OpenVZ VPS Host One-click Install VNC desktop Environment (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)

A lot of friends in reading the article can also be installed to use, but there are some users mentioned more complex, after all, for the first contact with Linux users, the input command is a key difficult. So Chiang tidied up to the OpenVZ VPS

The whole process of unloading lamp under CentOS system

[Root@localhost ~]# rpm-qa|grep MySQL mod_auth_mysql-2.6.1-2.2 php-mysql-4.3.9-3.15 mysql-devel-4.1.20-1.rhel4.1 mysql-4.1.20-1.rhel4.1 mysqlclient10-3.23.58-4.rhel4.1 libdbi-dbd-mysql-0.6.5-10.rhel4.1 Description: Rpm–qa | The grep mysql

CentOS under ifconfig Run command not found error summary

Today after entering the CentOS to view the IP, execute ifconfig, but incredibly prompt: command not found. Look closely and find that the current user is not root. After using Su root to go to root, execute ifconfig again to prompt for invalid

To create a CentOS Docker mirror with Apache service using Dockerfile _docker

Using Dockerfile to create CentOS Docker mirrors with Apache services List of files prepared on the host: Dockerfile #启动ssh和apache服务的角本 The above files are placed in the/root/apache_centos directory

CentOS 7 Network settings in VMware details _linux

CentOS 7 Network settings in VMware because of the need to use Linux in the work, in the virtual machine loaded with CentOS7 for the experiment, the installation after the use of a lot of problems, mainly network problems, after the

CentOS 7.2 To build a LNMP environment Tutorial _php Example

Native environment: Server is Aliyun ECS; the mirror used is: public mirror CENTOS 7.2 A. Nginx installation 1. Download the Nginx package (package) corresponding to the current system version ​ wget

The CentOS of Linux Learning (i)----install CentOS 7 in a VMware virtual machine (graphics tutorial) _vmware

First, VMware Introduction: VMware is a Virtual PC software that can virtual a new hardware environment on an existing control system, which is equivalent to simulating a new PC to actually run two separate operating systems on a single machine.

How to install and use Xen virtual machines in CentOS systems _xen

First, the principle of explanation The concept of virtualization: Abstract server physical resources into logical resources, let a server become several or even hundreds of isolated virtual servers, we are no longer limited by the physical

How to configure HTTPS server under Centos 5 _linux

[root@centos5 ~]# yum-y install mod_ssl online installation mod_ssl Loading "Fastestmirror" plugin Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * * * * extras:

CentOS Build php5.3.8+nginx1.0.9+mysql5.5.17 Detailed configuration _linux

Operating EnvironmentOperating system: Mac OS Lion Virtual Host: VMware Fusion Virtual system: Centos 5.5+ Action User: Root To achieve the goal: to build LNMP environment. Installing dependent libraries and development environments Copy

Centos rsync file Sync configuration step sharing _linux

Rsync is a data mirroring Backup tool under Unix-like systems, which can be seen from the name of the software--remote syncits characteristics are as follows:Can be mirrored to save the entire directory tree and file system.It is easy to maintain

A detailed tutorial on Lemp environment under CentOS 7.x _linux

Recently, due to project requirements, the server upgraded from CentOS6 to CentOS7, and the corresponding PHP version was upgraded to PHP5.6. We are familiar with the LEMP environment one-click installation package, but this article we will install

64-bit CentOS 6.0 to build the lamp environment detailed steps _linux

1 . Confirm that the environment required to build the lamp has been installed [ROOT@CENTOS6 ~]# rpm-q make gcc gcc-c++ zlib-devel Libaio Note: installation libpng need zlib-devel need Libaio When installing MySQL

Flask Framework Learning Notes (i) Installation article (Windows installation and CentOS installation) _python

Flask relies on two external libraries: Werkzeug and JINJA2. Werkzeug is a toolset for WSGI (standard Python interfaces developed and deployed between Web applications and multiple servers), and JINJA2 is responsible for rendering templates. First,

CentOS 5.X installation network and system monitoring management platform: OPENNMS Introduction

About Opennms:opennms is an enterprise-class distributed network and system monitoring and management platform based on Java/xml. OpenNMS is a great tool for managing your network, showing the status and configuration of terminals and servers in

The strange problem of setting up firewalls with iptables on CentOS

Server environment: Ali Server, Linux CentOS operating system, Couchbase server Start security policy: Deny all by default, allow only required Action command: Allow inbound SSH connections Iptables-a input-p TCP--dport 22-m State--state

CentOS 6 The steps to compile and install Lnmp

# manual Installation LnmpContains Libiconv libunwind gperftools libmcrypt mhash mcrypt libpng freetype jpegGD pcre libmemcached php_memcached ( eaccelerator Zendoptimizermysql5.5 php5.3 nginx1.2.7 memcached tokyocabinet

CentOS 6.2 Web System integration Apache and Tomcat integration

Before has written the lamp platform's construction, including the rear lamp platform integration (but because I published the article is too few entertaining, incredibly is the person evil refers to my article is reproduced, to this I expressed

Centos 6.5 Installation Atlassiana crowd+jira+confluence (Wiki) database chapter (MySQL5.1)

Software preparation1. Database softwareMySQL 5.1 main programMySQL clinet connection ClientMysql-devel driversInstallation steps Installing the operating system Configure host Name Modify IP Address Modify system time-to-hold

Kafka cluster Installation (CentOS 7 environment)

Introduction of environment operating system and software version1. Environment operating system for CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)Available Cat/etc/redhat-release queries2. Software versionThe Kafka version is:, the basic

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