Install configuration Web server in CentOS-6.3 system Nginx

Nginx is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server and a IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server. The concurrency capabilities of Nginx do perform well in the same type of Web server. Nginx is available in some Linux distributions and in various variants

Linux VPS Centos LLNMP Environment Installation graphics and text tutorial

As a general VPS user, it is possible to use the LNMP (linux+nginx+mysql+php) or the LLSMP (linux+litespeed+mysql+php) architecture as our VPS build system environment. Each environment has its own characteristics, such as the use of LNMP processing

tutorial on installing OpenERP in CentOS

Hello, everyone, this tutorial is about how to install Odoo in CentOS 7 (the openerp we know). Are you considering installing a good ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software for your business? So OpenERP is the best program you're looking for,

CentOS Yum Installation lack of kernel-headers solutions

CentOS appears missing Dependency:kernel-header solution, note here The error message is as follows: The code is as follows: Glibc-headers-2.5-81.el5_8.2.x86_64 from updates has depsolving problems --> Missing dependency:kernel-headers >= 2.2.1

Ways to create and configure virtual users under the CentOS system

First, download the current vsftp latest version The code is as follows: wget   Ii. Pre-Installation Preparation 1, create the virtual user mapping local user wwwftp The code is as

CentOS Linux Mounts Windows NTFS file system __linux

CentOS can not recognize the NTFS-formatted device, search for a long time to try a variety of ways to solve, in order to make the novice less detours, I will be my solution to write out to share. One, the first option The first thing to see most

Freeradius installation Guide on CentOS 7

Freeradius installation Guide on CentOS 7 prerequsities [GitHub] CentOS 7 freeradius-3.0.16 Reference Downloads git clone https:

CentOS 6.5 System LNMP Environment install SSL certificate

This article is reproduced from: The SSL certificate installation is not related to the blog program (whether it is WordPress or Typecho, etc.), but only to the type of server (such as Nginx, Apache,

Quickly configure Yum Test Update library for CentOS

We know CentOS by Yum/etc/yum.repos.d/ Centos-base.repo in the configuration of the mirror server to find updates, the customer recently installed a mantis and Testlink build test platform, found that CentOS with PHP is 5.1 version, does not support

Linux (CentOS) LNMP Environment installation ____linux

LNMP Environment installation 1. Install dependent dependencies Use the Yum program to install the required development Kit (the following is the standard RPM package name) yum Install gcc gcc-c++ gcc-g77 Flex Bison autoconf Automake bzip2-devel

How to Completely remove Node.js and Node.js installation Tutorials (based on CentOS other Linux versions can be used as an analogy) __ storage

The following tutorial is based on the Linux (CentOS) operating system, and only Linux needs a tutorial, because the Linux file location is too loose install node.js first switch to root user installation Openssl-devel Su- yum install Openssl-devel

CentOS Common Service Detailed explanation

Acpid power management by suspending unnecessary equipment, reducing the frequency of the CPU or other methods, can reduce the energy consumption, achieve the purpose of saving electricity. APMD--APMD is used to monitor the power state of the

How to install and configure the MARIADB galera CentOS-7 cluster Clustera GALERA-DB01192.168.3.131 Clusterb GALERA-DB02192.168.3.129 Clusterc galera-db03The following 1-3 steps are required to perform the three1: Uninstall MySQL (because MySQL and mariadb are incompatible with MySQL)Yum Erase

Install the new database on Centos 7 oracle12c


Oracle is a database management system and a core product of Oracle Corporation. Its advantages in data security and safety control, as well as the ability of data operation across operating systems and hardware platforms. Based on the

CentOS 7 MARIADB Installation

1, installation mariadbInstallation commandsYum-y Install mariadb Mariadb-serverInstallation Complete mariadb, first start mariadbSystemctl Start mariadbSet boot upSystemctl Enable MARIADBThe following is a simple configuration of

CentOS 6.6 Compile and install nginx1.6.2+mysql5.6.21+php5.6.3

Prepare the article:CentOS 6.6 System Installation Configuration Illustration tutorialHttp://, configure the firewall, open 80 port, 3306 portVi/etc/sysconfig/iptables #编辑防火墙配置文件# Firewall configuration

Directory Archive management under Linux (CentOS) and archive file System package compression

I. Management of Catalogue Archives 1. Common commands for operating directories:(1) Absolute path and relative path:Absolute paths start with the root directory:/usr/local/java ("/" is the root directory, and the directory's entry)The relative path

Linux start-up process (CentOS 6)

Objective The Linux startup process plays a vital role in the actual production. Imagine what we should do if we had a problem with a service in the actual production and couldn't start it. If we understand the Linux detailed start-up

Replace the red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 64-bit Yum for CentOS version

Check out what Redhat's original Yum packages are: [Email protected] ~]# Rpm-qa|grep Yumyum-utils-1.1.31-24.el7.noarchyum-langpacks-0.4.2-3.el7.noarchyum-metadata-parser-1.1.4-10.el7.x86_ 64yum-rhn-plugin-2.0.1-4.el7.noarchpackagekit-yum-0.8.9-1

CentOS and Ubuntu who with the brawl

What is CentOS?CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) is a community-supported clone Linux distribution that was born out of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is compatible with it, so we can assume that CentOS is RHEL For a free version. Each

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