Install jdk< on CentOS Linux via yum >

Uninstall the JDK that comes with CentOS1. Review the current JDK version and

Linux (CentOS) directory operations commands, file manipulation commands, compression decompression commands

first, the directory Operation commandls command-Feature Description: Displays a list of files and directories.-command format: ls [parameter] [ ...]-Common parameters:-A: Do not hide anything with "." The entry for the start of the character.-B:

View Linux Centos System Information kernel CPU system version disk partition network configuration process command

Linux System Info # uname-A # view kernel/OS/CPU Information # head-N1/etc/issue # View OS version # Cat/proc/Cpuinfo # View CPU Info # hostname # view computer name # LSPCI-TV # List all PCI devices # LSUSB-TV # list all USB devices # lsmod # list

Cross-compiling the boost library under Linux (ubuntu/debian/centos/redhat)

I use the following version of the software (other versions are compiled exactly the same way):Boost ver:1.55.0Compiler:gnu gcc 4.6 for ARM1. Ensure that the ARM compilation is installed successfully and that the environment variables are configured

Initial customization of Linux system--automatic installation of CentOS system image production


Recently encountered a demand: To install the centos6.5 system in the intranet environment and build services, but because the automatic deployment script installs the dependency package uses the Yum installation, and the server cannot connect the

Installation of Linux-centos under Couchbase

Installation of Linux-centos under CouchbaseFollow the red bold font steps:1. Download[Email protected] test]# wget x86_64_2.0.0.rpm--2016-05-16

Install Nginx source on CentOS

Steps: wget -xvf nginx-1.10 . 1. Tar . GZCD nginx-1.10. 1 . /configruemake doinstallProblems you may encounter in configure:Install The PCRE library into the system, or build the PCRE library

CentOS 7 ARM Release: Support Raspberry Pi 2/Banana pie/cubietruck

CentOS 7 ARM Release: Support Raspberry Pi 2/Banana pie/cubietruckKaranbir Singh from the CentOS team is pleased to announce that CentOS 7 Linux for the ARM hardware architecture has been officially released. In addition to Twitter's brief

Pxe+dhcp+tftp+kickstart Batch installation of CentOS detailed

First, the scene introductionWhen we want to deploy a large number of servers, the traditional CD-ROM or USB stick installation system is no longer suitable, in order to deal with this scenario, PXE with kickstart unattended installation is a good

Configuring CentOS 7 Docker_host to

The configuration file location for CentOS 7 is slightly different: seeSet_mirror script in Https://[Unit]Description=docker Application Container

Centos 6 compile and install LNMP

Build the Environment: Centos 6.8,nginx 1.9.14,mysql 5.6.23,php 5.6.17First, the purpose: Lnmp has now become a mainstream Web server building solution, such as the company's internal Ecstore,discuz, which is planned to replace the Zabbix of the

CentOS 6.5 Installation Gitlab whole process and problem record

GitLab, an open source application developed using Ruby on Rails, is similar to GitHub, able to browse the source code, manage flaws and annotations, and is ideal for use within a team.The official only provides the installation instructions under

How to install and configure a VNC server on CentOS 7.0

This is a tutorial on how to install the VNC service on your CentOS 7 installation. Of course this tutorial is also suitable for RHEL 7. In this tutorial, we will learn what VNC is and how to install a VNC server on CentOS 7.As we all know, as a

Extracting rar Zip files under CentOS


Gossip does not say, CentOS on how to install RAR, Unrar online decompression software?If your CentOS is 32-bit, execute the following command:wget rarlinux-3.9.3.tar.gzCD rarMakeSee the

Installing Pygame on CentOS

Pre-installation dependent package check and installation Python-devel sdl_image-devel sdl_mixer-devel sdl_ttf-devel sdl-devel numpy Subversion portmidi-devel libsmpeg-devel ------------------- #yum install python-devel sdl_image-devel

Configure:error:APR not found to install APAHCE under CentOS. Please read the documentation solution

Turn from:Http:// from the Apache official online httpd Web server, because I installed before on the virtual machine, I first the Yum remove httpd to uninstall, and then

CentOS 6.5 Automated Operation Koriyuki based on cobbler Service automated installation operating system detailed

First, cobbler installationPrerequisite: The cobbler is provided by the Epel source, so it is necessary to configure the Yum source to Epel in advance to perform similar installation procedures.# yum install-y epel-release# yum install-y cobbler

CentOS directory Structure Ultra-detailed version

Linux directory Structure/:root directory, the general root directory, only the directory, do not store files, etc,/bin,/dev,/lib,/sbin should and root directory placed in a partition/bin:/usr/bin:A directory that executes binary files, such as

CentOS Seven vs. CentOS 6 different

CentOS Seven vs. CentOS 6 different CentOS 7 vs. CentOS 6 different(1) Desktop system[CentOS6] GNOME 2.x[CentOS7] Gnome 3.x (Gnome Shell)(2) file system[CentOS6] Ext4[CentOS7] Xfs(3) kernel version[CentOS6] 2.6.x-x[CentOS7] 3.10.x-x(4) boot

The CentOS system builds nginx load Balancer

First, about the CentOS system introductionCentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System, Chinese means: Community Enterprise operating system) is one of the Linux distributions, it comes from Red Hat enterprise Linux is compiled according to the

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