CentOS Linux Mounts Windows NTFS file system __linux

CentOS can not recognize the NTFS-formatted device, search for a long time to try a variety of ways to solve, in order to make the novice less detours, I will be my solution to write out to share. One, the first option The first thing to see most

Freeradius installation Guide on CentOS 7

Freeradius installation Guide on CentOS 7 prerequsities [GitHub] CentOS 7 freeradius-3.0.16 Referencehttp://blog.csdn.net/cluniquecui/article/details/42490423 http://blog.csdn.net/name_kongkong/article/details/53010377 Downloads git clone https:

CentOS 6.5 System LNMP Environment install SSL certificate

This article is reproduced from: https://typecodes.com/web/lnmppositivessl.html The SSL certificate installation is not related to the blog program (whether it is WordPress or Typecho, etc.), but only to the type of server (such as Nginx, Apache,

Quickly configure Yum Test Update library for CentOS

We know CentOS by Yum/etc/yum.repos.d/ Centos-base.repo in the configuration of the mirror server to find updates, the customer recently installed a mantis and Testlink build test platform, found that CentOS with PHP is 5.1 version, does not support

Linux (CentOS) LNMP Environment installation ____linux

LNMP Environment installation 1. Install dependent dependencies Use the Yum program to install the required development Kit (the following is the standard RPM package name) yum Install gcc gcc-c++ gcc-g77 Flex Bison autoconf Automake bzip2-devel

How to Completely remove Node.js and Node.js installation Tutorials (based on CentOS other Linux versions can be used as an analogy) __ storage

The following tutorial is based on the Linux (CentOS) operating system, and only Linux needs a tutorial, because the Linux file location is too loose install node.js first switch to root user installation Openssl-devel Su- yum install Openssl-devel

CentOS 6.5 Inotify-tools Use method

The Linux kernel begins with the 2.6.13 and introduces the inotify mechanism. Through the intofity mechanism, can monitor the change of file system, such as the creation, deletion and modification of files, and can notify the application to handle

CentOS Installation Docker

Prerequisites for Linux installation Docker:Must be a 64-bit CPU-architected computer, Docker currently does not support 32-bit CPUs, running Linux3.8 or later kernel, CentOS kernel must be no less than 3.10; the kernel has to support an appropriate

CentOS Install GD Library

The default CentOS server installed after the operation of the site does not support the GD library, the internet has a lot of tutorials very complex about some of the installation of the GD library method. It doesn't have to be so complicated at

Winning the bid Kirin and CentOS installation gcc5.4.0

Since Sango business trip to now immediately one months, I finally in this afternoon to run through the program, Research Linux really step-by-step bumpy, here to make a summary. I. Installation of virtual machines and systemsVirtual machine

Build gcc under CentOS

Since the GCC version required by PHP7 in the compilation process is relatively high, and the GCC version in Wdlinux does not meet the PHP7 compilation requirements, the GCC compilation process is here. Actually in the process of compiling GCC

Configuring Redmine under CentOS, as well as mail configuration and optimization

first, the installation of Redmine premise requirements 1. Installing the Redmine Ruby Environment version requires: Redmine version supported Ruby versions Rails version used 3.3, current trunk Ruby 1.9.3,

CentOS 7.0 uses Yum to install MariaDB and MariaDB simple configuration

Long-standing space environment configuration forget almost, today Hollow finishing, reset the disk to rebuild the environment, first installed in CentOS 7.0 MARIADB database, here to record the installation process for later review.1, installation

Install the new database on Centos 7 oracle12c


Oracle is a database management system and a core product of Oracle Corporation. Its advantages in data security and safety control, as well as the ability of data operation across operating systems and hardware platforms. Based on the

CentOS 7 uses DNF to install memcached and start, stop, boot, etc. settings

1. Installing memcacheddnf install memcachedFollow the prompts to complete the installation2. Start memcachedEnter the following command:service memcached startOutput the following:Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start memcached.serviceVerify that

TMPFS file system for Linux CentOS

The size of the VM under Linux is made up of RM (Real memory) and swap, and the size of the RM is the size of the physical RAM, and the size of the swap is up to you. Swap is a virtual memory space through the hard disk, so it is much slower to read

CentOS uses pagoda Linux panel to build Zabbix process record

Statement: This article refers to the steps in the https://lala.im/2733.html and add their own installation step diagram, do not like to spray.1, Use the image name for the mirror name: Centos-7-x86_64-dvd-1804.iso of the image to minimize the

Systemd detailed in CentOS 7

First, the Origin of SYSTEMDLinux has always been using the INIT process but Init has two drawbacks:1, the start time is long. The init process is serial-initiated, and the next process starts only when the previous process starts. (This is also the

Golang Environment CentOS 7

Install, configure, upgrade, and uninstall 82682171 Linux go78525639 CentOS installation Golang, protobufhttps://www.cnblogs.com/mrblue/p/8891789.html CentOS7 Install GO environmenthttps://www.cnblogs.com/pyyu/p/8032257.html Go language Commentary

LDAP authentication configuration for SVN under CentOS

Prerequisite: Complete the basic installation of SVNFirst, install SASL related components# Yum install-y cyrus-sasl cyrus-sasl-lib cyrus-sasl-plainSecond, view the SASL version and the authentication module provided# saslauthd-vThird, modify the

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