Centos OpenLDAP Server Database Master (ii)

Second, the OPENLDAP server clear-text primary and standby configuration2.1 Server SetupConfigure OpenLDAP Replication to continue Directory service if OpenLDAP master server would is down. OpenLDAP master server is called "Provider" and OpenLDAP

A detailed description of the various directories of the Linux (CentOS) system

Forwarding: The role of each directory in the Linux (CentOS) system detailed recommendationsTypes of File systemsLinux has four basic file system types: Normal files, directory files, connection files, and special files, which can be identified by

Linux Centos 6.5 installation desktop Environment GNOME

First, check the operating level of the system and whether the desktop environment is installed1. Use the command RunLevel to view the current runlevel.2. Using the command Yum grouplist | More to see if the components of the desktop environment are

Installation and application of SVN client on CentOS

1. Install the SVN clientYum Install subversion-y2. SVN client Common commands#2.1checkout files to a local directory svn checkout Remote_path Local_path//shorthand: SVN co#2.2Add new file to Repository svn addfile. php#2.3commit the changed file to

FFmpeg simple Installation documentation for Centos 6.6

First, install the toolkit yum install-y automake autoconf libtool gcc gcc-c++All installation packages: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hriJB5USecond, the installation of specific steps1, lamewget

CentOS system cropping and ISO re-encapsulation

A. Installing a Linux system on a VMB. Install the custom tool Anaconda Repodata Createrepo mkisofsC. Too many associations using the Yum installation customization process requires generating comps.xml files and generating ISO1, Custom installation

CentOS Yum installation Could not open/read File:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-puias


One, you may encounter this problem during the Yum installation or upgrade processCould not Open/read File:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-puiasSee (http://linuxsysconfig.com/2013/03/running-multiple-python-versions-on-centos6rhel6sl6/) in this

CentOS Installation Fastdfs+nginx (day time)

Recently in the study and use of Fastdfs, other people's environment, after all, is someone else, I know this matter to preach ~ Preach AH ~The following script mainly refers to the official install file, which is more authoritative, and some areas

Several of the fastest CentOS yum in the country (update source)


http://ftp.sjtu.edu.cn/CentOS/, Shanghai Jiaotong University, but the server is located in Beijing, China Education Network Network Center, I look like the Chaoyang district over the IP, previously over there, download speed of up to 10 m. North

CentOS 6.5 Installation Gitlab Installation

CentOS 6.5 Installation Gitlab Installation1 , install the operating systema , install wget ( the system version is 6.5 )#yum-y Install wgetb , add Epel installation sourceEPEL , extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, this software warehouse has a

Install Nginx+redmine 3.1.0 notes under CentOS 6.5

Curl-ssl HTTPS://RVM.IO/MPAPIS.ASC | GPG--importCurl-l Https://get.rvm.io | Bash-s Stablesource/etc/profile.d/rvm.shRVM RequirementsRVM Install 2.2.3RVM Use 2.2.3--defaultGem Sources--remove https://rubygems.org/Gem Sources-a https://ruby.taobao.org/

CentOS bind service base and domain Master server configuration

System Information:2.6. el6.i686 #16: £ º i686 i686 i386 Gnu/linuxBecause watching is linuxcast video, it will intercept some of the pictures on the video to help understandStart Step:1. Install bindYum install-y bind Bind-chroot bind-utilsZone

CentOS under Nginx startup script and Chkconfig management

After installing Nginx, restarting requires "kill-hup Nginx process number" to reload, obviously very inconvenient. It's much easier to manage it directly from a script, just like Apache.Nginx official long thought, also provided this script,

CentOS 6.6 Use SendMail to log in to a third-party mail system to send mail

SendMail How to set up a third-party server to send mail Yum Install SendMail 2, Stop postfix Mail Service, (the system is open by default, take up 25 ports)#service postfix Stop3. Modify the configuration file to add 5 rows of set

The difference and connection between CentOS and Redhat

Online to see, reproduced to everyoneThe relationship between CentOS and Redhat:There are two ways in which Redhat is released: The binary distribution and the way the source code is issued. Either way, you can get it for free (for example, download

30 things to do after installing the minimized Rhel/centos 7 (i) reprinted from the Code of the Rural network

CentOS is an industry-standard Linux distribution and is a derivative version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You can use it immediately after installation, but in order to better use your system, you need to do some upgrades, install new packages,

CentOS View CPU count, number of cores

# total number of cores = number of physical CPUs x number of cores per physical CPU # Total Logical CPUs = number of physical CPUs x number of cores per physical CPU X number of hyper-threads # View the number of physical CPUs cat/proc/cpuinfo|

CentOS Down Port VLAN settings

If we want to communicate between VLANs, we usually use the three layer switch or router sub-interface mode. Linux on the VLAN with Cisco switch relay connection, also can realize their communication with each other.Environment: RHEL 5.2 Minimized

Architecture CentOS Summary-Some of the records you've been doing for a while, take a look.

In the CentOS7 IP command instead of the ifconfig commandLinux configuration network, the Mac must be and the machine is right, must not be lessYum install nginx php55u php55u-fpm mysql56u mysql56u-serverThis is the repo source for MySQL Community

CentOS Boot Auto Run program script

Sometimes we need to set up a script on the server, so that he can boot on his own. Here's how: Cd/etc/init.dvi youshell.sh #将youshell. SH modified to your own foot nameWrite your own script and save the exit.When writing a script, please add the

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