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Recently, the reporter learned from the creation Circle, the annual WISE1.0 Internet entrepreneur Conference, will be held 28th, 29th in Beijing National Convention Center. As in the previous session, the Wise Congress of the year still gathered hot investors and entrepreneurs, reporters in the early exposure of the General Assembly agenda found that the Internet Association secretary General Lu Wei, New Oriental founder Yu, Ali small Micro Financial services group, President of the domestic business group Genming, the founder of the Aged, Jingwei China's founding management partner Zhang Ying, the founder of Wang Yu, GGV GGV Capital Management partner Jenny, STARVC partner Ningquan, Spring Rain Doctor founder Rui, and many other well-known ventures in which, at the same time, in this wise Congress, it is possible to shake the industry's four big blockbuster events will be released. China venture capital has been in business for more than 21 years, the size of the alliance between investment agencies, but the alliance between the top institutions is still rare. At this wise Congress, the Alliance of top investment institutions, launched by 36 Krypton, will be established, it includes Sequoia Capital, latitude and longitude, DCM, IDG Capital, GGV Fund, GGV Capital, Qiming Ventures, Bertelsmann, light An Jing, Blue Venture, northern Aurora, Morningside Capital, Xianfeng huaxing, Sai Fu Investment Fund , Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group and so on, the 15 top investment institutions control the size of the capital of about 20 billion U.S. dollars, the alliance will be set up for the start-up of a series of big moves. There is also a big blockbuster event, is the first start-up companies online financing platform Krypton will be fully online. The Internet of financing, is becoming a new trend, such a model in the Silicon Valley has a successful precedent, the famous American online investment and financing platform AngelList, since 2010 on the line, nearly 1300 start-ups have successfully financed, totaling about 200 million U.S. dollars, Nearly 21,000 certified investors settled in AngelList. Krypton, 36, also has a good outcome, the project is being released 53, covering the angel Wheel, A and B round, the success of the 25 financing. In the foreseeable future decade, China's internet and mobile internet companies, the proportion of GDP will become more and more, the entrepreneurial ecological chain is very active, new start-up companies are emerging. According to incomplete statistics, in the three quarter of 2014 years ago, the number of projects invested by China's mainstream funds was more than twice times that of last year. The 2014 "36 Krypton Venture Ecology Report" will be officially released at the Wise Congress, reporters in advance revealed the "report" details, in the first three quarters of this year, online education and other vertical areas began to erupt, many of the proven model of good companies have entered the B-round, C-round, and the model is not reliable, Companies that cannot rise are all falling, and the first round of exchange is over, and more firsthand developments and data in the vertical area will be fully released in the report. The last big thing is that at the Wise Congress this year, there will be 14 projects on site Roadshow, and they will have to pay a lot of money in addition to the bonuses. According to the reporter understand, finally to the present14 pioneering projects in the Roadshow, is from 256 entries, after four times offline audit finally won, covering the mobile Internet, social applications, community services, internet finance and many other fields, in the field to accept from Sequoia, Jingwei China and other top investors authoritative assessment and scoring, one or two, third prize, Bonuses of 100,000, 50,000 and 30,000 will be awarded.
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