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in millet mobile phone with "and rice noodles to do The community Theory of the "friends" and the fans ' economic attempt to break the traditional business model today, all kinds of enterprises scramble to visit the study, the former Vanke real Estate team learning, after the Haier Group open-minded. At the same time, the "Luo thought" as the representative of the media has also begun to expand the concept of strong communities and circles, the community to create a new business model.

However, what we see is: The real users of the millet mobile phone is the two or three-line city, but also in the information glut today, since the media's active degree is also declining.

Then in the context of large data theory, what kind of enterprises really need circle planning & Community Economy, and for enterprises, how to play the real fan economy to bring value to the enterprise?

Topic participants in this issue:

Senior Marketing man Yun Jong (David Yin)

Master Media founder, CEO Melody

Pacific Insurance brand general Manager Jiayi (Jackie Chia)

Shenbai (claiming: A pupil in a new environment)

Head MA Digital Media manager Jessica

Suntory Beer brand copy Minister Hans

Street Network VP Wendy

Run Rice Consulting Chairman, former Microsoft China Strategic cooperation Director Liu Run

Background reading: How is millet practiced?

Millet first the enterprise employees into the tribe, lei like a gentle chief, the relevant partners are elders in charge of the party. Flat organizational structure, any grassroots staff to lei total only 4 levels lei-partners-managers-staff, specifically such as LEI-partners-product Manager-product assistant, LEI-partner-research and Development, LEI-partner-design manager-Design.

A circulating story, millet in the introduction of product MIUI, just started to select the development of 100 users. These 100 users are selected from the Brush Machine forum, all proficient in mobile phones. They became the Kol of product development for new products. Because they understand your product and can give feedback. When the product development team is able to synthesize these 100 KOL recommendations for improvement, the product development capability and the market is no match. It was only a matter of time before the 100 Kol developed into a fan of 10,000 people and a fan of 1,000,000. Give 100 Kol content and time to ferment, the necessary guidance, the other is no longer important. The development order of millet to users and fans is different from traditional marketing. Traditional marketing in turn from the promotion of brand awareness, acceptance, try to use, loyal customer path. The development of fans and the cultivation of users is the majority of enterprises, the traditional enterprise marketing direction. and the order of millet is different, the first development of users and then develop fans. (David Yin)


Opinion One: circle and community must return to the connotation and essence of the brand, let me start from the brand ...

Circles or groups have always existed. The first stage of marketing is to "group" consumers, so as to better meet their needs and serve them well. Formerly, marketers in the "group" consumers, consumer groups in the process is passive, and even do not know. The development of Internet technology makes the group initiate the internal active contact, and the external active difference. Suddenly, how to build a circle, how to grow up, how to dissolve, initiative and the initiative to transfer to consumers. Therefore, the group economy has a greater vitality! (Shenbai)

The original brand connotation is based on trust, but now it will be based on feelings. (Liu Run)

What's the use of branding? This basic question to ask again, LV's brand in the commercial value is actually different from Coca-Cola, LV brand value is almost the main part of the product, Cola is more preference.

So I think each brand building, should first think about the brand's commercial value. Are called brands, the role is completely different.

In my opinion, the internet age, a lot of goods can not build a brand, as a label on the good. If the safety of social goods, basic quality is guaranteed, there are consumer transparency scoring mechanism (such as Taobao on the scoring). A part of the traditional brand can really be used. Save some money.

Circle of Word-of-mouth Credit also replaces a part of the traditional brand credit function, so now some of the products are not well-known trademarks have the opportunity to turn over; do not advertise, use the specificity of their products to make the difference, or fun, or indeed, through the circle of Word-of-mouth, business is done. LV is not the same as the quality of the package is not important, the main value of goods in the brand connotation, so, LV's brand is essentially a production department.

For some commodities, the brand will become more and more important, for many people's business, traditional brand thinking does not necessarily apply. Medium and small brands become cohesive, is in a relatively good credibility of the sales platform, platform brand effect is greater than the single product brand effect. Similar to IKEA. People have too much information, and fewer brands to remember. Brand aggregation is a more efficient way. (Melody)

In addition, a basic concept is also confused, brand is not advertising, brand is not label, brand is engraved in the customer's heart recognition, and this recognition, in the traditional business model era, through advertising, activities, such as one-way transmission way, brand connotation and commitment to the customer, in the era of mobile communication,b& C to become a means of communication, customer is one of the main body of communication, that is, the role of Word-of-mouth transmission will gradually outweigh the traditional forms of advertising, customer experience has become the main channel to convey brand connotation, so, brand connotation still exists, brand advice is still important, but the way has changed, the way changed (Jiayi)

Brand is a must, especially want to do in the long run. "Deformation, God does not change", otherwise, the result is the user "whistling, whistling away." Brand is like kite-flying that line, as long as you have my heart and my position, that no matter how far you go, as long as I gently drag, you will come back to me, because of the sincerity in. Like @ Liu Run said "emotional Foundation." (Wendy)


Point two: Circle Planning and Community economics for who? FMCG's circle economy is icing on the cake rather than doing it?

I really like the topic of circle planning and fan Economics, I think the Circle plan and the fan economy is actually the Internet age CRM based on a social platform of an extension of the marketing approach, the core is the customer, the formation of the circle of fans mainly include two types of people are kol (loyal customers) + onlookers (potential customers), The role of the circle is to quickly share and spread the experience. So similar to the traditional CRM, especially rely on the experience of the industry, such as automobiles, cosmetics, digital products are very suitable for this marketing model.

The transformation of many potential customers in the automotive industry is really the help of hardcore fans, and consumers ' spontaneous answers and recommendations will be particularly real and susceptible to potential consumers.

Cosmetics new products listed, each season will launch new products, advertising to build visibility is not difficult, but the establishment of trust is not easy, relative to the original has a certain foundation of the circle of fans, it will be twice the effort. For the original customers and fans of the promotion of relatively mass media fast and effective, can quickly establish product word-of-mouth, support the promotion of new products. Cosmetics can be around the product to talk about a lot of topics, these topics are sales and brand promotion. But some products are too fmcg, a word can be finished, no story, no experience can be for long-term sharing, in-depth communication. Then the establishment of the circle is not meaningful, but should pay more attention to the use of existing consumer groups overlap degree of the circle to do the promotion, the effect is better. FMCG need to support the big spread, circle fans are relatively more emphasis on building trust, can complement each other, icing on the cake. Cola belongs to this, do not die, do better.

Whether it belongs to FMCG or high-end brands, as long as the common attributes are consumers pay special attention to experience, if they can not fully experience, but also need to learn from other people's experience, to make a purchase decision, it is suitable for the circle of fan marketing. The real circle is the brand representative + hardcore + The masses, the brand representative may be the official may be the root, but he must represent the brand, is the circle's leader.

As for consumers of different ages, I think the definition of circle is not the same. I will find that relatively young consumers are open, can accept completely strangers circle of users, and older consumers are inclined to accept the circle of acquaintances, I think this is the difference between the growth background. (Jessica)

For FMCG, the definition of lithospheric is difficult, because of the low involvement, less interest, weak focus, so you need to see product segmentation. I don't think big brands do is worth doing, but they have to. I have been skeptical about FMCG's establishment of CRM. Suspicion is its meaning and value what is the nature of the consumer's concern about FMCG?

Experience must be done if it is important to purchase decisions, because experience sharing is too important. The brand does not move, the iron powder stability, the masses often change often new, this is has the vitality, has the good ecology, creates the value the circle. and "Fan stability": F1, Manchester United Club, Dulles, Red Bull, Xbox ... The more exciting the product experience, the more people want to talk, show off, share, and win ... More and more. (Hans)


Point three: What is the nature of the circle and community for business? Three rulers of the circle: durability, stickiness, size.

Three rulers of the circle: durability, stickiness, size.

My Formula One: The persistence of the circle is proportional to the time the product purchase decision takes!

My Formula Two: the stickiness of the circle and the product purchase decision time is proportional!

My Formula Three: the size of the circle is proportional to the amount of stimulation the product uses. (Shenbai)

I prefer to call them tribes, and tribal marketing is a new pet in the internet age. A mature tribal marketing requires a 3-tier structure, with the core characters kol (true meaning of Kol), cronies and followers. Like chiefs, elders, and members.

Jehovah + 13 Disciples + believers. Lei + hardcore fans + fans. One tribe has 1 soul figures, 10 irons, each affecting at least 1000 people. In the internet age, they superimposed effect formula 1+10+1,000= 1,101,000. The viscosity of the tribe determines the explosive power that spreads in an instant.

I divided the market into public, small and micro-audiences. Niche circles like luxury goods and some high-end niche brands are very useful.

Mass consumer goods will also, but the boat is too big to turn slow!

Tribe, viscosity and age are related but not absolute. The experience of different age groups in China will be different, but not the dominant factor. Some tribes will cross the ages, if the brand is focused on building visibility, there is no need. But the brand matures, creates the brand love degree brand loves, very needs. (David)


This issue of the issue of micro-function can be found in the search for the needs of the speech are very enthusiastic, the view is very original. In the tide of the times, the essence of business is still unchanged, but the relationship with consumers, the degree of connectivity with the advent of the mobile Internet, the shape of the changes have taken place. Whether it is a mass product or a niche product, we must meet the community economy together!

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