The solution of CentOS Chinese garbled problem

When using the CentOS system, you may encounter an English CentOS system when you install it, in which case installing the CentOS system is the default installation (ie English). After installation, the emergence of a variety of Chinese garbled. So,

CentOS 5.5 Consolidated Cacti+monitor+told+ntop Deployment

Environment: Centos5.5 ip: Cacti Centos5.5 ip: DNS Demand: Deployment Cacti+monitor+told+ntop can monitor deployment properly Implement: First, early deployment 1, first of all to ensure that lamp can be normal

Introduction to LDAP Directory service protocol for CentOS 6.2

LDAP is light weight Directory access Protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), formerly known as the more ancient DAP protocol. It is based on the X.500 standard, but it is simple and can be tailored to your needs. Unlike X.500, LDAP

tutorial on configuring an NTP server on a CentOS server

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize the system time of different hosts on the network. All hosts you manage can synchronize their time with a specified time server called an NTP server. On the other hand, an NTP server synchronizes

CentOS disk installation and disk partitioning scheme detailed

A few days ago I studied the next few Linux systems, or feel CentOS better. Relatively stable, at least desktop systems are better than Ubuntu. Installation CentOS is not difficult, installation methods are, such as hard disk installation, U disk

Centos system in the mailbox server configuration steps detailed

Internet Browsing Mailbox Server configuration article, was a text pit after one, see an article on the mailbox server configuration write very detailed.I can see the author is very patient Ah, turn around to make a file reference, and thank the

CentOS install Unrar and unzip the RAR compression pack

Under Windows RAR is a common compressed file format, many friends will be packaged into a RAR file into the CentOS server but do not know how to extract. There have been a lot of customers consulting how to extract the RAR under the CentOS

CentOS Installation Openlitespeed Server environment steps detailed

First, deploy the Openlitespeed server preparation work According to the official view, we can be officially approved in the CentOS 5,6,7 version of the operation, but also a user in the Debian wheezy version of the test, where we will be

CentOS System Installation Configure Apache Web server

Demo Environment:Linux CentOS 6.3 X64 Apache First, the installation of Apache and related components 1, with the root account into the system, start the installation.#yum Install httpd/install Apache#yum Install PHP/install PHP module#yum Install

CentOS 7.2 Configure Apache service httpd (next) _linux

One, Perl + mod_perl Install Mod_perl to make Perl scripts faster [1] Install Mod_perl # from Epel install [root@linuxprobe ~]# yum--enablerepo=epel-y Install] mod_perl [2] Configure the Perlrun mode, always place the Perl interpreter on RAM. [

Linux Learning CentOS (29)--linux Network card Advanced command, IP alias and multiple network card binding method _linux

This essay will explain in detail the Linux system's advanced command of the network card, IP alias, and the knowledge of multiple NIC bindings under Linux. First, the Network card Advanced command In a previous essay on the CentOS of Linux

CentOS VSFTP Installation and configuration detailed _linux

In general, we will automatically install the system after the installation of the VSFTP service, but sometimes it is necessary to do their own, such as the two days in the configuration for my friend, the process to record down, so that when needed

CentOS Install free Control Panel kloxo steps _linux

The last two days to do another thing: the host in Shanghai Hua Cao Road room for 2 years of almost 200G data server to all format, and then replaced by CentOS. Very depressed is unexpectedly the technology said there is no CentOS the latest version,

CentOS 7 The method of initialization after the installation is complete _linux

1, add Users New user named "Wang" [Root@vdevops ~]# useradd Wang #添加账户 [root@vdevops ~]# passwd Wang #设置密码 changing password for user Wang. New Password:retype New Password:passwd:all authentication tokens updated successfully. [Root@vdevops ~

CentOS 6.3 Minimum installation system to quickly build the environment step sharing _linux

1, initialize system environment complete system root new, GCC compilation environment, PHP installation dependency, System kernel optimization Copy Code code as follows: Lokkit--disabled--selinux=disabled Yum Update-y Yum install-

The whole process record _php instance of WordPress blog built from scratch on CentOS system

Overview Recently bought a server, ready to build a personal blog, to continue to update their blog, Environment Server operating system: CentOS 7.0 Blog Deployment server: Apache Background language: PHP Database: MYSQL Front

Centos 5.5 Installation OpenVPN full version: Server-side configuration

VPN is a virtual private network, is provided to the enterprise or between the individual and the company security data transmission between the tunnel, OpenVPN is the Linux open source VPN leader, provides the good performance and the friendly user

The process of installing Couchbase server on Linux CentOS

Couchbase is an open-source, distributed, document-oriented (document-oriented) NoSQL database with built-in Memcached services. This article shares the practical steps to successfully install Couchbase Server on Linux. Linux distributions are

The process of constructing nginx under CentOS

Today it's just a simple nginx, and it doesn't use the functionality, and it's going to be a document about Nginx load balancing and reverse proxies. At the same time, if you can see that there are not many places in the document, please ask, thank

CentOS 7 Open 3306 port access

Tag:restart   systemctl   sql   stat    firewall configuration    install   c/s    Boot up    accept    CentOS 7.0 defaults to using firewall as the firewall, where the iptables firewall is changed. 1. Close Firewall:systemctl Stop

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