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Recently, the roaming (manyou) Open platform has added an application: Web game. The application of the collection of a variety of large-scale domestic web game single application: such as martial arts heroes, Huashan Sword and so on.

As a new game form in recent years, web games are gradually infiltrating the field of online gaming, relying on their own unique white-collar users, there are market research institutions to infer: the Three Kingdoms for example, a hot web game company in one months will be able to bring developers millions of of the profit, and related to the user game agents, Web game downstream companies are also earning pots full tank surplus.

"The Web Game," the application of the developer "Yes play" related to the owner said: "Before the" Yes playing the Web game has helped many community owners to make a profit. This login roaming open platform, designed to help 10多万家 use Ucenter home to build SNS webmaster to make a profit. "Yes play" in charge that "web game" is a "roaming currency" good helper, the two are to help the webmaster profit of both carriages.

Ucenter home, some webmaster users think that only from the roaming open platform to get some social applications, such as Happy Farm, happy baby, glorious hospital, and so on, now online web game is a good thing, will add a new way to profit for their own website.


The reporter interviewed the SNS research expert Mr. Li, he thinks, the current SNS website user and the webpage game user actually has the very big coincidence rate, mostly takes the energy to be few, consumes and pays the ability to be high, the education high white-collar population mainly. The combination of the two can not only effectively integrate user resources, will also detonate the web game Social Game marketing value, SNS webmaster is also a development opportunity.

According to the 24th CNNIC China Internet Development Statistics Report, China's internet is quietly changing, internet users are more and more educated, the use of the web is slowly changing, to white-collar people as the representative of High-quality, high consumption capacity of the Internet population growth quickly, SNS Web site and the development of web Games has brought opportunities. Z

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