Zabbix installation deployment under CentOS 6.3

Recently studied the next group to talk about the comparison of fire a foreign open source network monitoring system Zabbix, played after the deep by his interface concise, background configuration of logical classification clear, easy to configure

Establishment of Centos 6 Yum Local Warehouse

[root@zh888 yum.repos.d]# LS//First back up the YUM.REPOS.D directory file to backup and then create the vi Yum.repo file. Backup Yum.repo [root@zh888 yum.repos.d]# Cat Yum.repo [zh888] First line: Label for Yum Source name=zh888 second line:

CentOS 6.2 Build NIS service

NIS Server Overview Server for NIS provides network Microsoft Windows and Network Information Service (NIS) networks by providing the ability to act as a master NIS server for one or more NIS domains for a windows-based Active Directory domain

CentOS System Management

CentOS System Management _ Basic authority and attribution of the detailed Linux System Management _ Basic permissions and Attribution-redhat Enterprise 5 Files and directories are the most important in Linux systems, often use the root user login

CentOS 6.3 Compile Installation lamp environment notes _linux

Recently took time to test on the virtual machine. The latest version of the lamp of the consolidation of the installation, is to consolidate the previous blog, the following content in the CENTOS6.3 (Install minimal desktop and the default

CentOS Linux Server security Settings _linux

We must understand: Minimal permissions + minimum service = maximum security Therefore, regardless of the configuration of any server, we must turn off the unused services, set the system permissions to the minimum, so as to ensure the maximum

CentOS the method of constructing the graphical interface VNC _linux

Installation may cause DNS to be emptied, so you need to perform the following command before you follow the steps to install Chattr +i/etc/resolv.conf 1. Install (I am separately installed, you can also choose to install at the same time)

Install WordPress (ii) installation Wordpress_linux in CentOS 6

1. Two ways to get WordPressFirst you can go to the official WordPress website to see the latest wordpress download address how much. For example, the wordpress 3.9.1 download address is:Http:// use mkdir

CentOS 6.2 use Yum to install lamp and phpMyAdmin detailed _php tips

Describes how to use the Yum configuration installed under the CentOs6.2 lamp environment, some brothers also like to use the installation method of compiling, personal feel if not to the server to do custom, with Yum installation stability simple,

LNMP fully functional compilation install for CentOS 6.3 notes

Linux operating system: centOS6.3 64bit nginx:nginx-1.4.0 mysql:mysql-5.6.10 php:php-5.4.13 I. Installing the development pack (using the default CentOS update source): # yum-y Install wget gcc-c++ ncurses ncurses-devel cmake make Perl bison

The steps of compiling and installing LNMP in CentOS 5 system are detailed

# manual Installation LnmpContains Libiconv libunwind gperftools libmcrypt mhash mcrypt libpng freetype jpegGD pcre libmemcached php_memcached ( eaccelerator Zendoptimizermysql5.5 php5.3 nginx1.2.7 memcached tokyocabinet

CentOS 6 Yum Download package storage path problem

Today playing Fail2ban suddenly thought of saving Yum download rpm Dependency pack, so look for information on the Internet, sorted out for a rainy day Yum downloaded files Save the default path is:/var/cache/yum Modify Yum profile/etc/yum.conf

CentOS to build Yum server by Vsftp Way

We went on to build a Yum service. 1. Mount CD image The CD image is then mounted, because the RPM packages in the Yum Data warehouse are first copied from the installation CD # mount/dev/cdrom/media/ Mount:block Device/dev/sr0 is

The construction of NTP server in CentOS

Let's briefly introduce a few nouns Atomic Clock: Now the most accurate calculation time is the physical clock (Atomic Clock) computed using the atomic oscillation cycle, which is also defined as the standard Time (International Atomic times) UTC (

How to improve the efficiency of text search in CentOS system?

How to improve the efficiency of text search in CentOS system? For system administrators or programmers, grep-type tools are probably the most popular when you need to search for specific text or patterns in a complex configuration directory or

Mod_auth_mysql installation and configuration of CentOS 7 under httpd-2.4.6

Because of the environmental migration, we migrated SVN from CentOS 6.8 to CentOS 7.3, the original httpd-2.2.15 has been upgraded to httpd-2.4.6, and the Yum installation httpd mod_auth_mysql in CentOS 7.3 has not been supported.1. Environmental

Linux knowledge Drip: Redhat and CentOS

Redhat has a paid commercial version and a free open source version, and the commercial version of the industry is called the Rhel (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) series,This CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) is compiled from the source code

Linux CentOS 7 Installation Font Library & Chinese fonts

Recently, with CentOS, HTML was generated using PHANTOMJS to generate PDFs, but it was generated several times, but the content was always empty.Find it and find out what fonts are supported on the system.After you run the following command:Yum

CentOS Learning Notes

Information from network collection, sharing and notes"How to choose the Linux version you need""Server Version"Http://"Desktop app Version"Http://"2016Linux

Kafka cluster Installation (CentOS 7 environment)

Introduction of environment operating system and software version1. Environment operating system for CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)Available Cat/etc/redhat-release queries2. Software versionThe Kafka version is:, the basic

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