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Since "World of Warcraft" has opened the battlefield and the random battlefield system, PvP becomes very convenient, want to enter the battlefield of the players only need to queue in the system, will be automatically assigned to the empty battlefield queue. Through this system, players can not only quickly, anytime and anywhere to experience the fun of PvP, but also to get a lot of rewards. However, there are players complaining: why do you sometimes hit the day without winning?  Why does my tribe play one day and lose one day, and I change the union number to play a day? Believe that many players will have the same question, and even players jokingly said, "In fact, GM (game manager) won."  In the end who won it, a few days ago foreign media on the battlefield won a statistic, let's take a look at the following. Random battlefield system because of the unofficial launch of this statistic, the data are from the heroes list of World of Warcraft, so the results are only for reference. The first picture below is the winning rate for the battlefield last year, you can see that the other basic belongs to the other half, except the eye of the storm. The second picture is all the battlefield winning statistics, it seems that the conquest of the island is really unfair to the alliance, after a player in the U.S. Service Forum had a complaint, and then nothing. And the alliance relies on the bridge in AV occupy advantage began to decline, I really do not know if this is not an illusion. (The horizontal axis represents the battlefield, the longitudinal axis stands for the percentage of the winning rate (last year) battlefield winning statistics (all) from the whole statistic, the difference between league and tribe is only 4%, compared with last year's 10% to raise a lot, perhaps it shows that the battlefield of blizzard is slowly adjusting balance, It seems that the loss of one day a player complains can only be seen as a bad luck illusion. (Digging the shell net)
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