CentOS 6.4 Installation MariaDB 10.3

This article describes how to install MariaDB 10.3 in CentOS 6.4 using Yum1. Create a MySQL GroupGroupadd MySQL2. Create MySQL user and add to MySQL groupuseradd-g MySQL MySQL3. Modify the MySQL passwordpasswd MySQL4. Configure MariaDB 10.3

Linux/centos source code Compilation installation Mysql5.6

MySQL InstallationSoftware version MySQL-5.6.32 (the package included in the article plus the bottom of the free access)Upload mysql-5.6.32-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64.tar.gz to App server directory:/USR/LOCAL/SRC (package see attachment)#cd/USR/LOCAL/SRC#

CentOS Installation Goaccess

Yum Install Ncurses-develInstalling ncurses DependenciesPress Y to confirmwget http://tar.goaccess.io/goaccess-1.2.tar.gzDownload the installation packageTAR-XZVF goaccess-1.2.tar.gzExtractCD goaccess-1.2Enter the goaccess-1.2

CentOS 6.9 Custom Single-instance binary installation mysql5.7.21

Objective比 MySQL 5.6 快 3 倍,同时还提高了可用性,可管理性和安全性。一些重要的增强功能如下:1.性能和可扩展性: 改进 InnoDB 的可扩展性和临时表的性能,从而实现更快的网络和大数据加载等操作。2.JSON支持: 使用 MySQL 的 JSON 功能,你可以结合 NoSQL 的灵活和关系数据库的强大。3.改进复制 以提高可用性的性能。包括多源复制,多从线程增强,在线 GTIDs,和增强的半同步复制。4.性能模式

The development of Linux, the creation of virtual machines and the installation of the CentOS system,

The 1th chapter on the development of Linux1.1. Linux Development Unix was born at Bell Labs for 1969 years. 1986 Andrew S.tanenbaum (Tan Bonning) developed Minix (mini Unix), mainly for teaching. Richhard Stallman (Stallman)Company: FSF,

Installing CentOS 7_linux in VirtualBox

Preparation conditionsIt's already installed on your real machine. VirtualBox virtual machines, specific installation methods can refer to the Linux commune articles.Download the CentOS-7 image1. Create a virtual computer in a virtual machineClick

Linux/centos Tomcat Configuration Log slicing and automatic script cleanup

Tomcat is a core project in the Jakarta Project of the Apache Software Foundation (Apache Software Foundation), developed jointly by Apache,sun and other companies and individuals. With Sun's involvement and support, the latest servlet and JSP

How to Install the VMware Tools on RHEL 7/centos 7

The original addressMware Tools is one of the important components for virtual machines (VMS) in order get excellent performance. It is a group of utilities, enhances the overall performance of the virtual machine ' s guest operating system ( OS)

CentOS installation Vm-tools in VMware

View device information for a CD-ROM driveThere are several commands that you can use to viewDMESG command/proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info filecat /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/infoLSBLK commandList all block devicesInstalling Vm-toolsFrom the menu, choose virtual

Novice first time contact with Linux CentOS

Shutdown-k does not shut down and warns the user-R Immediate Shutdown restart-H shutdown does not restart-C Cancel a run shutdownExample: Shutdown-h now shutdown does not restartShutdown-r +10 10 minutes after restart Sudo-i getting permission

Modify MAC address after KVM clone is complete under CentOS/vmware copy virtual machine Modify MAC address

After cloning is complete, there may be a conflict with the MAC address, go to KVM to remove the eth0 configuration in/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules, then change eth1 to Eth0, and modify/etc/sysconfig/ Network-script/ifcfg-eth0 Mac,

CentOS Linux-Record Contos 7 installation IntelliJ idea

System environment: CentOS Linux 7 x64Current User: Normal userInstalling python:ideaiu-2018.1.3.tar.gz: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/#section =linux1. Drag the idea of the physical machine download to the virtual machine and unzip it.

CentOS generates passwords with SSH password-free login between Linux

Mister into RSA's passwordSSH-KEYGEN-T RSADirectory Assignment permissionschmod 755 ~/.sshchmod 644 ~/.ssh/authorized_keysCopy the pub key to the remote server, the recommended FQDN and IP are copied, so that the system can join the known

Installation process for the Linux distribution CentOS series system

installation process for the Linux system CentOS release:Boot boot process for kernel space:POST (Power On Self Test)--bootsequence (BIOS) "MBR boot, sequential start phase bootsequence"-BootLoader (GRUB (stage1--stage1_5--stage2)) " Sequential boot

Linux (CentOS)--Package management Rpm,yum and human mission planning in Linux

Today, I'll simply hit a few codes and introduce another command I've read to understand: Full RPM Red Package Manager, which was first applied to Red Hat operating system in 1997, 1.rpm Installing and uninstalling RPM packages Rpm-q XX

CentOS Summary Linux under SVN installation and use

I. Installing the YUM installation under CentOSinstall subversionTo see if the installation was successful:--versionView installation content and locationRPM-QL SubversionTwo. Configure the SVN repository directory to createmkdir /home/svncd

CentOS Installation python3.x FAQs

The python version of CentOS 6.x comes with 2.6,centos 7. X comes with 2.7, we have to install python3.x, configure the environment, but the general installation process will not be smooth sailing, often some error, in CentOS and other Linux systems

CentOS Source Installation Python3.6

First, installation environment and versionCentOS 7Python 3.6.5Second, install the Dependency Pack 1, install the static library# yum install -y openssl-staticNote: If you do not install this static library, it will cause the PIP installation of

Installing Python3.6.4 under CentOS 7

Installing Python3.6.4 under CentOS 7• Installation of python3.6 may use dependenciesYum install-y openssl-devel bzip2-devel expat-devel gdbm-devel readline-devel sqlite-devel wget• Find the download path on the Python website and download it with

CentOS Remove compiled installation of Python3

Compiling and installing Python3# 下载# wget https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.6.4/Python-3.6.4.tar.xzwget http://mirrors.sohu.com/python/3.6.4/Python-3.6.4.tgz# 解压tar -xavf Python-3.6.4.tgzcd Python-3.6.4# 编译安装# ./configure --help查看编译参数# 默认安装在'/usr/

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