CentOS Common Commands Daquan

One: Use CentOS common commands to view the CPU More/proc/cpuinfo grep "model name" grep "model name"/proc/cpuinfo [Root@localhost/]# grep ' CPU '/proc/cpuinfo Model Name:intel (R) Pentium (r) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz model Name:intel (R) Pentium (r)

CentOS virtual machine and physical machine shared folder

CentOS virtual machine and Physical machine shared folder implementation process. First, install VMware Tools The Vmwaretools installation script is to be used in Perl, and CentOS 6 does not have Perl itself, so it needs to be installed on its own.

CentOS use Rsync to implement the scheduled copy function

First, download, install rsync Normal when the RH is installed with rsync, run files on the/usr/bin/rsync #tar ZXVF rsync-2.6.9.tar.gz #cd rsync-2.6.9 #./configure--prefix=/usr/local/rsync #make #make Install Second, configure Rsync server 1. Start

CentOS 7.1 Compile and install php7____php

1 Create PHP users and user groups, and download PHP7 source code in GitHub First create a user named PHP with no logon rights and a user group named PHP, and then go to GitHub to download the PHP7 source package. ######

CentOS Use Records

Today nothing to play with CentOS, long heard that this system is good, today a good use, incredibly it has a special configuration development environment command. You can use Yum Groupinstall "Development Libraries" "Development Tools" to complete

CentOS Dual Network card bond binding detailed

Binding Prerequisites: The chipset model is the same, and the NIC should have its own stand-alone BIOS chip.Operation Process:1, edit the virtual network interface configuration file, specify the network card IP (without this file we can copy from

Centos 7 Set SFTP

Recently to the server to set up a SFTP user, you can upload delete modified sftp, but prohibit the user SSH login. Record here, upgrade first . Yum Update Fox Wind. Create a user group SFTP User group name is SFTP Groupadd SFTP Create user Test

CentOS Netstat and PS infection Trojan solution

Workaround: A. Removing the execution rights of malicious files chmod 000/tmp/gates.lod/tmp/moni.lod service sendmail stop chkconfig--level 345 sendmail off Chmod-x/USR/SB In/sendmail chmod-r 000/root/*rar* chattr-i/root/conf.n chmod-r

Compile and install clang 3.5.0 on Linux CentOS for Redhat and Clang3.8__linux

Compiling CORECLR requires clang 3.5, and CentOS is installed Clang 3.4.2 (the most new version of Yum repos), can only manually compile the LLVM source code to install. (Note: The CentOS version is 6.6) I. Installation of libstdc++4.7 (Note: If it

CentOS 6.4 Add permanent static routes all methods rollup

This article is very good, multi-Nic recommended with a fourth method. Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_828e50020101ern5.html Add a permanent static route to CentOS A static route is required when using a dual NIC with 2 gateways at the same time. Of

How to change the Chinese language in CentOS to English

Modifying the system default language in CentOS Change the original to the Chinese environment to the English environment Modify the i18n file #vim/etc/sysconfig/i18n --------------Content--------------------- Lang= "en_US. UTF-8 " ----

CentOS System Nginx Installation

Reference: Http://www.nginx.cn/install Confirm installation Make tool: GCC automake autoconf libtool do Confirm Installation g++ tool: GCC gcc-c++ The following officially begins-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Open the Echo-nginx-module module record on the Nginx 1.12.2 of CentOS 6.9 x86_64

Echo-nginx-module is a third-party module, not in Nginx source code, but in Openresty, it brings echo,sleep,time and other powerful commands like bash for nginx.conf. Currently the latest version is v0.61 Installation Guide SeeHttps://github.com/

CentOS 7 Nginx Installation

1. Before installing, do the preparation work, configure the Nginx environment and some class library. $ Yum Install gcc-c++ $ yum install pcre pcre-devel $ yum install zlib zlib-devel $ Yum Install OpenSSL Openssl--devel 2. Select

CentOS 7.0 uses Yum to install MariaDB and MariaDB simple configuration

CentOS 7.0 uses Yum to install MariaDB and MariaDB simple configuration1, installation mariadbInstallation commandsYum-y Install mariadb Mariadb-serverInstallation Complete mariadb, first start mariadbSystemctl Start mariadbSet boot upSystemctl

Linux Centos 6.5 DNS master-slave replication configuration (bind-9.8.2)

Test environment:Os:centos 6.5bind:9.8.2Software Installation method: YumMain Dns:realserver1 Dns:realserver2 server: test01 Step: Environment preparationMounting the ISO disc provides a

Linux Essentials-centos 7.4 Source code compilation build LNMP architecture

CentOS 7.4 Build LnmpLatest versions lnmp:linux7.4, ngnix1.13.9, mysql5.7.20, php7.1.10Directory:The first part of the preparatory workThe second part installs the Nginx serviceThe third part installs the MySQL databasePart IV builds PHP operating

Linux Essentials-centos 7.4 Under source code compilation build Lamp Architecture

CentOS 7.4 Build LampLamp:linux, Apache, MySQL, PHPDirectory:The first part of the preparatory workSecond part installs Apache serviceThe third part installs the MySQL servicePart IV builds PHP operating environmentPart V Lamp Architecture

Linux Centos Date Usage experience

The Linux time format largely follows the human habit, and the following are some common times.The date command itself provides the addition and subtraction of dates, which are used flexibly in shell programming.Common time:Monday (Mon)

Add File system NTFS support under Centos 7 to add Windows system boot

CentOS does not support booting the Windows system by default, nor does it display the default NTFS file system for WindowsFirst step: Install the Epel-release sourceYum-y Install Epel-releaseStep Two: Install ntfs-3gYum-y Install ntfs-3gStep three:

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