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Absrtact: Lanxiang Technical School frequently on the back of the headlines, there is a secret, is to do from the media. The company is also a traditional enterprise in the comparison can play from the media energy. Lanxiang Technical School is also a wonderful case, often on the headlines, even become a phenomenon class

Absrtact: Lanxiang Technical School frequently on the back of the headlines, there is a secret, is to do from the media. The company is also a traditional enterprise in the comparison can play from the media energy.

Lanxiang Technical School is also a wonderful case, often on the headlines, and even become a phenomenon-class company.

Lanxiang Technical School frequently on the back of the headlines, there is a secret, is to do from the media.

This company is also the traditional enterprise in the comparison can play the media energy:

1, the product is very painful point, pay attention to Word-of-mouth. For example, the advertising word has been very straightforward, "try to learn a month without charge."

2, a little parody style of the Blue Xiang body. Some time ago Lanxiang even rushed to the Internet security conference to pull slogans, "Learn hacker technology which strong, Shandong Jinan to find Lanxiang."

3, the user's participation. Spoof Lanxiang in movies, television, micro-blog, micro-letter many, this sense of participation is the key.

Recently, a "Lanxiang vice president of the students to Henan and the president of the father-in-law brawl", so that the mysterious body once again boarded the "headline." Over the years, by virtue of "xx find Lanxiang" advertising, rapid fire across the north and south. But what's the catch of the headlines from time to time? Feng, you have to study hard! Looking back on the past it is not difficult to find that the education and Training Institute in Shandong has been good at marketing, never lack of public opinion voice. They have diverse marketing skills, from television to microblogs, from movies to jokes. Multi-Knowledge network according to the existing material, to uncover the Lanxiang Technical school marketing methods.

1, years of constant TV commercials

"Learn which strong excavator school, China Shandong to find Lanxiang", "try to learn a month without charge" ... Over the years, these advertising words have been talked about and spoof, imperceptibly implanted in people's memories. These advertising language is simple, direct, post bar even have netizens to seek blue Xiang full version of advertising language.

2, from the black and spoof of the spread of the joke

This August, online rumors Lanxiang Technical School President Rong in 2014 Lanxiang graduation ceremony said a word: "We blue Xiang if not solid learning skills, that with Tsinghua University what is the difference?"

Recently, Rong accepted the World magazine reporters to clarify, "This is being interpreted, we did not mention Tsinghua University!" They are training high-end research-oriented and management-oriented talent, Blue Cheung Training is a front-line senior skilled personnel, is not comparable. "Even so," and Tsinghua University, what is the difference between the jokes have been on the internet for some time, the day micro-Bo, friend Circle was brushed screen.

There is also a more old joke: "' Who graduated from the school? ' ' I graduated from New Orleans School. "That's a famous school!" ' Worded, dare you? ' ' Brouffles in the reading. "Wow, is also a young talent, promising." ' I walked by, Mubuxieshi, cut, is not the new Oriental and Lanxiang (Blue Fly)? " Can be seen, about the lanxiang of some of the black, parody, but also without losing humor.

3, film free for Lanxiang to do implanted ads

Perhaps it is by the familiar TV ads, online rumors of the jokes, in recent years, many film and television works are implanted in the "Shandong Lanxiang Technical School" name.

November 2011, the film "lovelorn 33 days," The 84th minute, Wang Xiao Huang to cut bangs, Huang frowned asked: "Do you have Lanxiang Technical School beauty salon diploma?" In February 2013, the movie "Getting Better Village late", Baoqiang actor Nengjing, who plays the role as a recruiter for a five-star hotel chef, said: "The smallest kitchen worker we have here is a graduate of two major schools, the Blue Belt and the Lanxiang." "March 2013, the TV series" Lao Family's marriage ", the actor Mary ridicule oneself" The college Entrance Examination 123 Volunteers are changed into Lanxiang Technical School ".

For these spoof, ridicule, ridicule and consumption lanxiang paragraph, Lanxiang Technical school not mind, even was written into the admission brochure. In addition, the Blue Xiang Advertising Department of the staff of all film and television dramas, media, netizens "free Lanxiang to do the implantation of ads" cut into a half an hour of the film, in the online heat transmission.

4, foreign media "hacker" attack report enlarge influence

The New York Times has published an article on the development of blue-lanxiang hackers attacking the United States, pushing the spotlight to the forefront. Rong in the media interview, said: "I know the New York Times, the report came out, foreign hackers almost every day to visit the Blue Xiang website seventy or eighty times, sometimes the site on a little bit of nothing, for this school has a lot of computer technicians to rebuild the site." ”

Even so, it is undeniable that this report has somewhat increased the visibility of Lanxiang Technical school.

Whether the Lanxiang has a "military" background, is also one of the topics of concern. In this respect, Rong said: "Provincial in the school set up a militia battalion, responsible for the entire Jinan area floods, fire Rescue, Militia battalion has militia training obligations and requirements, but also part of the National Defense Forces, this is not surprising." The "Military Service Law" also clearly stipulates that the military in private, public institutions can be levied according to demand officers, a certain professional arms. Our students can be recruited directly into the school, which is screened and tested, such as the army needs to repair the engine, so that they blindfolded to dismantle the engine. And we train the ship and aircraft engine maintenance, car maintenance students more, can serve the army. ”

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