Yao Ming has been addicted to online games virtual world to keep the moral bottom line

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Tencent President Lau in his microblog that "basketball superstar Yao Ming attended the 2011 Annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia," The Youth Leaders Roundtable is to show that he was addicted to online games, but insisted on the virtual world to adhere to the moral bottom line. "Lau and Yao Ming's" photo "" I almost in 05 often play online games, very deep indulge in. " "Yiu Minglu is a self explosive. "Everyone knows me in real life, but I'm no longer a celebrity in the online world, so it makes me enjoy the internet," he said. "said Yao. But then he added: "Virtual bread is certainly not as real as steak in the world." Yao Ming also gave his advice: "Online games is a supplement to life, in the virtual world to observe the moral bottom line, I am proud to say at least I did it." "The reason why the small giant can achieve today's achievements, and its diligence and strong self-control is not unrelated, it is also visible, we really need to arrange their own game time, do not because the game over the impact of life."  Below, we can review how the Yao Ming students were addicted to online games. Yao Ming is a star fan Yao said: It is time to play StarCraft 2 in an interview, Yao Ming in a conversation suddenly asked reporters: "You play the game?" Playing StarCraft? After learning that the journalist was also a fan of StarCraft, Yao immediately chatted with reporters about his feelings about StarCraft 2: Wings of freedom, starting with various races, talking about new recruits and a lot of changes in games. At the end of the interview, the reporter invited Yao to play StarCraft, Yao Ming laughs: "Then I do not play a generation, shortcut keys are almost forgotten!"  "Yao Ming and Warcraft have to tell the story of Yao Ming like playing wow many people know, and now the NBA in the game of the star also in the battle on Azeroth, but the play is beautiful clothes." Yao Ming was killed laugh the other side no character Yao Ming once said in an interview after the game that he was playing the hunter's trumpet, Yao Ming, who was killed by a high rank Tauren warrior and killed Yao Ming's pet first, said: "It's no good character, I won't say the name." "What's next?" Brush Equipment Bai, MC, BWL have to brush ah. "In 2006, when Yao was interviewed by the television station, he responded by asking what he wanted to do after the NBA regular season."  At that time, many unknown people heard this sentence is inexplicable, only the World of Warcraft players know Yao Ming is said to be the game of two classic copies of the heart and the black wing of the nest.  Yao Ming is a troll thief in his national costume?  This is Yao Ming's? There have been people on the forum, Yao Ming in the national service often play an ID called "Eternal Starlight" troll Thieves, the guild for the cohesion of eternity, the server is a district of the Polisario. It is said that many of the members of this guild are former Shanghai Oriental team players. However, now from the Hero list, this number last online time for November 26, 2009, presumably the small giant has already turnedCombat outer Clothing, now more is to "StarCraft 2". This is suspected that Yao Ming's rogue equipment is not too good, but also a purple outfit, weapons are brand equipment, visible small giants or focus on the stadium to have today's achievements.  Interestingly, this number took part in an arena team called "The mixed meal is difficult," but the rank is only 1404, which shows that the owner of this number is still focused on PvE. Yao's favorite character. As we all know, in Wow, many dwarves and dwarf race players often give themselves a "tall" name, such as "I am taller than Yao Ming", "Yao Ming is not my height" and "I am Yao" and so on.  It is said that Yao Ming in the wild to see the name of the opposing camp role is to see a kill once. Summary: From Yao Ming, the game is not going to make people nothing, the key is whether you play games or games to play you. Games should be a supplement to real life, how to balance the reality and game is a required course for players. (Editor/Yoon-an)
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