Openstack deployment Summary: Install the Icehouse (ovs + VLAN) on the dual settlement node using rdo on centos 6.5)

This article describes how to install a dual-computing node icehouse environment through rdo on centos6.5. The installation process involves a lot of software and complex dependencies, we recommend that you use a new operating system for

Centos 6.2 vsftpd Server Installation (switch)

Install vsftpd server in centos 6.2My centos 6.2 is installed in the hyper-V Virtual Machine of win 2008 R2 server. Centos is installed on a CD. It is installed in minimal mode. After installation, use Putty to log on to SSH and then use # Yum

Centos SSH installation and configuration

SshlinuxSSH is short for Secure Shell, developed by the Network Working Group of IETF. SSH is a security protocol built on the application layer and transport layer.Traditional network service programs, such as FTP, pop, and telnet, are inherently

Install and configure the NTP service in centos 6.3

Test environment: Ntpserver Ntpclient   Preparations: Disable SELinux: VI/etc/SELinux/config SELinux = disabled Disable iptables: Service iptables stop Chkconfig iptables off   1. Install the NTP software package: Yum-y

Configure local Yum source in centos

Centos local Yum source configuration-CentOS-6.4 as an Example 1. Place the image CD in centos or find the image file and mount it to the system. Mount/dev/CDROM/mnt/CDROM #/mnt/CDROM directory must be created first   2. CD/etc/yum. Repos. d/# enter

Notes on installing and configuring rails 2.3.11 + redmine 1.2.1 in centos 6.0

I did not expect the installation process to be so tortuous that the download during gem installation is often unsuccessful, so I had to handle it. download the gem file and install it locally. In addition, radmine 1.2.1 is also very picky about the

Centos command notes

The first thing after installing the system is to update the system. 1. Use the yum command to update Yum update 2. The su command is one of the most basic commands and is often used for switching between different users, Exit to exit the current

Rotten mud: Tar packaging and decompression for centos command Learning

This article was sponsored by Xiuyi linfeng and first launched in the dark world. The tar command is generally used for packaging and decompression. You can view the help documentation as follows: Tar-help Man tar Tar has the following

Centos compile the source code of UNIX Network Programming (Third edition) Volume 1

Test environment: centos 1) Input./configure in shell and press enter (note that the configure has the execution permission chomd 777 configure first)2) Go to the Lib, libfree, libgai, and libroute directories in sequence and execute make. It is

Installation and Operation of xen Virtual Machine in centos 5.8

The company's new server ibm3650m4 (12g memory, 900g hard disk, cpuE5-2400), intends to engage in xen virtualization above. I checked many documents and finally succeeded. 1. Check whether the machine's CPU supports virtualization. CAT/proc/cpuinfo |

Configure nginx for CentOS-6.4 Installation

Before installing nginx, make sure that the system has installed G ++, GCC, OpenSSL-devel, PCRE-devel, and zlib-devel. Install required software: [[Email protected]/] # Yum install gcc-C ++Yum-y install zlib-devel OpenSSL -- devel

Common commands in centos

-- View a Port:Netstat-LNP | grep 80View the occupied Port:Netstat-LNP or netstat-tnlup-- Set firewall: enable access to port 80#/Sbin/iptables-I input-P TCP -- dport 80-J accept#/Etc/rc. d/init. d/iptables save#/Etc/init. d/iptables restart-- View

Modify the default centos startup level

# Vim/etc/inittab   Commonly used 0 ~ 6 The Seven startup levels are: 0 Shutdown 1 single user mode 2. Multi-user mode without network 3. Multiple users with networks, that is, the so-called pure Character Mode 4 reserved, user-defined 5.

Set and modify centos System Time Zone

Http:// time servers worldwide Set and modify centos System Time Zone When we use the centos system, problems may occur frequently in the time zone, and sometimes errors may occur after the change. Next we will learn a way to

Uninstall the httpd provided by centos and upgrade it to the latest version 2.4.10.

Notes on centos compilation and installation of Apache 2.4.6 Author per pixel Font Size   The Apache version of the server was 2.2.x before. In view of the inertia of the centos update software, I think Apache 2.4 may not necessarily appear in

Rocketmq system optimization (centos)

Paste the optimization script in the source code first:

Rotten mud: SCP replication for centos command Learning

This article is first published in the dark world. Due to work requirements, you need to copy the files on server a to server B. I am too lazy to build FTP and Samba servers, so I plan to use the SCP command, which is replicated through the SSH

Configure local YUM source for CentOS and YUM source for CentOS

Configure local YUM source for CentOS and YUM source for CentOSCentOS local YUM source configuration-CentOS-6.4 as an Example 1. Place the image CD in Centos or find the image file and mount it to the system. Mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom #/mnt/cdrom

How to fix Grub Rescue in CentOS

How to fix Grub Rescue in CentOS Symptoms:Boot display: GRUB loadingerror:unknow filesystemgrub rescue> Cause:The following operations have been found to cause this problem:1. To delete debian, delete/format the partition where debian is located in

Solve the Problem of garbled Chinese characters After CentOS on the ssh Terminal

Solve the Problem of garbled Chinese characters After CentOS on the ssh Terminal Today, we will help our students solve the problem of garbled Chinese characters. This is a headache for Linux users in China. Most Linux distributions are dominated by

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