CentOS 7.2.1511 Compile and install nginx1.10.1+mysql5.6.33+php5.6.26 tutorial

Prepare an article First, firewall configuration CentOS 7.x defaults to use firewall as a firewall, here to iptables firewall. 1. Close firewall: Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service #停止firewall

CentOS 7.2.1511 Compile installation nginx1.10.1+mysql5.7.14+php7.0.11

Prepare an article First, firewall configuration CentOS 7.x defaults to use firewall as a firewall, here to iptables firewall. 1. Close firewall: Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service #停止firewall

CentOS using bind to configure smart DNS (2)

master server (Transfer-source): [Root@master/]# Mkdir/var/named/zones/{local,cmcc,cucc,ctcc,cecc,others}[Root@master/]# chown-r named.named/var/named/zones/{local,cmcc,cucc,ctcc,cecc,others} #移动, Unicom, telecommunications, education[Root@master/]#

CentOS method of using Checkinstall to make RPM package

First, the installation of CheckinstallCurrently the latest version is 1.6.2, you can download the installation in the following way. The code is as follows Copy Code wget

Tracker configuration tutorial in CentOS Fastdfs

This article is a detailed description of the tracker.conf configuration file. 1 Basic Configuration Disable#func: Does the configuration take effect#valu: True, FalseDisable=false Bind_addr#func: Binding IP#valu: IP Addressbind_addr=

HHVM nginx Environment Installation configuration in CentOS 7 system

CentOS 7 (HHVM only support 64-bit) under the HHVM nginx environment, so far CentOS 7 has not HHVM RPM installation package, so the source code compiled. Before installing the HHVM, it is strongly recommended that you install the complete LNMP

CentOS installation SendMail and use detailed

Install SendMail 1. Installation: The code is as follows Copy Code #yum install-y SendMail#yum install-y SENDMAIL-CFInstall and start the SASLAUTHD service if SMTP authentication is required:# yum Install-y SASLAUTHD#

CentOS installation does not support Chinese solutions

First, you need to install the Chinese font for the following command: The code is as follows Copy Code #yum Install Fonts-chinese To see if the Chinese font is installed successfully, you can use the following

CentOS CPU Performance Optimization method detailed

To adjust the use of a CPU for a program: First, use Taskset to make full use of multi-core CPU, so that the utilization of the CPU is balanced to each CPU #taskset-P, set an existing PID instead of reopening a new task-C, specify a processing,

CentOS installation Configuration Tomcat Environment method

CentOS Installation Configuration Tomcat Demo EnvironmentSystem: Linux CentOS 6.3 32 bitsEnvironment: None installed Apache, PHP, MySQLAccount Number: Root First, download the relevant installation packageNote: You can first enter the

CentOS under pureftp "Data Socket error Connection timed out" error resolution

Some time ago configured pureftp upload program, but the period of all sorts of people uncomfortable problem! For example, when using flashftp locally, the most "data Socket error Connection timed out" error, whether using active or passive mode

CentOS Use the tar command to do an incremental backup script

Want to give subversion an automatic backup script, a look at the size of the directory, already has dozens of G.It is a good solution to make a full backup too cost system resources every day.Make a full backup once a week, and then do an

CentOS installation MySQL5.6.10 and Security Configuration tutorial detailed _mysql

Note: All of the following actions are performed under the CentOS 6.5 x86_64 bit system. #准备工作 # Before installing MySQL, make sure that you have installed the following types of underlying components using Yum (if the system has been taken, you

CentOS 7 firewall-cmd Command Detailed introduction _linux

CentOS 7 firewall-cmd Command In CentOS 7 Open FTP Service temporarily# Firewall-cmd--add-service=ftp Permanent Open FTP Service# Firewall-cmd--add-service=ftp--permanent Permanently closed# Firewall-cmd--remove-service=ftp--permanentSuccess

CentOS 7.2 A detailed tutorial on installing Nginx 1.10.2 _linux

First, the use of Yum installation (recommended) Using Yum installation is the recommended way, the overall process is very simple, not easy to make mistakes, if you do not need any special configuration, it is recommended to use Yum to install. 1,

CentOS Server Apache binding multiple domain names method _linux

Apache is one of the most popular HTTP server software, known for its fast, reliable (stable), and with a simple API extension, the Perl/python interpreter can be compiled into the server, completely free, and all the source code is open. If you

Building and developing of Hadoop distributed environment based on CentOS _linux

First of all, to illustrate the point is that I do not want to repeat the invention of the wheel. If you want to build a Hadoop environment, there are a lot of detailed steps and command code on the Web, and I don't want to repeat the record.

CentOS 7.2 Configure the Apache service httpd (top) _linux

First, Apache Introduction Apache HTTP Server(Apache) is an open source Web server software for the Apache Software Foundation that can be run on most computer operating systems because of its cross-platform and security (despite persistent new

CentOS installation PHP5.6 Environment operation steps

In the latest version 5.6.3 not only modifies multiple bugs, but also modifies the security vulnerabilities that exist in the FileInfo module. The PHP team recommends using the PHP5.6 series of users to upgrade to the latest version of 5.6.3.

Linux (CentOS) server paired with IPV6

For server IPV6 Total 4 steps CentOS default IPv6 is off, turn on IPV6 Go to https://www.tunnelbroker.net to request the corresponding IPv6 address for the server's IPv4 address Add IPv6 to add AAAA (IPv6) Resolution for domain name

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