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October 25, 2012, Microsoft officially released its next-generation operating system, Windows 8, in New York, USA. Windows 8 is a thorough innovation system that dramatically changes the logic of the past and provides better screen-touch support. At the same time, the new system screen and the mode of operation of the changes also give the whole "PC computer" has given a new connotation.

Windows 8 as a new generation of operating systems, its convenient operating system and more rapid speed, so that everyone wants to change the equipment experience. But for gamers, more concerned about the compatibility of Windows 8 is as good as the previous generation of Windows 7, in order to solve the vast number of players doubt, Tenkine for the market more popular 30 online games tested, I believe the answer will soon be announced.

30 games Windows 8 Compatibility List is as follows:

From the above list, we can see that Windows 8 for the compatibility of the game is not satisfactory, especially Tencent's game, no one is able to run normally. And the recent "sword spirit" and unusually hot, many players are engaged in, but now can not be compatible with win 8, indeed some maddening. Therefore, for the players who are keen on the Tencent game, will have to give up this new generation of operating systems, perhaps in the future through a variety of update win 8 can be very good compatibility of all the games, but this is something, for now, the player's choice is: either choose Win 8 give up the Tencent game, or support Tencent game and win 8 Say good-bye.

2nd page Test Evaluation: Sony VAIO E17

The platform we used for this test is the Sony Vaio E17, which is pre-installed with the Windows 8 Professional Edition.

sony VAIO E17 notebook appearance map Sony vaio E17 specific parameters

Sony VAIO E17 notebook uses the core I7-3632QM, which is a four cores based on the 22 nm "Ivy BRIDGE-MB" kernel processor. It has hyper-threading technology, up to 8 logical CPUs. With 2.20 GHz frequency, dynamic rui-frequency can rise to the core 3.20 ghz,35w TDP. Core I7-3632QM has 256KB L2 cache, 6MB shared L3 cache. The Intel HD 4000 graphics core is internally integrated with a frequency of 650 MHz.

processor information detected using AIDA64

Graphics, Sony Vaio E17 uses the AMD RADEONTM HD 7650M 2GB stand-alone graphics card, but also shielded the processor's own HD 4000 core graphics card, this HD 7650M core and memory frequency is 500MHz and 900MHz, respectively, For specific performance, see the next Test.

Gpu-z detected graphics information

In terms of memory, Sony VAIO E17 employs two Samsung 4GB ddr3-1600 memory. Its memory is 11-11-11-28, which is the standard timing of the 1600MHz frequency. In the memory test program with AIDA64, the speed of reading and writing is 14169mb/s and 11871mb/s respectively. Performance is very good, 8GB memory capacity whether it is to watch movies or to deal with large games are more than sufficient.

use AIDA64 for memory testing

sony Vaio E17 used a 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive with a capacity of 1TB. In HD tune hard drive performance test, this hard drive average reading speed up to 82.2mb/s, up to 112.6mb/s, average access time 19.9ms, performance ideal. HDD read speed test using HD tune

The above is the Sony VAIO E17 notebook Performance Introduction, Next we use this mainstream high-end machine to 30 network games for Windows 8 Compatibility test, the main content of the test: one is to see whether the game can be normal installation; second, after the successful installation of the game to detect whether the normal operation. Well, nonsense not to say, the following is a look at the specific test of 30 online game.

3rd page Tencent "Jian Ling"


Game Name: Jian Ling

Operation Company: Introduction of Tencent Game: "Jian Ling" (BNS), full name Blade & Walk, is by the famous online games developers NCSOFT Development, Tencent Game Agent of a new Oriental style 3D MMORPG. "Sword Spirit" in the design to break through the traditional, gorgeous beautiful picture, smooth and dynamic movement, sincere to the meat of the blow, and flying into the experience of a fascinating, is an epoch-making innovative spirit of the online game masterpiece.

Windows 8 System Installation Operation: Double-click the game application, the normal access to the installation Wizard to install the game installed successfully, a burst of joy when the runtime error prompted "TS warning Code", and then small set according to the prompts to operate, the results are the same

Through the test, "Jian Ling" can be installed but not run.

4th page Tencent "QQ Rook"


Game Name: QQ Rook

Operation Company: Tencent game profile: "QQ speed" is the Tencent company spent years, meticulously for QQ users to create a fashion racing 3D network game. QQ Rook uses the world-class physics engine PhysX, the game feels good, makes full effort for the user to create the lifelike driving experience, 3D fashionable character modelling, the simple trend fantasy track theme, the third person trailing angle of view, strives for the user to create the urbanite feeling. QQ speed is completely free, QQ number can be landed, designed for the QQ user design of the fashionable character modelling.

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the Game Setup Wizard the figure with a blue brush circle out of the part can not be clicked, it means that the game can not even install

Passed the test to determine "QQ speed" can not be installed, not to talk about running the game.

5th page Tencent "QQ Dazzle Dance"


Game Name: QQ Dazzle Dance

Operation Company: Tencent game profile: "QQ Dazzle Dance" is a 2008 launch of an emphasis on leisure, fashion, dating online multiplayer 3D interface Music Dance game, by Tencent and Beijing Yong Hang technology joint release. The game has many modes, including: Dazzle dance mode, traditional mode, rhythm mode, team mode, dance mode, practice mode, dynamic mode, prop mode, crazy mode, vindictive mode, bucket soul mode, dating mode, Edge dance mode, wedding mode, vos mode, free dance steps. and QQ depth with deep integration, establish a rich dating system.

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the Game Installation Wizard is being installed, but the slow light decompression took 20 minutes, unable to spit the slot is completing the installation ..., Tencent, do you dare not to do so complex installation successful game login interface, enter account and password (do not register, Tencent's game you know, you can go to the landing interface, the result went in and jumped out after such a maddening error prompted to restart the computer, or the same error prompted

Pass the test to decide "QQ Dazzle Dance" can install but cannot run.

6th page Tencent "through the FireWire"


Game name: Through the FireWire

Operating Company: Tencent game profile: "Through the FireWire" is Korea Smile Gate in 2008 launched the era of the Network Shootout game (2007 years), in mainland China by Tencent operations. It is a group of two international mercenary organizations as the background, the analysis includes "counter-Strike", including the shortcomings of a variety of popular fps, and absorbing the domestic players love the various shooting game content, provided by a first person shooter game.

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the Game Installation Wizard is installing the game installation successfully completed installation, began to run the game is updating the program, please be patient to wait for the landing interface finally came out, enter the account and password well, "TS warning code" came out again, as in several previous games, can not run

Through the test to determine "through the FireWire" can be installed but not run.

7th page Tencent "Legend of the Shaft"


Game Name: Legend of Xuan Yuan

Operation Company: Tencent game Introduction: Tencent game the first 3D shallow rules fighting games "Legend", a large number of teams in the engine technology, art, server and many other aspects strive to improve the quality of the products. The game is the ancient war as the core of Chinese fantasy games, using a new generation of international top engine Gamebryo Element 2.3, supplemented by a wealth of dynamic effects and lighting effects, bring excellent picture level sense. Fashion role, publicity of the weapons and equipment, the magnificent war everywhere, the reappearance of the period of the shaft of the gods and demons at war without bondage of the battlefield.

Windows 8 System Installation Operation: Installation game is installed ... Game installation successfully updated in version ... Game Login interface appears, enter account number and password I'm going to go! Silent, failed to run

Through the test to determine the "Legend of the Shaft" can be installed but not run.

8th page Tencent "Underground City and Warriors"


Game name: Dungeons and Warriors

Operation Company: Introduction of Tencent Game: "Dungeons and Warriors" is a Korean network game company Neople developed a free role play 2D game, by Samsung Electronic distribution, and in August 2005 in Korea officially released. The game is a 2D reel horizontal version of the Combat Network Game (Mmoact), a large number of inherited from the home machine, arcade 2D fighting characteristics of the game. To the task of guiding the role of growth as the center, combined with replicas, PVP, PvE supplemented by other online games with the same equipment and grade changes, and has a total of thousands of kinds of equipment props. Each character has up to 12 props to the location, in the game can allow up to 4 players to team up to challenge the level, can also carry out 4 to 4 PK.

Windows 8 System Installation Operation: "Running this application may cause your computer to have a security risk", too bloody, directly blocked

Through the test to determine "Dungeons and Warriors" can not be installed.

9th page Tencent League of Heroes


Game Name: League of Heroes

Operation Company: Introduction of Tencent Game: "The League of Heroes" is a 3D large-scale arena warfare network game developed by the United States Riot Games, whose creative team is composed of the powerful Dota-allstars core figures, as well as the fine arts, procedures and planners of famous game companies such as Blizzard, DotA play from the platform to extend to the online game world. In addition to DotA game rhythm, real-time strategy, Team combat, "hero League" has the characteristics of the hero, automatic matching battle network platform, including the talent tree, call Division system, rune and other elements, so that players feel the new hero battle.

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Decompression ... Error prompts, unable to install

The "League of Heroes" could not be installed by testing.

10th page Tencent "Imperial Dragon in the Sky"


Game Name: Imperial Dragon in the sky

Operation Company: Introduction of Tencent Game: "Imperial Dragon in the Days," the original code name for X-game, is a large-scale national war games, based on the history of the Three Kingdoms. The national war and most of the games in China, the state of the world, love and hate, brother friendship caused by the PK struggle more heroic, meaning is richer. However, the national war is not a new vocabulary, in the history of Chinese online games, the National war has been a lot of games to serve as a feature of the game, but most of them still confined to the city of contention disputes. By contrast, Tencent "Imperial Dragon in the days" of Kyushu hegemony, nine camps will be more intense conflict, long-term smoke of the long national borders on the national and dynamic, knife light arrow, Hang Wai.

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the Game Installation Wizard, and is installing the installation to complete the successful installation of the game "TS Warning Code", appeared so many times, you know, the game can not run

Passed the test to determine "Imperial Dragon in the sky" can be installed but not run.

Above eight are Tencent's most popular online games, through the test, the result is not a game can be in the Windows 8 system normal operation. And in the test we found that the cause of Tencent game is not normal operation of the reason is that "TP" Tencent game with a security system, the role is responsible for the protection of the game is not modified and destroyed. Therefore, all Tencent games on the market are currently incompatible WIN8 system, if the player to continue to support the Tencent game, then can only give up the WIN8 system, although it will be very uncomfortable, but the fact is so cruel =. =!

11th page NetEase "Soul-chopping"


Game Name: Soul-Chopping

Operation Company: NetEase

Game Description: "Soul" for NetEase time consuming 3 years to develop the 3D large-scale combat games. With the history of Sui and Tang dynasties combined with the fantasy theme of ancient myths as the background, taking into account the high resolution 3D realistic picture and comprehensively upgraded "3D combat" combat operation experience; Unique "F. MMORPG "Development concept, the provision of collective competition, random confrontation and other multiple competitive play, as well as a variety of fun types of features to upgrade the game to provide a horizontal version of the player" comprehensive large-scale online gaming "picture Sense and play fun experience.

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the Game Setup Wizard game is being updated ... After the update, enter the game to see the role of the creation of the interface, show that the game can be run

Through the test to determine "soul" can be installed or run.

12th page NetEase "Wu Soul"


Game Name: Wu Soul

Operation Company: NetEase

Game description: "Wu Soul" is a Tang Dynasty as the background of the 2.5D real-time large-scale action martial arts online games, to establish the same level of online games "strike sense" new benchmark. The most special thing is to learn the characteristics of a variety of action-type game, improve the game combat system, emphasizing the blow feeling and fighting pleasure, the player can be in the scenic level screen quality of the game world experience comparable to a single one of the exciting combat experience! Products adhering to the fair competitive core development concept, become the preferred operation Flow! There are a variety of growth in the direction of free choice, PVP, PvE both, both competitive and leisure, trying to bring a new game for 2.5D players experience.

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the game Installation Wizard Game login interface appears, waiting for the update completed successfully enter the role of the game creation interface

Through the test to determine the "soul" can be installed or run.

13th page NetEase "Dream West Tour"


Game Name: Dream West Tour

Operation Company: NetEase

Game Description: "Dream West Tour" is a Chinese netease company developed and operated by the network game. The game to the famous novel "Journey to the" story for the background, through the Q version of the characters, trying to create a romantic online game style. "Dream West Tour" has more than 250 million registered users, the total set up a toll server up to 472 groups, the highest number of online 2.71 million (August 5, 2012 14:45), is the Chinese mainland at the same time the highest number of online games. In addition, and by NetEase hand in Shanghai diffuse Tang Tang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to build the comic version.

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the Game Setup Wizard update game, Patience waiting is still updated ... Alas, the flowers are all thanks, and finally jumped out of the "update successful" game landing interface, good Q AH game role creation interface successfully entered the game ^_^

Through the test to determine "Dream West Tour" can be installed or run.

14th page NetEase "World of Warcraft"


Game Name: World of Warcraft

Operation Company: NetEase

Game Description: "World of Warcraft" (World of Warcraft, "Wow or warcraft") is a famous gaming company Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard Entertainment) produced a large multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Publicly tested in North America in 2004. In mainland China, the first agent for the Nineth city, March 21, 2005 afternoon to start the limited test, April 23, 2005 closed the limited test, April 26, 2005 began public testing, June 6, 2005 official commercial operation. June 7, 2009, China's regional operators changed to NetEase.

Windows 8 System Installation Operation: Game is installing game update ... Run the game, the successful appearance of the game login interface game role creation Interface

By testing the World of Warcraft can be installed or run.

15th page NetEase "World 3"


Game Name: World 3

Operation Company: NetEase

Game Description: "World 3" is the first full model of NetEase independent research and development of 3D Fantasy games, set NetEase ten years of development and operation of the big. The game with the Eastern ancient fantasy myth as the background, showing a xiongqi magnificent, colorful lifelike virtual world. "World 3" original multiple Ultimate Pursuit mode, giving the player individual growth freedom, achievement exclusive wonderful, the first multi-dimensional three-dimensional space system, break the traditional space bondage, to achieve a real game within the new linkage of land, sea and air! Massive feature play, leading 3D online games innovation! In World 3, you can challenge a single copy of action, Free to kill and sweep the Demons! can also enjoy a new marine battlefield, the combination of combat strategy for the King! Thousand kind of play, million kinds of fun! Online games RPG2.0 era, from here set sail!

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the Game Setup Wizard is installing the game Login Interface game role creation interface, beautiful

Through the test to determine that "World 3" can be installed or run.

16th page NetEase "Qian Female Ghosts"


Game Name: The Ghost of Qian Women

Operation Company: NetEase

Introduction: The whole new generation of "Qian Female Ghosts", NetEase innovation pilot masterpiece. April 20 first public test! The creation of unlimited cross-service play, home free DIY system, fast-paced cool fight, original New Magic Phantom Copy, Full HD 1080P screen!2012 super Popular new tour, Liu invited you to fight out the true me!

Windows 8 System Installation operation: Successfully entered the Game Installation Wizard game installation successfully completed the game Login Interface game role creation Interface

Through the test to determine "Qian female ghosts" can be installed or run.

17th page Grand "Blood Legend"


Game Name: Blood legend

Operation Company: Grand

Introduction to the game: "Blood Legend" is launched in 2001, an internet-based online role playing game (RPG). The game includes samurai, Wizards and Taoist three professional roles, all the occurrence of the plot, experience, and all kinds of hunting, mining and other activities are on the network immediately. The game includes day, night, trade, goods and other ideas, can be mined, hunting and so on to obtain money, the use of currency for trade. The whole game is a magical, oriental color.

Windows 8 System Installation Operation: Successfully enter the game Setup Wizard
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