CentOS 6.6 Compile and install nginx1.6.2+mysql5.6.21+php5.6.3

Http://www.osyunwei.com/archives/8867.htmlFirst, configure the firewall, open 80 port, 3306 portVi/etc/sysconfig/iptables #编辑防火墙配置文件# Firewall configuration written by System-config-firewall# Manual Customization of this file are not

Access Time,modify time,change time for CentOS files

The metadata of the file can be viewed in CentOS via stat[Email protected] abc]$ Stat HoneyFile: ' Honey 'size:25 blocks:8 IO block:4096 Regular filedevice:806h/2054dinode:131076 links:1Access: (0664/-rw-rw-r--) Uid: (500/baby) Gid:

Installation Operation Memcached under CentOS

Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system for dynamic Web applications to mitigate database load. It improves the speed of dynamic, database-driven Web sites by caching data and objects in memory to reduce the number

CentOS 6/linux SU: Unable to set User id: resource is temporarily unavailable

system Environment: CentOS 6.5Today, when using the SU Switch User Doiido, the following error occurred:# Su-doiidoSU: Unable to set User id: resource is temporarily unavailableDoiido user connections are not available with remote SSH tools such as

How to install the Epel source on CentOS 5/6

Original: http://os.51cto.com/art/201312/420725.htm How to install Epel source on CentOS 5/6 2013-12-04 14:45 Translator: Neartan Linux Chinafont Size:T | T We can easily get tens of thousands of software from the Epel source that are not available

How to install Git and the latest version on CentOS 6.x/7.x

Mode one, yum installation# yum Install git installed through the Yum mode, version is older, CentOS6.5 installed on the 1.7.1 version. If you want to install the latest version or other version, you need to use the source code to compile

Installing APC in CentOS


APC has two main functions,The first is to save the PHP compilation cache in shared memory, it is simple to understand that after the use of APC, the provincegoing to need each time to be PhpThe source code compiles to PHP Opcode time, improves the

Graphics: CentOS + Tomcat configuration SSL for server/client two-way authentication

1. Install nginx1.1 Nginx Package and its dependent package download for module dependencies, Nginx relies on the following three packages: Gzip module requires zlib library (http://www.zlib.net/); Rewrite module requires Pcre library

19 commands commonly used under CentOS

People who have played Linux will know that there are really a lot of commands in Linux, but people who have played Linux have never bothered by the fact that Linux commands are so many, because we only need to master the commands we use most often.

CentOS off touch pad, touchpad tap

Yum install xorg-x11-appsxinput –listIt can be seen from the figure of my Notebook touch pad ID 14, so you can open and close it by the following command:Prohibit Touchpad:xinput set-int-prop "Device Enabled" 8 0Open Touchpad:xinput Set-int-prop

CentOS 7 installs Nginx to do reverse proxy

PrefaceYou need to use NGINX's reverse proxy function, the test environment is Centos+nginx 1.8.0.跳过一些繁琐的问题,直接记录核心Steps(1)centos 安装在VM中,因此需要注意网络连接问题(2)安装nginx使用的是具有网络的yum功能(3)配置centos防火墙,需要开启80 端口(4)nginx 反向代理配置(5)性能优化设置(后续工作...)RealizeA. Yum

Installing Wordpress on CentOS 6

1. Two ways to WordPressFirst of all, you can go to the latest WordPress official website to see how many downloads wordpress. Example WordPress 3.9.1:Http://cn.wordpress.org/wordpress-3.9-zh_CN.zipFirst use the mkdir command to create a folder,

CentOS Down Port VLAN settings

If we want to communicate between VLANs, we usually use the three layer switch or router sub-interface mode. Linux on the VLAN with Cisco switch relay connection, also can realize their communication with each other.Environment: RHEL 5.2 Minimized

CentOS under Installation configuration varnish

#!/bin/bash# by Kerryhu# Mail:[email Protected]# blog:http://kerry.blog.51cto.com# Please manual operation Yum of before operation .....#============================ Update System Time ============================Yum Install-y NTPNtpdate

CentOS 7 Source Installation latest Version LNMP environment

As the company requires the latest version of the ZABBIX2.4.4 need the latest version of the system CENTOS7 and the most recent LNMP environment, so I groped to use the latest version of the environment to build a LNMP system, the environment

The CentOS system squid reverse Proxy

After the CentOS networking, run yum to installDefault is SQUID3Yum Install SquidAfter the installation is complete, the default squid does not start, but the service already exists in the service and we can start or stop it by commandSerivce Squid

CentOS Setup git full version

Git Server Setup:Http://www.centoscn.com/CentosServer/ftp/2014/0414/2789.htmlhttp://871421448.iteye.com/blog/1912205Http://weizhifeng.tumblr.com/post/25209375100/host-git-repositories-on-gitosis1. Environment DeploymentSystem environment: Server

Installing the RADIUS service under CentOS

This is the work of the need, the main goal is the user must be authenticated through the RADIUS server before the Internet, the products involved include firewalls and RADIUS servers, the logical topology is as follows:The configuration steps for

CentOS Learning Note--tomcat installation

Tomcat installationIt's often easy to configure Tomcat, but it's not that easy to build a multi-user, multi-service Java Virtual host. One of the biggest problems is Tomcat execution permissions. The normal way to configure Tomcat is to run as root

Crontab (timer) usage in CentOS

about crontab:The crontab command is commonly used in Unix-and Unix-like operating systems to set instructions that are executed periodically. The command reads the instruction from the standard input device and stores it in a "crontab" file for

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