Build and install MySQL5.7.16 under CentOS

First, IntroductionMySQL is a relational database management system developed by the Swedish MySQL AB company and is currently part of Oracle's product portfolio. MySQL's most popular relational database management system, MySQL is one of the best

Compile and install php7.0.10+mysql5.7.14+nginx1.10.1 in CentOS 7.2mini version

First, the preparation of pre-installation work1. Yum Update #更新系统2. Yum install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf automake cmake Bison M4 LIBXML2 libxml2-devellibcurl-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel libicu-devel    #安装php、MySQL、Nngix所依赖的包3, download the

Installation and configuration of Nginx for Linux services (CentOS)

Installing and configuring Nginx on Ubuntu/centos SystemFirst, online installation:Ubuntu:sudo Apt-get Install NginxCentos:sudo Yum Install NginxSecond, the location after installation:1. Service Address:/etc/init.d/nginx2, configuration

CentOS Linux Server security settings

Introduction:We must understand: Minimum privilege + minimum service = maximum securityTherefore, regardless of the configuration of any server, we must shut down the unused services, set the system permissions to the minimum, so as to ensure

Linux Learning CentOS (i)----installing CentOS 7 in a VMware virtual machine

BodyFirst, VMware Introduction:VMware is a Virtual PC software that can create a new hardware environment on an existing operating system, equivalent to simulating a new PC to actually run two separate operating systems on a single machine.Key

Linux Centos 6.6 Build SFTP Server

Use the system's own internal-sftp to build an SFTP server in the CentOS 6.6 environment.Open the Command Terminal window and follow the steps below.0. View OpenSSH version 1 ssh-V Use the SSH-V command to view the

CentOS display Chinese garbled, need to install Chinese language pack

Echo $LANG #查看当前使用的系统语言Locale-a #查看是否有中文语言包, do not install the changes on the following commandYum Install kde-l10n-chinese-y; Yum Reinstall glibc-common-y #或者 Yum Groupinstall chinese-supportvi/etc/sysconfig/i18n Modify lang= "zh_cn. UTF-8 "then

Based on the basic application of CentOS 6.5 encryption, decryption, OpenSSL and the implementation process of CA

One, encryption and decryption1, encryption methods are: Symmetric encryption, one-way encryption, public key encryptionSymmetric encryption:Tool: GPG OpenSSL encEncryption: OpenSSL enc-des3-a-salt-in/ets/fstab-out/tmp/fstab.cipherDecryption:

CentOS change text interface, SSH mode also requires password login solution

CentOS change text interface, SSH mode also requires password login solutionFirst, the CentOS change text interface1, Command modeSystemctl Set-default Multi-user.target2, Graphics modeSystemctl Set-default Graphical.targetSecond, after SSH mode

CentOS Installation nginx-1.6.2+ Security Configuration

Note: All of the following operations are done under the CentOS 6.5 x86_64 bit system. #准备工作 #Before installing Nginx, make sure that you have installed basic components such as pcre with Yum, as described in the basic components of the CentOS

CentOS Recovery RM-RF * Delete data by mistake

One, mount the disk partition as read-onlyThis step is important and you should mount the disk as read-only as soon as possible after deleting the file by mistake. The sooner you do it, the greater the chance of success in recovery.1. See which

Build FTP server under CentOS

VSFTPD is the more famous FTP server under Linux, it is of course preferred to build FTP server. This article describes the process of installing VSFTPD under CentOS 6 4, configuring virtual users to log on to FTP. IsVSFTPD is the more famous FTP

To build a CentOS virtual machine environment.

Transferred from:, prefaceAs a program that wants to engage in the background development of Java EE, how can the Linux system not learn? So, these days, I'm going to learn

CentOS Upgrade OpenSSL

Only set up the HTTP2, the results Lan said my website is not safe, detection of OpenSSL found a loophole, so ready to upgrade OpenSSLInspection site: Based on

CentOS 6 System Optimization test script

Close to the CentOS 6 system optimization script above, because sometimes a virtual machine has already brushed the optimization script, but perhaps for other reasons, the virtual machine is temporarily on hold. After a period of time, suddenly have

CentOS 7 Installation Wireless driver

first, confirm the version of the network cardLspci | grep NetworkLspci | grep Network 19.0:00.0Qualcomm Atheros ar242x/ar542x onSecond, download the driver of the network card, download the address which is OK.1. By

CentOS Basic Command Daquan


1. Commands for shutdown (System shutdown, restart, and logout)SHUTDOWN-H now shut down system (1)Init 0 Shutdown System (2)Telinit 0 Shutdown System (3)Shutdown-h Hours:minutes & Shutdown system at scheduled timesShutdown-c Cancel the system at a

CentOS 6.6 Hadoop 2.7.1 fully Distributed installation deployment

1. Before installing, prepare the host or virtual machine of the three CentOS 6.6 systems, and turn off the firewall and SELinux.2. Configure the IP address as shown in the table below, modify the Hosts file and the native name192.168.199.21 Hadoop21

CentOS 6.5 Source Installation Nginx

First, software configuration informationCentOS 6.5Second, the necessary software preparationCheck the installation Pcre,openssl,gzip command as follows:Yum install-y zlib zlib-devel pcre pcre-devel OpenSSL openssl-develThird, create Nginx users and

CentOS Nginx Install OpenSSL

1. See if the SSL component is already installed[Email protected] wwwlogs]# Cd/usr/local/nginx/sbin/[[email protected] sbin]#./nginx-vnginx version:nginx/ 1.0.15built by GCC 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-52) TLS SNI support disabledconfigure

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