mysql_5.6 Master-Slave database configuration in CentOS 6.6

"mysql5.6 Master-slave Replication" 1, configure the master-slave node service profile 1.1, configure the master node[mysqld]binlog-format=rowlog-bin=master-binlog-slave-updates=truegtid-mode=onenforce-gtid-consistency=

How to perform binary installation on CentOS 6.9 mariadb 5.5.57

1. Check to see if MySQL is installed: Rpm-qa mysql*650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" Picture 1.png "alt=" Wkiom1ngps7ywaajaaaxxlquevs475.png "/>(There is only one library

Centos 6.8 Installation mysql5.6

1. Newly opened cloud server, need to detect whether the system comes with the installation of MySQL# yum list installed | grep mysql2. If you find a system that comes with MySQL, do it decisively# yum -y remove mysql-libs.x86_643. Wherever you

First knowledge of Linux (VMware, CentOS 7)

What's a LinuxLinux is a running operating system on the server, similar to our daily use of the PC-side Windows operating system. Although similar, there are still a lot of differences, such as Windows generally run in the graphical interface, and

VmWare installs Centos

Vmware ISO file for CentOS7 Method/Step 1Open the virtual machine software "VMware" and select "Create a new virtual machine"; 2Select the "Custom (Advanced)" option and click "Next"; 3Select the highest version in "Hardware

There was an error in VMware starting CentOS cannot open the disk ' XXXXXXX.VMDK ' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. .

Today, when unplugging the virtual machine's hard drive, it does not turn off the virtual machine, causing the virtual open to appear: Cannot open the disk ' XXXXXXX.VMDK ' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. . A lot of information has been

Xshell Connecting a CentOS virtual machine is always unsuccessful

My home computer uses Unicom's broadband, using VirtualBox installed CENTOS6, connection using the NAT network, there is a network address translation (NAT), not clear what the difference is, using Xshell connectionWhen using

Linux OPS series one CentOS 7 desktop system added to SAMBA4 AD domain environment

This article describes how to use the AUTHCONFIG-GTK tool to join the CentOS 7 desktop system to the SAMBA4 AD domain environment and log on to the CentOS system using a domain account.Requirements1. Create Active Directory schema using SAMBA4 in

centos-linux-release-7.4.1708-(Core)-Yum Reload

Liao Jianxi Time: November 17, 2017 monsters are not refined, only strange too young. I'm a newbie, and I've erased Yum. The solution is divided into trilogyPart One (what's missing, what's missing, yum under Yumx)Download Yum source package and

Linux Redhat Red Hat CentOS compression decompression

1. zip file as GZ format: gzip file name; command path:/bin/gzip; only files can be compressed, directories cannot be compressed, and the original files are not preserved after compression.2. Unzip the GZ file: gunzip file name; command

Ubuntu,centos Permanent modification of host names

1. View Host NameIn the Ubuntu system, there are several ways to quickly view the hostname:One, open a GNOME terminal window, you can see the host name at the command prompt, the hostname is usually after the "@" symbol;Second, enter the command in

Linux,centos,redhat Suid,sgid, Sticky bit permissions function is what

SUIDSet UidWhen we use LS to see passwd and Shadow permissions, will find shadow file only the root user has all permissions, the rest of them all do not have any permissions, shadow file is to save the individual user password-related data, but

How to configure the IP address for the Vmware installed CentOS 7

At the beginning of learning Linux, do not know how to configure the IP address, Baidu and do their own experiments, finishing the following information:First, display the current network card configuration information[email protected] ~]#

CentOS retrieves lost disk space on Linux

Today production environment of a server, Zabbix alarm space problem, using the DF command to view, disk space consumption of nearly 100%, the machine is not used on the data and logs out, but the space quickly reached 100%.Using Du view, want to

Linux text musketeers matching NIC IP address big PK (CentOS 7 system)

Operation and maintenance engineers in the process of configuration often need to get the IP address of the target server network card, which way to get more convenient, bloggers today take everyone to use the Linux text Three Musketeers to obtain

CentOS Linux address NIC error bringing up interface eth0 .....

Problem Description:CentOS Linux cloned in VMware, Boot execution command: ifconfig ... You do not see the eth0 NIC. Then restart the NIC and report the following error:Bringing up interface Eth0:device eth0 does no seem to be present,delaying

CentOS 6 installs python2.7 and PIP

Because of the release of scrapy1.0, want to test on Linux, so installed centos6.6, but its Python version of 2.6, a lot of things are not supported, so need to upgrade to 2.7;The first is to install the virtual machine on the WINDOW7, and then

Installing python3.x on Centos 7

Centos7 default installation is 2.7, here choose to install using Python3.6.3Installing Python3.6.31, install the Python3 need to rely on the packageYum install-y openssl-devel bzip2-devel expat-devel gdbm-devel readline-devel sqlite-devel gcc cc2.

Installation of CentOS installation update Python2.7 and PIP

First, the relevant software to updatePython-vYum-y UpdateYum groupinstall-y DevelopmentYum install-y zlib zlib-dev OpenSSL openssl-devel sqlite sqlite-devel bzip bzip2-devel mysql-develSecond, install update Python, and modify the relevant

CentOS 7 installs Python3.5 and is compatible with Python2.7

CentOS7 installed by default python2.7.5, when you need to use Python3, you can manually download the Python source code after compiling the installation.1. The dependencies that may be used to install python3.51 yum install openssl-devel

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