CentOS 6.2 Build NIS service

NIS Server Overview Server for NIS provides network Microsoft Windows and Network Information Service (NIS) networks by providing the ability to act as a master NIS server for one or more NIS domains for a windows-based Active Directory domain

CentOS System Management

CentOS System Management _ Basic authority and attribution of the detailed Linux System Management _ Basic permissions and Attribution-redhat Enterprise 5 Files and directories are the most important in Linux systems, often use the root user login

How do I modify the default SSH port in the CentOS system?

How do I modify the default SSH port in the CentOS system? The default CentOS default port is 22, and you'll find a lot of log files in a long time, which is the error log left by the scan attack. So what we're going to do today is to change the

CentOS 5.4 System Install VPN (PPTP) applies to Linux server _linux

System environment: CentOS 5.4 FinalNetwork card: eth0:98.126.x.x First check the system of the MPPE, basically CentOS itself have, see OK can continue to proceed, no words to hit a patch, online everywhere.Modprobe ppp-compress-18 && Echo OK The

Security Settings under CentOS 5.1 (for all Linux versions) _linux

In general, a typical user can log on to the system administrator-level configuration by performing the "Su-" command and entering the correct root password for the root user. However, in order to further enhance the security of the system, it is

Taobao Web server tengine under CentOS installation tutorial _nginx

Note: Server environment is CentOS First, Introduction Tengine is a Web server project initiated by Taobao. Based on the Nginx, it adds a lot of advanced features and features to the needs of the large scale Web site. Tengine performance and

Linux based CentOS LNMP Server Deployment Standard Novice concise version _linux

Minimize the installation of the system first. First, the system agreement Software source code Package storage location /usr/local/src Source Package compilation Installation Location (prefix)

CentOS 7.2.1511 Compile installation nginx1.10.1+mysql5.6.33+php5.6.26 run environment _linux

Prepare an article First, firewall configuration CentOS 7.x defaults to use firewall as a firewall, here to iptables firewall. 1. Close firewall: Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service #停止firewallSystemctl Disable Firewalld.service #禁止firewall开机启动 2.

Linux Server System CentOS, UBuntu, Gentoo, FreeBSD, debian comparison _linux

Official website: http://www.centos.org/ CentOS is actually the core of Redhat, the feeling is mature and stable, compared to the old Redhat, he has a more than a yum command, learn debian like automatic installation software; But I feel that

Linux server with CentOS or Ubuntu system _linux

Linux Server systems use more CentOS, UBuntu, Gentoo, FreeBSD, and Debian. Server operating system should choose Debian/ubuntu or CentOS, CentOS now market share is the first The difference between "Xiao-CentOS" and "Ubuntu" CentOS (Community

LNMP installation configuration in CentOS environment _linux

Installing dependent libraries and development environments Copy Code code as follows: #依赖库和开发工具 Yum-y install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf libjpeg libjpeg-devel libpng libpng-devel freetype freetype-devel libxml2 libxml2-deve L zlib

CentOS Fail2ban Installation and configuration detailed _linux

Introduction of Fail2ban Fail2ban can monitor your system log, and then match the log error message (regular match) to perform the appropriate shielding action (usually firewall), and can send e-mail notification system administrator, is not very

CentOS 6.3 FTP Installation vsftp Virtual user set full solution

First, ready to install Environment: CentOS 6.3 Installation: minimal (min) Note: Modify time zones and times Required Software: vsftp http Pam db4-devel FTP (client installation package) Second, installation: 1. Installation of VSFTPD service-

Centos 5.6 to build SendMail mail server

Software used: CentOS 5.6 mirror self-with RPM package Test used domain Name: jh.com SendMail is a good stability in unix/linux environment of a mail server software, through the configuration of the SendMail server can achieve basic mail

Detailed installation configuration of varnish-2.1.5 under CentOS 5.8

Varnish is a powerful reverse agent accelerator software, about its working principle can refer to the above diagram, its specific flow and VCL syntax I do not do here, the information on the Internet, you can also refer to its official website and

Cacti installation deployment in CentOS environment

Cacti studied for some time, the middle encountered some problems, and eventually set up. Write down your own installation process so that you don't forget to review the data again. At the same time also provide to interested friends! I.

Centos 6.4 openstack-grizzly Installation: Compute the node

This chapter is directly the official document, I have not made any changes. The previous two articles to be explained have already been explained. Because the server is nervous, so I put all on a server. Everything's fine. Compute Node

CentOS in the alias command to explain

CentOS in the alias command to explain Alias command Function Description: We are in the management of the system must have some we often fixed use, but also very long command. Then we can give these long series of commands an alias. This long

Tutorial on installation and configuration of cobbler under CentOS

Cobbler is a fast network-installed Linux service, and can be adjusted to support network installation of Windows. The tool is developed using Python, small and lightweight (15k line of Python code), with simple commands to complete the

Explanation of basic operation commands for folders in CentOS

Explanation of basic operation commands for folders in CentOS ls--Display the contents of the specified directory Description: LS displays results in different colors to distinguish file categories. Blue represents the directory, gray for

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