CentOS Build LNMP Environment

1, first do the preparatory work: ①, the basic components required to install the LNMP environment: Yum-y Install yum-fastestmirror yum-y install glibc-static libstdc++-static glibc-devel geoip geoip-devel sqlite-devel y Um-y Install patch make

How to add a new disk in CentOS 7 without rebooting the system

Guide Expanding the disk space of a Linux server is one of the day-to-day tasks for most system administrators. So this article will expand your disk space without restarting your production server by using Linux commands to demonstrate some

The Lnmp of CentOS

Before you install, you can look at the installation process of lamp http://blog.csdn.net/zph1234/article/details/51248124 1. Install Nginx [python] view plain copy yum install yum-priorities-y wget http://nginx.org/packages/centos/7/noarch/RPMS/

Install Memcache to CentOS (Attach Yum method)

Install Memcache to CentOS (Attach Yum method) A method of installing Memcache on CentOS is reproduced. All operations are logged in under SSH with the root account. My version is CentOS Release 5.3 (Final)Use this command to know your Linux

Relationship between CentOS and Rhel

What CentOS is. CentOS is a freely available source code enterprise-class Linux distribution based on Red Hat enterprise-class Linux. Each version of the CentOS will receive seven years of support (via a security update). The new version of the

CentOS 6.5 Install Tomcat cluster, configure Apache for load Balancing

I've only done two tomcat clusters. First, install Apache for load Balancing. Second, the installation of Apache Tomcatconnector as a request for distribution. Third, install Tomcat: 1, download the Linux under the Tomcat installation package: 2,

CentOS Installation Fastdfs+nginx

First, the installation of Fastdfs must be installed before libevent, installation libevent steps as follows: 1. Download Libevent: wget https://github.com/downloads/libevent/libevent/libevent-2.0.21-stable.tar.gz2. Decompression Libevent: TAR-ZXVPF

Nginx installation (CentOS)

First, install the compilation tool and the library file Yum-y install make zlib zlib-devel gcc-c++ libtool OpenSSL openssl-devel second, the first to install PCRE PCRE function is to let Ngnix support Rewrite function. 1, download PCRE

CentOS-6.9 to build Fastdfs (the end of the article has a key installation script) _fastdfs

1. Required installation Package Libfastcommon-master.zipFastdfs_v5.05.tar.gzFastdfs-nginx-module_v1.16.tar.gzNginx-1.8.0.tar.gz 2. Install Libfastcommon Package The following dependencies need to be installed before the ① is installed Libfastcommon

CentOS Install JDK SE 1.8 jdk differs from OPENJDK _OPENJDK

Installing JDK SE1.8 with CentOS The Yum are usually installed through the OpenJDK Typically used when developing on a Windows platform is SUNJDK To avoid possible problems, uninstall your own OPENJDK installation SUNJDK View the OPENJDK version

CentOS 6.5 upgrade Kernel to 3.10.28_kernel

This paper is applicable to CentOS 6.4, CentOS 6.5, and is also suitable for other Linux distributions. 1. Prepare for Work 1.1 download source package There are two versions of the Linux kernel: the stable version and the development version, and

CentOs-6.8 Hadoop fully distributed to build _hadoop

1. Download: Https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/release/hadoop/commo 2. Detailed: http://blog.csdn.net/aircraftxjd/article/details/44624219 One, installation environment 1. Virtual machine: VMware-12.5.2 2. Operating system: Linux CentOs-6.8 64 bits

Centos Chinese garbled problem solving

Report found in Chinese garbled and Chinese fonts are not neat (overlapping) situation, the first consideration is whether the operating system has Chinese fonts, in CentOS 7 found the input command to see the font list is the prompt command is

Two ways to CentOS kernel version upgrades

The first method is upgraded to the latest version and is installed faster 1. Import KEY rpm?--importhttps://www.elrepo.org/rpm-gpg-key-elrepo.org 2. Install Elrepo yum source rpm-uvh http:// WWW.ELREPO.ORG/ELREPO-RELEASE-7.0-2.EL7.ELREPO.NOARCH.RPM

CentOS Get kernel source

First, get CentOS version The following two methods apply to Redhat,centos # cat/etc/redhat-release CentOS Release 5.4 (Final) Log on to Linux execution rpm-q redhat-release #rpm-Q Redhat-release or CentOS # rpm-q

Configuring LNMP Environment under CentOS (source installation)

prepare to install dependent libraries Check and install components yum-y install gcc automake autoconf libtool make gcc-c++ glibc libxslt-devel libjpeg libjpeg-devel libpng l Ibpng-devel freetype freetype-devel libxml2 libxml2-devel zlib zlib-devel

CentOS 7 Compile and install httpd-2.4.17

Environment Description CentOS 7 x64 4cpu 2G memory in VMware 12The installation of the CentOS 7 compilation installation MySQL-5.7.9, CentOS 7 compilation installation PHP7, and the firewall and open ports are already installed in the

CentOS installation Apache

1) Unload the system's own httpd:Rpm-qa|grep httpdRPM-E Httpd-2.2.15-15.el6.centos--nodepsRpm-e Httpd-tools 2) Find the latest download linkFind the latest version of the download link from http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi, now the most stable

Ubuntu, CentOS Resolve Docker command permissions issues (sudo)

#创建docker组 [email protected]:~'docker' already exists# Join the current user to the Docker group [email protected]:~$ sudo gpasswd-a ${user} dockeradding user Weiyj to group docker# restart Docker Service [EM AIL protected]:~$ sudo service docker

Lenovo Ben Win10 VirtualBox installing CentOS

(1) Must develop operating system virtualization features, reference to the Baidu experienceHttps://jingyan.baidu.com/article/8275fc864d423e46a03cf638.html(2) Adjust the virtual machine hard disk and CD-ROM boot sequence, mining pit many times, can

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