The difference and choice of Centos,ubuntu,gentoo,freebsd,redhat,debian

Linux was first written by Linus Benedict Torvalds in 1991. Prior to that, Richard Stallman created the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the GNU project, and was constantly writing to create the GNU program, which was licensed in Gpl:general

How Linux (CentOS) uses SVN for multiple repository configurations

If there is currently a svnserve process running, the instructionKillall SvnserveSpecifies the root directory to use when a directory is started by the SVN service, instructionCd/data 1 mkdir SVN The final path is:/DATA/SVNThen create multiple SVN

How Linux (CentOS) uses SVN for multiple repository configurations

If there is currently a svnserve process running, the instructionKillall SvnserveSpecifies the root directory to use when a directory is started by the SVN service, instructionCd/data 1 mkdir SVN The final path is:/DATA/SVNThen create multiple SVN

Windows7 64-bit system installs VMware Centos 64-bit system to build a development environment

I. Overview Windows is our most commonly used work system, Linux development many people usually install virtual machines under Windows, and then install Linux in the virtual machine. This paper mainly records the problems encountered in the process

Centos 6.5 Installation Bugzilla 5.0.2

1. Download Bugzilla: I did a search on GitHub. "Bugzilla cn" Prompts the Chinese language pack on the 5.0.2 version.Another address with a Chinese language pack:

Installation and configuration of SQUID Proxy server under CentOS 6.7

GFW blocked the HTTP/SOCKS5 agent, HTTP Proxy is the keyword filtering, SOCKS5 agent is the blockade protocol. However, some special low-end ports do not have such treatment, known to have 21, 25.20 port has been blocked, 21 ports will now be

Configuring VNC under CentOS

Configure the Desktop# Install the GNOME desktop environmentYum Groupinstall desktop-y# Install Chinese Language Support package (optional)Yum Groupinstall ' Chinese support '-y# Set the system default language to Chinese (optional)Sed-i

CentOS Installation Confluence Wiki steps

Reference: Reference: required Files centos-6.5-x86_64-

Installing Nfsen and plugins on CentOS

Recently do flow analysis, with the next Nfsen, in the installation process encountered some problems, recorded.First, the most typical problem is that after the installation is complete, Nfsen cannot start, prompting:Starting NFCAPD: (route) open ()

CentOS 7 Yum Mode configuration lamp environment

Environment: CentOS 7 minimized installation with Putty connectionMethod: Using Yum Installation methodObjective: To build apache+mysql+php environment1, install Apache Yum Install httpd//By default, Y is selected for installationafter

CentOS Build FTP Server

Recently ready to put windows on the FTP stop, since mindedly learn CentOS right there is also the need, then learn to build an FTP service good, just practice.Rpm-qa |grep vsftp #查看本机是否安装了ftp服务If the installation is not installed by using a command.

CentOS 7 hidden taskbar and top bar

I use GNOME, for the use of Windows I, this interface is indeed a bit ugly, but, will also be used, recently found a software (Cairo-dock) can beautify the desktop, and then installed, but after the installation found a problem: The original

Installing Nginx under CentOS

1 Nginx Installation EnvironmentNginx is a C language development, it is recommended to run on Linux, this tutorial uses Centos6.5 as the installation environment.GccInstallation nginx need to download the source code to compile, compile dependent

RHEL 6.0 uses the CentOS yum source


Introduction: Since the Yum online update for Rhel is chargeable, it cannot be used without registering, that is, the software cannot be installed online. In this case, want to use Rhel system, also want to use Yum source to install software online,

CentOS installation deployment Docker with LAN host connection details configuration

Docker is an open-source application container engine that allows developers to package their apps and dependencies into a portable container and post them to any popular Virtualization can also be implemented on Linux machines . With Docker, it's order to conserve the limited bandwidth available. ISO images is not downloadable from mirror.centos.orgThe following mirrors should has the ISO images available:Actual

CentOS 7 separated from three hosts to build a lamp based on fcgi

First, the requirementsCentOS 7, lamp (PHP-FPM);(1) The three main machines separated from each other;(2) A virtual host is used to provide phpmyadmin; Another virtual host is used to provide WordPress;(3) XCachePlanning First set of 19

CentOS 6.5 uses Yum to quickly build the lamp environment

1. Installing Apache[Email protected] ~]# yum-y install httpd# Boot from Boot[Email protected] ~]# chkconfig httpd on# Start httpd Service[[Email protected] ~]# service httpd start# # # installs Apache some extensions[Email protected] ~]# yum-y

"CentOS" Error:command ' gcc ' failed with exit status 1

using the Install Python module appears error:command ' gcc ' failed with exit status 1 , clearly installed GCC, how can not, and then found that failed is not the found, which shows that this error is not much of a GCC relationship, should be

Questions about common user Ulimit max user processes value in CentOS 7

Recently, in a project to the Tomcat test, the normal user started Tomcat when the pressure will be reported java.lang.OutOfMemoryError error, this error is the system max user processes Problem.When I landed on the server to view the ulimit of the

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