Ye Yong Three suggestions: The Internet has become a trend without doubt

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Ye Yong that, in the network age, most of the traditional enterprises in the competitive industry, the fundamentals may not be changed. If you do not want to change for the time being, what you need to do is really make efforts to improve the management level, improve products and services, and strive for excellence.

According to their own years of experience, for traditional manufacturing enterprises, Ye Yong has three suggestions:
First, the Internet and mobile interconnection become the trend, no doubt;
The second is to do the electrical business, the top leadership of the importance of the most important, and then comb the business process, price matching, assessment system, supply chain through, etc., to carry out the running-in between the various departments of the enterprise;
Third, the operation of skills, to specialization division of labor, so that online shop useful, fun and interesting.

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