The process of installing Fail2ban anti-violent cracking tool under CentOS 6.3

Fail2ban can monitor your system log, and then match the log error message (regular match) to perform the appropriate shielding action (in general, call the firewall screen), such as: When someone is testing your ssh, SMTP, ftp password, as long as

Centos 6.3 ntop Configuration Notes

System environment: Centos6.3 x64 ntop:ntop-5.0.1 Rrdtool:rpmforge Source Libpcap:rpmforge Source NTOP is a network traffic monitoring tool with Web management interface, which is used to monitor the intranet traffic in Linux station. It can be

Centos 6.3 64bit Installation KVM Summary

1.[root@kvmtest ~] #egrep ' VMX|SVM '/proc/cpuinfo//first determine if your CPU supports VMX or SVM virtualization, VMX belongs to the Inter processor, and SVM belongs to the AMD processor, Or use Cpu-z to see if your processor supports Vt-x

Experiment of VSFTPD server based on virtual user under CentOS 5.x

Required Requirements: Virtual users who are real, but cannot log in FTP1 VFTP1 FTP2 VFTP2 VIP VVIP VFTP1: can only download VFTP2: can only upload VVIP: That can upload and can download Start the implementation step below: Install the

Two user logon configurations for 64-bit centos 5.6 compiler installation vsftpd-2.3.4

Server to build FTP is the primary task. Virtual user logon is higher than the local user login. Because the vsftpd virtual user, is not the system's account, also only used to support the VSFTPD service, so there is no license to his access to the

How do CentOS and Ubuntu fix Linux bash vulnerabilities?

The recent Linux official built-in bash found a very serious security vulnerability, hackers can use this bash vulnerability to fully control the target system and launch an attack, in order to avoid your Linux server affected, we recommend that you

Linux VPS Installation MAPN system environment graphics and text tutorial (CentOS)

YD contact with the VPS soon, for the choice of what kind of system is also more tangled, because now there are too many options, of course, there are relatively large differences. For beginners, the ability to use a suitable one, and install an

VM Virtual Machine Mount CentOS cannot automatically get IP

In the virtual machine VM installed CentOS system, network card selection bridge mode. At the beginning of the time can also automatically obtain the IP address, suddenly one day the IP disappeared, and then how to restart can not get the IP

CentOS 6.4 Latest Installation Tutorials

CentOS 6.4 Official Download Address: 32 digits: 64 digits: 1, first of all, to have a CentOS 6.4 of the installation media, the use of media to

Tutorials for installing and cracking Jira in CentOS systems

Jira Introduction Tracking and managing issues that arise during project development and maintenance (e.g., defects, new features, tasks, improvements, etc.) are important tasks for project management, but few teams can do well. Jira as a

CentOS Operating System Installation Tutorial

The CentOS operating system is a free version of the commercial version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the ideal operating system for the architecture lamp, and, unlike Ubuntu, CentOS is used primarily for servers rather than desktop

Install OpenVPN full version in Centos 5.5: Client Configuration and client certificate revocation

Installation and configuration of a OpenVPN client 1. To the OpenVPN official website Download the OpenVPN GUI, the client version should be consistent with the server version. 2. Install OpenVPN GUI, the default installation

CentOS 6.0 Installation Postfix+dovecot+sasl+openwebmail+httpd+bind

Postfix, but it is only an SMTP server, to configure the full mail also has a pop3/imap, where I chose Dovecot, the reason is relatively new, more importantly, it has a lot of security configuration features. Many C/S protocols do not have the

CentOS 6.4 openstack-grizzly Installation: Control node problem

Reference is the official document, because some documents and steps are not listed in the official document, has been made up. It's not a problem after testing. Forget about it. You are need at Leastthree machines, virtual or physical, with Fedora

CentOS linux resolves device eth0 does not seem to be present

One, the problem description CentOS Linux cloned in VMware. Ifconfig ... Didn't see eth0. Then reboot the NIC and report the following error. Failure phenomenon: Service Network restart Shutting down loopback insterface: [OK] Bringing up

New features of CentOS 6.5

The Enterprise Linux distribution CentOS has released a new version 6.5. CentOS 6.5 is based on the upstream version of EL6.5, and its major changes include: Precision time Protocol has now been fully supported. OpenSSL has been updated to

How to use ChangePassword to modify the Samba account password under CentOS 6.3

Recently has been studying the Linux shell, so long time no update. Today is also in QQ someone and I talk to the Samba password LDAP centralized authentication, think of a problem, the intranet use Samba server to store user data, all users can not

CentOS uses PAM to lock multiple login failed users

CentOS uses Pam to lock multiple login failed users Linux has a Pam module that limits the number of user logon failures and, if the number reaches the set threshold, locks the user. Compiling Pam's configuration file #

CentOS File View and edit introduction detailed

CentOS File View and edit introduction detailed Introduction to 2.1 Cat commands The original meaning of the cat command is a connection (concatenate) that connects multiple file contents and outputs to the standard output stream (the standard

CentOS How do I back up a strategy?

Backup points Consideration of backup Data Problems caused by system corruption: Hardware problem: Hard Drive damage Software problems: Accidental deletion, security attack, Different host roles, different backup tasks Backup factor

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