CentOS 6.5 Installation MySQL5.7 RPM

First, new featuresMySQL 5.7 is an exciting milestone, adding new features such as SSL, JSON, and virtual columns, based on the default InnoDB engine. MySQL5.7 does a lot of "short" operations relative to PostgreSQL and mariadb. Features:

CentOS (vii)--linux file type and directory configuration

This essay will supplement the file types of Linux systems and the directory structure of Linux (Linux directory Management and permissions are very important, especially in Linux installation database class software).One, Linux change file

CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian three Linux comparison and similarities


Linux has a very large number of distributions, broken down in nature, and broadly divided into commercial versions maintained by commercial companies and free releases maintained by the open source community.The commercial version is represented by

RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.4 using the CentOS 6 yum source problem


RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Use Centos 6 of the Yum Source IssuesAs a novice, learning Linux has been one months, during which encountered a lot of problems, and today I encountered the problem is#yum Install Pam-devel#This system is not registered

CentOS Installation and Configuration RABBITMQ

CentOS Installation RABBITMQ1, RABBITMQ is the Erlang language development, before installing the first need to install Erlang# yum Install erlang-y//Direct installation may be an error,# yum Install Ncurses-devel//installation dependentOfficial

Deploy the Docker intranet under CentOS

Docker intranet: Docker-registry with Nginx & SSL on CentOSSince Docker-registry is also a software application, the easiest way to do this is to use the officially provided image registry that has been deployed. The official documentation also

CentOS 6.4 Deployment of Nginx reverse proxy, load balancer

A: PrefaceNginx is a high-performance Web server that supports reverse proxy, load balancing, page caching, URL rewriting, and read/write separation.II: Environmental Preparedness1. Operating systemCentOS 6.4 x86_64cat /proc/2.6. -358el6.x86_64

SECURECRT Login CentOS 6.4 garbled problem

Problem Description: When SecureCRT remotely connects to CentOS, restarting the service will show garbled characters.Workaround:1, Modify the configuration of the remote Linux machine[[Email protected] ~] #vi/etc/sysconfig/i18nChange Lang to a

Centos uses ntpdate to change time to GMT

Update time from a time server with Ntpdate1[[Email protected] ~]# ntpdate time.nist.gov2 7Nov -: the: Antpdate[3032]: No servers can be used, exiting3[[Email protected] ~]# ntpdate time.nist.gov4 7Nov -: -: $ntpdate[3033]: Step Time server24.56.17

CentOS Yum Installation and manual compilation Ettercap

There are two types of packages currently in vogue, one is the intelligent installation package represented by RPM package, Deb package, and the other is compressed in file.tar.gz form.A smart InstallationTake MySQL as an exampleYum Search mysqldTwo

CentOS 7 HOSTAPD AP Mode configuration

Recently want to make a no line, Linux under the non-line/wireless AP Implementation is HOSTAPD this software.There are a lot of HOSTAPD on the internet, Baidu will be able to get a lot of relevant information, here just finishing my own

The principles of the Centos FTP server and the configuration of the virtual user

Before the author wrote an "ftp local user " essay, that is only a case, and did not complete the function, configuration file parsing and principle, today I will publish "theprinciple of FTP Server and virtual User Configuration " essay

Installation and monitoring of the Zabbix server server installed under Centos 7.0 join (1)

I. This series is divided into 6 parts1.Centos 7.0 installation of Zabbix Server server and the addition of monitoring host2.Centos 6.5 Installation of Zabbix server server and the addition of monitoring hostThe Discover function of 3.zabbix Server

Install Zabbix on CentOS 7 (Quick Install monitoring tool Zabbix)

Prerequisite requirements (optional)Before installing the ZABBIX monitoring tool, install the necessary run kit firstyum install gcc gcc-c++ make openssl-devel curl wget net-snmp net-snmp-utils net-snmp-libs net-snmp-devel gnutls gnutls-devel libxml2

CentOS View hardware Information

1, under the CentOS View hardware information content is very comprehensive.CentOS Common commands to view CPUsMore/proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name"grep "model name"/proc/cpuinfo[[email protected]/]# grep "CPU"/proc/cpuinfoModel Name:intel (R)

CentOS SendMail installation and mail domain configuration

Http://www.centoscn.com/CentosServer/lighttpd/2013/0726/650.htmlSendMail is an excellent mail system under Linux. In the case of no setting, the email source address of SendMail e-mail is like [email protected], which will almost be identified by

Centos (64-bit) installation HBase detailed steps

HBase is a distributed, column-oriented, open-source database that comes from the Google paper "Bigtable: A distributed storage system of structured data" written by Fay Chang. Just as BigTable leverages the distributed data store provided by the

CentOS 7 Source Installation Zabbix

I. Introduction of ZabbixZabbix is an enterprise-class open source solution that provides distributed system monitoring and network monitoring capabilities based on a web interface. Zabbix can monitor various network parameters, ensure the safe

CentOS 6.5 Configuration LDAP server + client!

Various degrees Niang! All kinds of Song elder brother! Online tutorial uneven, lasted 1 days, finally completed, dare not exclusive, so, summed up to share, there are questions can leave a message, sparing ... Let's goFirst, Yum installs the

CentOS 6.5 System Installation Configuration illustration tutorial (detailed text)

DescriptionUp to now CentOS 6.x is the latest version of CentOS 6.5, and the following is a description of the specific installation configuration process for CentOS 6.5Server-related settings are as follows:Operating system: CentOS 6.5 64-bitIP

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