional enterprises are anxious to change the reasons for the big guys.

Internet thinking differs from traditional thinking. It contains new elements such as fast, flat, small and beautiful, free and so on.

The most obvious is a quick question. The World martial arts, only fast not broken.

Just last May, Jingdong and Xun launched a sniper battle over the speed of logistics. To sniper the Beijing-East warehousing logistics system, Xun launched a "day four to send" service. and Jingdong launched "3-hour delivery" service to and "counterattack."

The rapid response of these electric business enterprises, and some of the postal EMS initiatives formed a different.

But in the traditional retail area, is relatively lacks the internet gene. The completion of these details is particularly important for traditional businesses.

In this sense, perhaps Wanda Wang to give up billion gambling, is to make up their own offline entity store in the cloud of the short board.

Here is a detail worth pondering. Chen, CEO of Yintai Business Group and chairman of Suningyun, Jindong, when asked about how traditional retailers form the Internet business philosophy, have said "entrepreneurs want to take off their suits, cut off their ties and travel light".

And the Internet thinking in addition to "take off the suit", more important is actually "user first". Whether it is cross-border innovation, product Ultimate, lean iteration, word-of-mouth dissemination, or collaborative organization, in the final analysis is to meet the needs of users.

Of course, even the most correct concept does not guarantee the effectiveness of the action. Especially in the slightly impetuous Chinese business society, a concept of prosperity behind, often a mixture of too much marketing hype and the composition of the self-styled, lack of "ten years of grinding a sword" implementation and perseverance.

In this regard, the so-called Internet thinking and traditional business thinking is not so clear-cut. In the final analysis, who can be the most suitable for the current social characteristics of the way to bring to consumers the real value of tangible, who is the eternal winner.

Left-right mutual stroke

For traditional businessmen, O2O transformation faces many problems. One side is the traditional channel that has been built up over the years, the other is the fast-growing online channel. However, due to the current low price of online channels, almost all brands are facing a "channel conflict" problem.

If the line to maintain the same price, there is no competitiveness. On the one hand because of the convenience of parity, on the other hand, the major platform price war, so that most of the product line to maintain the price advantage.

Online and offline channel conflicts are unavoidable. To the case of the cat, brand manufacturers directly in the online shop, the same product network retail prices tend to be cheaper than offline retail prices more than 15%. After a large number of consumers poured into the shop, "offline experience, online purchase" of consumption will cause the line under the channel of great dissatisfaction.

In the process of the benefit chain reorganization, the offline channel unite to stir up "inside Dou", coerce the manufacturer to cut off the phenomenon of the online channel, it is not uncommon in the industry.

A household electrical appliance Enterprise Electricity Business Department personage discloses: "Some factories do the electricity merchant channel The person already changed several dials, all is by the line channel's person to crowd out." E-commerce requires the determination of the big Boss. ”

For Gome, the past year has contracted across the line. Friends from Gome insiders said that Gome online recently a number of senior executives to leave, corporate strategy stabilisation, to pragmatic follow-up "price war" rather than high-profile spread.

In fact, what is O2O, in the industry there are many different voices.

Yintai Group CEO Chen that the key point of O2O is "fusion", not "path". Perhaps, translated into line "and" offline, than Line "to" under the line more appropriate. "The previous retail market in China was the parallel development of offline entity retailers and online shopping platforms, which are now vertically evolving to form a closed loop." At this time, how to provide users with frequent consumer solutions is important. ”

Wanda's O2O test water now seems to have evaded the problem.

Wanda Electric Dealer's core is "big member", "Big Data". Its online network and the million-sinks app is a strong association relationship. Based on the huge passenger flow, it carries on the analysis to its consumption times, the quota, the hobby and so on the data, the pertinence investment and the layout merchant.

Wanda's electric business model is to establish membership system, is expected to be close to 140个万 Plaza in 2015 years, an average of 20 million people per square, more than 2 billion times a year will enter Wanda Plaza. And Wanda is going to turn these passengers into members. With modern mobile terminals and other advanced technology, the number of members consumption, quotas, preferences and so on to establish and master, and then based on large data to make analysis.

Wanda chairman Wang said, "This large data system will not only support our own needs in the future, for the country's statistics, or other enterprises such as promotions, new product testing, the development of the enterprise's own membership system to support." ”

The fusion of O2O mode is not only beyond the traditional entity retail management level, but also surpasses the technical limitation of the traditional pure electric business platform, and is a future-oriented model.

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