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August 10, the 2010 online games, "Genghis Khan 2" in today's 14 o'clock opened the first test (delete file) of the door, in 85 million of the long-term enthusiastic attention and expectations of the players, with a distinguished first-time seal activation Code of the lucky players will experience the first day of war online games King of the Magnificent style,  Enjoy the most devastating pk fun in the history of human games. "Genghis Khan 2" seal the test topic: http://han2.70yx.com/cb1/"Genghis Khan 2" The seal test Image station: http://han2.70yx.com/index.shtml "Genghis Khan 2" The Seal Survey Forum: http:// han2bbs.70yx.com/Sunshine actress Sun Portrait of the performance of the "Genghis Khan 2" for the game Limited activation code "a hard to find" problem, "Genghis Khan 2" project team leader said, "Genghis Khan 2," the first test is a game function testing technology closed test, such as server load capacity, version stability, game balance and so on, not to recruit new users of the marketing means.  She noted that "Genghis Khan 2" uses more advanced engine and technology, expanded the customer service and operations team, on-line online opinion submission platform, at the same time held a variety of activities inside and outside the game to improve testing services, we have enough confidence to do the test! Online games, "Genghis Khan 2," the actual screenshot of the Realm War game is learned, "Genghis Khan 2" lasted 3 years of 200 million research and development, in the seal of the game in the top ten features will be fully unveiled, including in the vast world map, thousands of PK play on the basis of the world's first four major war play: "Across the battlefield," "Reload the Chariot", "Territorial War", "Emperor's War" and so on, dedicated to bring players unprecedented war experience: online games, "Genghis Khan 2" national copy of the game scene screenshot features one: the Territory of the World "Genghis Khan 2" the strongest field PvP play: Territorial scramble to join the new. When the neutral map occupies the position of NPC, the occupation can choose to run and develop the stronghold to become a powerful war fortress or a shrinking city.  By gradually annexing other neutral positions based on the base, the large pvp between several positions will provide you with more field PvP play. Feature two: National copy of the "Genghis Khan 2" will appear in the world's first large-scale copy. Through a copy of the different entrances, several regiments will collaborate to complete the request, gradually merging one place, carrying on the super large-scale leader battle.  The first Chinese-featured copy system will provide players with a more free and challenging world of war. "Genghis Khan 2" The Emperor's War game scene screenshot features three: the Throne for the World "Genghis Khan 2" Emperor War to build the most exciting peak in Asia, the PK experience, players not only have the freedom of attack, defense, support, construction and other rich strategic options, national leaders can be straightThen lead NPC Army Gongchenglvede.  Randomly generated special events of the national war, excellent state balance mechanism, to bring the most incisively and vividly, the fighting experience! Features four: heavy-loaded chariot kill quartet this powerful steel fortress, commonly known as the meat machine, will be completely manipulated by the players, with a powerful momentum and a strong defensive strength to come and go freely among the hosts.  Whether you are a powerful warrior or a weak mage, you can try the power of a steel fortress and enjoy the Tannangquwu of an enemy, such as the general. The Big Book "Genghis Khan 2" The real scene screenshot of the Tianshan man 5:0 people fight across the battlefield, "Genghis Khan 2" across the battlefield will be shocked to market, the male side continues the King's Dream, Battlefield cross-clothing boarded the honor Hall!  Through time and space to build the magnificent cross-service battlefield, so that the original can not fight the players in the same game, an unprecedented cross-service war is about to erupt, with the strength of the world arena rankings, the player's highest honor! Feature VI: Happy Carnival Heaven and Earth "Genghis Khan 2" in the most luxurious game venues. If the war is the theme of "Genghis Khan 2", then the earth is to create happiness, there are different types of luxury games, combined with different theme culture, to entertain the interpretation of all the players to bring all kinds of fantastic and magical joy experience.  Both thrilling stimulation, but also a shocking sensory audio-visual experience. "Genghis Khan 2" The real Scene screenshot features seven: Personality formation constellation Equipment in "Genghis Khan 2", the new constellation Equipment System Shock debut. With constellation blood type and personality and many other factors, a new build only belong to their own personal cultivation equipment system. What special attributes do the constellations of the same attribute inspire? Or are those skills enhanced?  Constellation Equipment allows everyone to develop unique constellation equipment to create their own secrets. Features eight: Popular community Love Farm "Genghis Khan 2," The strong introduction of the most popular girl favorite friends of the community, love apartment.  Will today's most classic, most popular, the most fun SNS community play a blend of them, specifically for the tired sisters in the war design, so that dolls really enjoy a new life in the War of Love community. The great masterpiece "Genghis Khan 2" Ride pet game Real screenshot features nine: Characteristics of the highlight of the combination of the most unique characteristics of the logo mo is a huge ride system, from the level can be able to capture their own steed, to achieve horseback fighting, the horse-riding experience of chivalrous righteousness.  Thousands of gods and beasts will bow to you, hundreds of kinds of powerful riding skills at random, for you to build the world's unique war partners. Feature ten: Through Epic magnificent map "Genghis Khan 2" in the research and development process, "through the magnificent epic war, redrawing the world layout pattern" as the core concept, through the epic plot inheritance and extension, the world's largest online game map area reached 50 million square kilometers, reproduced 196The exotic landscapes of different nationalities and 76 Asian and European historical countries create the magnificent epic of the largest territory in Chinese history. 2010 Online Games "Genghis Khan 2" LOGO about "Genghis Khan 2" 2010 online games, "Genghis Khan 2" by Kylin Game CEO Mr. Shang leader of the elite production team for 3 years of painstaking research and development, a total cost 200 million yuan huge investment, to "through the magnificent epic war, redrawing the world map pattern"  As the core idea, through the succession and extension of epic plot, a large number of high-end new technology introduction and innovation, the first four World War play: "Across the battlefield", "Heavy Chariot", "territorial War", "Emperor War", the creation of the widest world map, thousand kinds of PK play, enjoy the history of human game the most tragic PK fun. In addition, "Genghis Khan 2" in order to meet the needs of more mainstream players, the introduction of four innovative alternative forms of play: Leisure and entertainment of "Heaven and earth", SNS Community "Love Farm", the largest number of "national copy", the personality of the formation of "constellation equipment"-the new four major pioneering war play and four alternative forms of the perfect integration  , creating a new era of 3DMMORPG war! (Edit Zhang Xing)
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