Linux/centos Installing the ORACLE11G database-the most detailed graphical installation database method in history

1. Introduction to the EnvironmentThis article is installed on the centos7.0x64 system oracle11g as shown in:2. Installation PreparationFor the 64-bit oracle11g database, if the program files and data files are installed in the same partition, the

CentOS 7 configuration mariadb allows you to specify IP remote connection database

Firewall CentOS7 before the firewall is not the same, such as you want to add 3306 port: # # All Iptables-a input-p tcp-m tcp--dport 3306-j ACCEPT # # part ipiptables iptables-a input-p tcp-s ORT 3306-j ACCEP Service

CentOS 7 Installation php7+nginx+mysql5.7 development environment

Installing PHPPHP-FPMFirst update the CENTOS7 system, the system software upgrade, here does not upgrade the kernel.// with root permissions, note that this uses upgrade instead of update (it will upgrade the kernel, which we do not need here)Yum

CentOS 7.2 Installation Lepus database monitoring System

Environment descriptionSystem version CentOS 7.2 x86_64Software version Lepus 3.7Lepus is an open source database monitoring platform that currently supports basic monitoring and alerting of databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB,

CentOS 6 Custom Single-instance binary installation mariadb-5.5.59


Changes to CentOS 7 in Linux after cloning

1. VMware Workstation software View the virtual machine Nic MAC address after cloning completed, record2, enter "cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/" command, then execute "IP addr" command, check the network card name3. Enter the command "VI

Linux Install Command error (could not resolve host

This issue occurs after the virtual machine installed CENTOS7 system, using the Yum command to install the wget command (yum-y install wget), the could not resolve host appears, I see a good answer to an articleFirst look at

Linux CentOS System Common Command Summary

1. View the system versionCat/etc/redhat-releaseFile and directory Operations Command parsing Cd/home Enter '/home ' directory Cd.. Return to the top level directory Cd..

CentOS Linux Release 7 stops several services after installation is complete

One, stop the mail service[[email protected] ~]# systemctl stop postfix # temporary shutdown[[email protected] ~]# systemctl disable postfix # Permanently shut down network management commandsRemoved

Troubleshoot Linux CentOS CRT Chinese garbled question mark

How to view Linux system languages Echo $LANGGenerally shown as en_US. UTF-8This is also the default language of the system See if you have a Chinese language pack LocaleIf there is no ZH_CN. UTF-8 related content, stating that no

Centos 7 Minimal version installs VMware tools

单位有一套软件系统,以前是部署在windows上,现在新版本是基于Linux架构开发的,部署在centos 7.3 minimal版本上。在虚拟机上创建了一个**centos 7.3 minimal**的系统,为何不是“CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD.iso ”,厂家的解释是所有开发调试工作都是再minimal版本上来的,出现问题比较熟悉,方便解决。 我也是醉了~~~~ 既然在虚拟机上安装系统,肯定需要安装“**vmware

Secure CRT connects to CentOS 7 in VMware virtual machines

Operation Steps:1. Install CentOS 7 Virtual machine settings ==>networkadapter===> select NAT (IP address of shared host), CTRL+ALT+F1 switch to GUISelect the upper right Ethernet switch on the network switches to start surfing the web2, CTRL+ALT+F6

Linux CentOS installation rz and sz command Lrzsz

Lrzsz can be uploaded and downloaded in Linux instead of FTP.LRZSZ Official entrance: is a UNIX communication suite that provides the X, Y, and Zmodem file transfer protocolsWindows needs to upload files to

Centos/linux Fix SSH Connection slow

Connecting to a Linux server is now generally a way to connect remotely using SSH. Recently installed a server, found that Telnet is very fast, ping everything is normal, but SSH connection is very slow. After the online information query, there are

CentOS 7 Login with putty, Xshell remote connection and key authentication

1.9 Remote connection to Linux using putty Download putty client with direct access to this link to download Choose the MSI (' Windows Installer ') under the package files of the

Centos/linux Fix SSH Connection slow

Connecting to a Linux server is now generally a way to connect remotely using SSH. Recently installed a server, found that Telnet is very fast, ping everything is normal, but SSH connection is very slow. After the online information query, there are

Self-made small Linux under the CentOS 6 system

Build a small Linux process based on CentOS 6:First we need to know the starting process of the CentOS 6 system for post (power On Self Test)-->bios (System Select Boot device sequencing, the default order is CD, USB flash drive, hard

The CentOS upgrade system comes with python2.6 for python2.7

Transferred from: the Python version in the current systemPython--versionReturns Python 2.6.6 as normal.Check the CentOS versionCat/etc/redhat-releaseReturn to CentOS release 6.9 (Final) as normal.

Spring boot CentOS deployment start Stop script

Original address: the script to start and shut down the service, the script startup and shutdown under CentOS can be as follows:start () { now=`Date "+%y%m%d%h%m%s"' EXEC

Telnet to CentOS via putty on Windows

Purpose: Telnet through putty (or SECURECRT) on Windows centos6.5Hardware: centos6.5 server One, Windows client oneSoftware: SSH, putty (or SECURECRT)centos6.5 End Operation StepsYum Install Openssh-serverDuring the installation process, the system

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