Linux CentOS Yum installation lamp environment

CentOS 6.51.yum Installation and source code compilation in the use of the time no difference, but the installation process is very different, yum only need 3 commands to complete, the source code needs 13 packages, but also have to compress the

CentOS 7.x Installation Lamp

CentOS 7.x installation Apache[[email protected] ~] #yum-y install httpd httpd-devel[email protected] ~]# systemctl start httpd[email protected] ~]# Systemctl enable httpdCentOS 7.x installation Mariadb database[email protected] ~]# yum-y install

"SVN" CentOS build SVN server environment

1. Requirements DescriptionBuild the SVN server environment in the CentOS system2. Construction process2.1 Yum Install SVN[Email protected]/]#Yum Install svn2.2 New directory Store SVN directory[Email protected]/]# mkdir/usr/svn2.3 New Test

Use virtualbox to install centos 6.3

Since the system was upgraded to win7 a few days ago, the previously installed Linux virtual machines do not exist. Based on learning, this installation selects centos 6.3.The installation steps are as follows:You can enter the name as needed,

Install gcc4.8.2 on centos

1. Download the source code:Image addressHttp:// can use SVN to download the latest version at any time.SVN checkout SVN: // Go to the GCC source code (SRC for

Solution to centos 7 USB flash drive installation

Recently, the long-awaited official centos 7 version has finally been released, so I am bored at home, so I plan to install it on my small y, because the notebook has installed the Windows 7 operating system, considering the usage requirements, we

Centos 7 constructs the GCC 4.8.2 32-bit compiling environment

Construct a GCC 32-bit compiling environment using centos 7 1 Introduction 1.1 Background Learn New C ++ 2011 and C11 standards. 1.2 use software Centos 7 (Linux version 3.10.0-123. el7.x86 _ 64) GCC version 4.8.2 20140120 (Red Hat 4.8.2-16) 1.3

First try centos 7 systemd

In centos 7, the systemd service is used to replace the sysv service of the previous version. The two startup modes are different. Modify the system startup level Old Version Edit the configuration file/etc/inittab, set the startup level to 3

Notes on centos compilation and installation of Apache 2.4.6

The Apache version of the server was 2.2.x before. In view of the inertia of the centos update software, I think Apache 2.4 may not necessarily appear in centos until 2014. I am not going to wait, compile and install it. Upgrading to 2.4 from 2.2.

Summary of Common Errors in centos system compilation apache-2.4.x

Today, the company asked to install Apache-2.4.9. During the installation process, I encountered two errors. Now I will record them and share them with you. System: centos 5.xRequired software packages: httpd-2.4.9.tar.gzApr-1.5.0.tar.gzApr-util-1.5.

64-bit centos 6.5 compiling and configuring ace 6.1.0 (6.2.0)

System: centos 6.5 64-bit Ace version: 6.1.0 Assume that the directory of the compressed file is/usr/local/ Step 1: Decompress the loaded ace-6.1.0.tar.gz # Tar zxvf ACE-6.1.0.tar.gz A folder named ace_wrappers appears. Step 2: Define the

Deploy LVS (NAT mode) and keepalived in centos 6.3 to achieve high-performance and high-availability Load Balancing

I. Introduction VS/NAT schematic: II,System Environment Tutorial topology: System Platform: centos 6.3 Kernel: 2.6.32-279. el6.i686 LVS version: ipvsadm-1.26 Keepalived version: keepalived-1.2.4 Iii. Installation 0. Before LVS is installed, the

Centos 6.5x64 lnpm ins_0000_note

Ins sys: 1. Next all, then reboot. 2. login system use root   Cfg sys: 1. Keep etc0 work: # Vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0   Change: Onboot = Yes   Then enable eth0: # IFUP eth0   Bytes ---------------------------------------------------

Configure and use centos/RedHat/Fedora FTP -- vsftp

Vsftpd server beginner's Guide (welcome to join us) Author:North, south, and south are being revisedFrom:Linuxsir. org(Here is the article address)Abstract:Vsftpd is a small and easy-to-use ftp server program. This article is intended for

Use of centos wget

Abstract: centos wget is a free tool for automatically downloading files from the network. It supports HTTP, https, and FTP protocols and can use HTTP proxy.The so-called automatic download means that centos wget can be executed in the background

Centos bind9 DNS Server SETUP

  Environment: centos 5.5, bind9, chroot, Webmin   DNS Overview Hosts in the computer network only know IP addresses, but people prefer to name computers (web sites) because the names are more intuitive and easy to remember. The original name

Centos 6.0 + Nagios Chinese version + PNP + Nagios web management tool nagiosql Chinese Version

Battle centos 6.0 + Nagios Chinese version + PNP + Nagios web management tool nagiosql Chinese Version 17:17:56 | category:RHEL _ monitoring | label:| Large font size, medium/small subscription The Nagios online tutorials are written by Baidu. I

Installing VMware Server on centos 5 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64 bit version

Document directory Step #1: Download VMware Server Step #2: Install VMware Server Step #3: install required files/Libraries Step #4: Install xinetd Step #5: Configure VMware Server How do I manage my VMware Server remotely? See also:

CentOS for Linux (5)-how to mount a linux mount device (USB flash drive, CD, iso, etc.)

After learning about the Linux system, it was still quite smooth in general. For example, all the commands that can be typed in will get corresponding results .... But today, when I learned how to mount the Linux mount command, I was really

Install erlang and rabbitmq Server in 64-bit CentOS 6.2

CentOS 6.2 64bit install erlang and RabbitMQ Server 1. Operating System Environment (CentOS 6.2 64bit) [root@leekwen ~]# cat /etc/issueCentOS release 6.2 (Final)Kernel \r on an \m[root@leekwen ~]# cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep "clflush size"clflush size

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