Young "Xie-ear"-British 13-Year-old School laboratory successfully fusion

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British media reported that a 13-year-old British teenager built a fusion device, and successfully conducted a fusion experiment, the achievement of the youngest person to achieve this. Last October, England's Lankaishire teenager, Edwards, began building the device in the school laboratory and successfully conducted a fusion experiment March 5 this year. The experiment was witnessed by experts, and filmed the video recording ...

Jamie Edwards, a 13-Year-old boy at Lancashire Middle School, built a nuclear reactor at a school classroom and successfully used nuclear fusion to aggregate two hydrogen atoms into a helium atom, making it the youngest person in the world to make that achievement. "It's a great achievement, a compelling outcome," says Mr Edwards. I can't believe it's true, all my friends think I'm crazy. ”

When he told the headmaster that he planned to build a nuclear reactor in a classroom, the headmaster first thought: "Will the reactor blow up the school?" "Fortunately, the interest and courage of scientific exploration overcame health and safety concerns, and Edwards's commitment to" absolute security "was trusted by the headmaster. 4th Edwards became the youngest person in the world to successfully use reactors to aggregate two hydrogen atoms into a helium atom. "It was a great achievement, a compelling achievement," he said afterwards. I can't believe it's true, all my friends think I'm crazy. ”

Edwards, at Preston's Penwolsham Monastery school, has been interested in radiation and even bought a Geiger counter with Christmas money. Edwards also produced the idea of building a reactor in 2008 after seeing a 14-year-old American boy Tyler Wilson Nevada State The news of the youngest person in the world to make a small fusion reactor. "I saw the news, it was really cool," he said. I decided to make a bold attempt on my own. ”

After the idea of producing a reactor, Edwards began to put it into practice. First, he turned to nuclear laboratories and college faculties, but "they didn't seem to take my idea seriously". After hitting the wall, he decided to build a reactor at his school. He told the headmaster Jim Holligan the idea. Thankfully, the headmaster agreed to his idea and decided to fund him 3000 pounds (about 5000 dollars) to help him with his research. "I was shocked and nervous when I heard Jamie's idea, but he assured me that he would never blow the school flat," Holligan said in an interview on 4th. ”

After months of effort, Edwards completed the reactor manufacture before his 14 birthday. Edwards presses a switch in front of a group of experts, 4th, in a radiation-controlled area of a classroom. After starting, he stared at his Geiger counter until nuclear fusion took place. He called the fusion image "a star made in a jar."

The energy of the sun comes from nuclear fusion. There are great differences between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. Nuclear fission means atomic fission, nuclear power plants and atomic bombs use nuclear fission. Both nuclear fusion and nuclear fission will release a lot of energy. Scientists around the world are replicating Edwards ' experiments, but on a larger scale. The goal of the scientists is to use nuclear fusion to build low-cost and environmentally friendly power stations. "I've been looking at the Geiger counter readings and watching the readings rise fast and close to the peak," Edwards recalls. I know we did it. ”

Edwards's experiment was conducted with the help of a group of electronic experts who were responsible for testing the safety of the instrument. His friend George Baker and some teachers were also involved in the experiment. Everyone took part in a risk assessment course for a nuclear fuel company. Edwards's next goal is to create a miniature Hadron Collider. He hopes to grow up to be a nuclear engineer or engage in theoretical physics research.

13-Year-old student successfully completes the fusion experiment
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