NOSQL1 install memcached on Linux (CentOS) and use

Objective:today is the Duanwu, the basic life must return to the normal life from the New Year rhythm, therefore thinks also should think about the work related matter. I used to use memcached and Redis in my work, but I never had the time to look

CentOS 7.0 Compile and install nginx1.6.0+mysql5.6.19+php5.5.14 method share

First, configure the firewall, open 80 port, 3306 portCentOS 7.0 defaults to using firewall as the firewall, where the iptables firewall is changed.1. Close firewall:Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service #停止firewallSystemctl Disable Firewalld.service

A detailed description of the various directories of the Linux (CentOS) system

Types of File systemsLinux has four basic file system types: Normal files, directory files, connection files, and special files, which can be identified by the file command.Ordinary files: such as text files, C language meta code, shell scripts,

Linux Centos 6.5 installation desktop Environment GNOME

In some cases, we use Linux to choose to install the desktop environment, so here's how to install desktop environment for a system that does not have a desktop environment installed. Take CentOS 6.5 As an example to demonstrate how to install the

A detailed description of the various directories of the Linux (CentOS) system

Types of File systemsLinux has four basic file system types: Normal files, directory files, connection files, and special files, which can be identified by the file command.Ordinary files: such as text files, C language meta code, shell scripts,

Execute CP command prompt under CentOS Skip folder

Today when copying a folder to another folder, CP./res/usrWhen there is a problem, I am prompted by:CP skipped the folderAnd then I looked for a bit.Search The web for the use of the CP command:CP Command the function of this command is to copy

Rhel/centos/fedora various sources (EPEL, Remi, Rpmforge, rpmfusion) configuration


CentOS default comes with centos-Base.repo Source, but the official source to remove a lot of copyright dispute software, and installed software is not the latest stable version. Many multimedia software is not found in Fedora's own source, and if

CentOS SendMail installation and mail domain configuration

Endmail is an excellent mail system under Linux. In the case of no setting, the email source address of SendMail e-mail is like [email protected], which will almost be identified by all the mailboxes as spam (spam) or directly rejected.1, SendMail

CentOS File Rights Management

Refer to Bird's private cuisine: of all, a comparison of the pit: I used the company's FTP server A few days ago, the hands of the root directory to execute a bit of codesudo chmod 777/-RDuang, the system has

CentOS 7 Installation Configuration FTP server

CentOS7 the installation configuration of the FTP server.Suppose we have the following requirements Path Permissions Note /ftp/open All members of the company, including guests, can access Read-only

CentOS Installation TortoiseSVN SVN client

First, CentOS installation tortoisesvn yum install-y SubversionTwo, SVN client command1. View Help command: SVN helperStart the serviceTo start a service using the command SvnserveSvnserve-d-r/srv/svn/reposYou can also add port number

Centos 6.6 Install Chrome Google browser

With Firefox always feel very slow, sometimes still suspended animation. After a search on the Internet, tried various methods, finally installed successfully.A moment to downloadBrowser installation on Google's website has been an error:sudo

CentOS Boot Auto Run program script

Sometimes we need to set up a script on the server, so that he can boot on his own. Here's how:Cd/etc/init.dVI #将youshell. SH Modify to write your own scripts for your own script name after saving the exit.When writing a script, please

Common CentOS Commands

1. View system usage port and release port[Email protected]_nn_01 web-inf]# lsof-w-n-i tcp:80COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE NODE NAMEJava 24065 root 34u IPv6 269149 TCP *:http (LISTEN)[[Email protected]_nn_01 web-inf]# kill-9 240652. Display

UID and GID for CentOS account

Modify the UID and GID of the/etc/passwd and/etc/group files to 0, you can get root privileges, but not recommended ~UID and GIDHow does the Linux system differentiate between different users? It is natural to think that using different usernames

CentOS Yum Installation mcrypt detailed illustration tutorial

[email protected] ~]# Yum install php-mcryptsetting up install Processno package Php-mcrypt available. Error:nothing to doThe original CentOS official by default does not support the mcrypt module , so must find another way to toss 2 hours to

Centos LVM Extended Disk instance

Environment: CentOSPrior knowledge:Maximum disk problems1, for LVM volumes created by LVM2, the capacity size depends on the kernel limit (and, of course, your disk space).For LVM volumes created by LVM1, the maximum possible capacity of an LVM

CentOS Local Yum Source build-up

Recently in an internal knowledge base system, is required to be used only in the intranet environment, a physical server virtualized a server, after the installation of CentOS6.4 system, in the deployment of the environment to find that the system

commands for viewing system resource usage in CentOS

Use ' top-i ' to see how many processes are in Running state, there may be memory or I/O bottlenecks in the system, use free to see the system memory usage, swap is occupied a lot, use Iostat to look at the I/O load situation ...another way is to Ps-

CentOS Yum source Configuration and usage and configuration Yum repository


About YumYum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a in Fedora and Redhat and CentOS Shell Front-end package manager. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download RPM packages from specified servers and install them

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