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September 2012, in the self-proclaimed "Jiangxi Xiushui God Tea Industrial Co., Ltd." Luoyang Studio Wang An-le explained the system, an integral is a dollar, the system as shown. Buy 1000 yuan of products to become consumers, can get 1.8 times times the static return, the development of a person can be increased by one profit, the development of two people can be invested 3 times times the return ... and there are sales, management and welfare awards. The faster the development of such a system, the greater the gap in the capital chain, which will soon collapse! Wang An-le asked the site staff to join, and encouraged to say eight single can earn how much money, static can earn how much, dynamic can earn how much. Finally, the station staff into a single to in-depth understanding of the inside, get the product is 3 grams/bag X60 bag of green tea, online and other channels retail price less than 300 yuan. Get the product at the beginning of October, the site staff opened the King to provide a member of the background web site, found in the name of the static points have been several very, but the integral is not every day. According to Wang, is based on the same day the total performance of the single person to be divided into. After the end of October to check the points have nearly 300, want to mention the trial, with the king said less than 300 can not be mentioned, and to pay 5% of the fees to the king. After a few days this site personnel again login This URL unexpectedly can not open. Contact the Queen, and sent a new Web site, after the correct open or can enter the member backstage, but after the wrong password directly jump back to the normal login before the page, two different links the last point is the same page, this let the staff a little puzzled. In early November, the complainant contacted the site staff said that they can not mention the nearly 1200 points of their own name, but can not reflect, commissioned us to help the embodiment of the contact. November 9 Contact Wang le studio Zhang Aiying (net name: Zhang Yingzi), said has been done, points are transferred to the "Song General Service Center" can be reflected, members of their own background points did not. Site staff also contact the king asked to mention their points, told that the company's business is too good, financial busy, it will be a week before the present. In this way the king found several excuses, each pushing more than a week. Until December 17, the site staff inquires their membership points have reached more than 650 points, and at the same time inquires the points of the complainants also have more than 1700 points, and their own membership points lent detailed display points to rjm003 this member number. December 19 again login member backstage found again open, contact the king said website maintenance, two days will be good. Until December 26 to open the member background found before the points are missing, only a total of points in, which talent to how many points, which day without points, divided into the number of days points of the records are missing. Contact Wang replied that points can not be mentioned, must buy the company shares, 500 points a share, specific provisions such as the figure. Stock announcement Baidu Jiangxi Xiushui God Tea Industrial Co., Ltd., contacted the Beijing staff, from the member system screenshot of the phone number sent to him, the staff judge is tank, and gave tankNumber。 Company Beijing Online after-sales chat record January 8, 2013, the site staff contacted tank, tank are all inquiries we provide the membership number, confirm that these few numbers are really money was taken away, said the query to a reply. To today's deadline is not heard, it seems that he did not want to help deal with the problem, let alone responsible! Member system of the announcement screenshot review: This system is a typical "head" mode, 1.8 times times the static return of personal investment; pull a man into a set can take 10% of the sales award, static return to increase by one times; Sales 3-4 sets can get 30 generation see point dividends, one person can develop 7 departments, Up to 20000 daily ceiling ... There are very obvious features of MLM. A friend who understands the direct marketing system will know that such a model in the initial stage of start-up investors can invest 8000 yuan, only static profit can reach 10 times times. But as the overall performance of the development, the more late to enter the less opportunity to earn money. The purpose of such a system is to stimulate development, there is no stability, so there is a commission points can not be cashed, began to transfer internal shares. Management confusion leads to problems can not be dealt with, investors can not extract the credit points, will inevitably lead to the development of enterprises and even caused the supervision of the relevant departments of the crackdown, such cases are too many, such as the rich in Dalian, Shouguang Water Cube. So remind those friends who are ready to invest in their business: polishing their eyes, analyzing calmly, finding ways to consult, investing prudently, and being cheated ...
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