How do I add swap in CentOS? CentOS to add swap partitions

The use of Digitalocean for a long time, a few days ago in the compilation of PHP when the process was killed situation, after my spit and communicate with others found that the reason for the memory exhaustion. In fact, because the MySQL process at

CentOS Yum Installation Configuration Openwebmail

Openwebmail 2.53 Configuration Check that the Perl version is larger than 5.8.5-9 Perl-version Installation method of Yum Modify RPMFORGE.REPO,CENTOS5 to perform Yum update first there are some? Vi/etc/yum.repos.d/rpmforge.repo Exclude =

CentOS Configure SVN server with Yum installation steps

Simple, with Yum installation method: #yum Install Subversion After the installation is complete, use the following to see if the installation is complete #svn--version Create SVN warehouses, such as: #mkdir-P/DATA/SVN#svnadmin Create Opengeo

How to query CentOS View System kernel version, system version, 32-bit or 64-bit

To view the version of the CentOS kernel: 1) [Root@localhost ~]# cat/proc/versionLinux version 2.6.18-194.el5 ( (gcc version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-48)) #1 SMP Fri A PR 2 14:58:14 EDT 2010 2) [Root@localhost ~

Implementation method of Crontab automatic backup Web site in CentOS

Crontab Introduction The crontab command is common in UNIX and unix-based operating systems, and is used to set periodically executed instructions. This command reads the instruction from the standard input device and stores it in a "crontab" file

Linux: Switch Rhel yum to CentOS Yum


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL) Yum installs the software when this system is not a registered with the portal. Portal support would be disabled. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL) Yum service is paid because there is no payment, so yum

Domino Server installation on Linux (Centos or Redhat) –something somewhere

Something somewhereWelcome in there ...:) Just another Techki site Howto / Linux / Lotus Domino 0 Domino Server installation on Linux (Centos or Redhat)by Nicolas 30/07/2012I have been struggling a little, on the configuration

A detailed description of the various directories of the Linux (CentOS) system

A detailed description of the various directories of the Linux (CentOS) systemTypes of File systemsLinux has four basic file system types: Normal files, directory files, connection files, and special files, which can be identified by the file

CentOS Linux Server security settings

Transferred from: must understand: minimal privileges + minimal service = maximum securityTherefore, regardless of the configuration of any server, we must shut down the unused services, set

Citrix XenDesktop releases CentOS 7.2 Desktop (vi)-Install Linux VDA

first, use the tool to upload citrix-linuxvda-rhel7-1.3.0 to the VM. 7.1 InstallationI copy the installation package to the new directory /mnt/app, switch to the directory, unzip the installation package. TAR-XZVF

The corresponding relationship between the CentOS and Redhat release version of the Linux kernel

Since the distribution of Redhat and CentOS is now numerous, we should know that the correspondence between the CentOS and Redhat and the Linux kernel versions is helpful for maintaining the system. The corresponding list is as follows:Redhat 9.0 ———

Resize CentOS Linux Hard Drive partition (CentOS 6.3 tuning LVS disk size)

To view current disk information:[Email protected] ~]# df-hfile system capacity has been used with available percent mount points/dev/mapper/volgroup-lv_root154G 7.9G 139G 6%/tmpfs 1.9G 100K 1.9G 1%/dev/shm/dev/sda1 485M 69M 391M 15%/boot/dev/mapper/

CentOS Chinese Language installation

1. View the currently used system language#echo LANG2. Check if the system is installed in Chinese#localeIf you have a ZH_CN, you have installed the Chinese language3. Install Chinese#yum Groupinstall Chinese-support4. Temporarily change the

CentOS startup Cassandra Interactive mode failed

After CentOS6.5 installs the Cassandra, start the interactive mode:192.168. 10.154When the errorNo appropriate Python interpreter foundThis error is due to the fact that the CentOS system is installed by default of 2.6, and Cassandra needs to Python2

How to use CentOS yum in detail


What is Yum?Yum = Yellow Dog Updater, ModifiedThe main function is more convenient to add/remove/update RPM packages.It can automatically solve the dependency problem of the package.It makes it easy to manage a large number of system update

Installation and localization of Zabbix under CentOS

Build Environment: Centos6.5_x86_64,zabbix2.4.5,epel SourceService side:1. Install the development packageYum-y Groupinstall "Development Tools"2. Install the required dependency packagesYum-y install httpd mysql mysql-server mysql-devel php

Redhalt Configuring the Yum source for CentOS detailed steps


It should be clear to everyone that Redhalt just installed the system after Yum is not good, and sometimes we like to install vsftp such software when using Yum installation is very convenient. To do this we need to use CentOS's Yum source for

Configuration of the Jumpserver 3.0 Centos-6 series

jumpserver3.0 ConfigurationIt is recommended to use the CentOS 6 mini environment to install quickly, after installing some software, which may install some incompatible Python libraries, such as Pycrypto, Django, will affect the rapid

CentOS FTP Installation Configuration

First, VSFTP installation ChapterThe code is as follows:# Install VSFTPDYum-y Install VSFTPD# startService VSFTPD Start# Turn on startupChkconfig vsftpd onSecond, the service of VSFTP related ordersThe code is as follows:# Start the FTP

How to install and use cutycapt in Centos (linux)

Install cutycapt in Centos (linux)Install CutyCapt on CentosEnable EPEL repositoryCentOS 7Yum install epel-releaseCentOS 6 or EarlierRpm-Uvh 5 .*Rpm-Uvh

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