Centos 6.0 System Drbd+heartbeat+nfs enable high-availability file storage

This paper centos6.0 system: Using DRBD mirroring technology to achieve data synchronization between two servers in the background, the use of heartbeat to achieve automatic switching, open NFS to provide file services node1:

Web remote IPMI management under CENTOS 6.3

Recently in the study of IPMI Interface remote management, implementation of server low-level remote control, the company server is the super-Granville motherboard, Google, Most of the current Internet-based IPMI configuration documents are

Centos 6.3 under Zabbix monitor Apache Server-status

System environment: centos6.3 x64 apache:httpd-2.4.4 zabbix:zabbix-2.06 First download the template on this machine: Https://github.com/rdvn/zabbix-templates/archive/master.zip The ZIP package has Apache, Memcache, Redis, varnish templates, we

Installation and configuration of Rsync server under CentOS 6.3

First, the introduction of rsync Rsync Synchronize is a remote Data synchronization tool that allows you to quickly synchronize files between multiple hosts by Lan/wan, or you can use rsync to synchronize different directories on your local hard

Centos 6.3 Puppet Function Module instance notes

Today to introduce the specific practical functions of puppet, in fact, my understanding is how lazy, hehe. 1. Fill in the contents of the file: (server): To modify the server-side configuration file: # VI/ETC/PUPPET/MANIFESTS/SITE.PP ----------

Centos 6.3 DRBD+HEARTBEAT+NFS Configuration Notes

Here first of all thank the wine brother to build a highly available Linux server This book, read this book and reference inside the configuration let oneself to drbd+heartbeat+nfs thinking clearly a lot. DRBD is simply a network raid-1, generally

CentOS Install RAID Card driver summary

Sometimes CentOS Linux kernel does not have a RAID card driver, can only be loaded with floppy disk drive, in fact, there are other methods, as long as the appropriate driver to find the official, the RAID card is now a lot of brands, but most of

CentOS 6.0 Install the Rsync Remote Data Synchronization tool

Rsync (synchronize) is a remote data synchronization tool that allows you to quickly synchronize files between multiple hosts by Lan/wan. Rsync uses the so-called "rsync algorithm" to synchronize files between local and remote two hosts, and this

CentOS 6.0 vsftpd Virtual User Configuration Summary

If you already know something about Pam, skip it and I know it might not be as much as you. You are not interested also please skip, because do not see this can also be configured. User vsftpd pam module user and password database VSFTPD uses a

A tutorial on setting up VPN server based on PPTP under CentOS

PPTP, that is, the PPTF protocol. This protocol is a new enhanced security protocol developed on the basis of PPP protocol, which supports multi-protocol virtual private network (VPN), and can enhance security through the methods of Password

Teach you to use MMSH protocol on CentOS to listen to MOP network radio VLC player

CentOS has been installed for some time, but because there is nothing to do except study in Linux. Today want to have nothing to do open CentOS want to listen to a song, suddenly remembered should be able to listen to network Radio under Linux. The

How to modify the host name of a Aliyun centos Linux server

The default host name for the Aliyun host is a random name that starts with a ay, how do you modify it to be a friendly name that is easy to distinguish? Take a look at the following procedure: 1. vi/etc/hosts I key, modify host name, Esc key,: X

CentOS 6.2 How to install Apache and Tomcat

1, download Apache Tomcat Download Address: http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi FileName: apache-tomcat-7.0.27.tar.gz Put the downloaded installation package in the server's/tmp directory 2. Start installing Apache Tomcat [Root@c1091test

How to install JDK under CentOS

1, download JDK installation package: jdk-7u5-linux-i586.rpm (32bit) · Download Address: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1637583.html · Put in/tmp directory 2. Install JDK with rpm (i.) · [Root@c1091test ~]#

CentOS 6.2 Web System integration of Apache security reinforcement

Linux is not difficult to install a Web server, but its maintenance and security hardening is not easy, it requires a deeper understanding of the Linux system and the various configuration options for Apache here is how to find a balance between

CentOS 6.2 Lamp system integration and safety

LAMP (linux-apache-mysql-php) website architecture is currently the international popular web framework, which includes (Linux operating system), Apache network server, Mysql database, Perl, PHP language, all components are open source software, is

How to install the Domino 9 add-on server in CentOS server

Installing Domino server on a Linux system is a small challenge, in fact, not everyone think of the complex, since it is commercial software, OEM has been for us to solve the difficulty of installation, there is to choose their own familiar with the

CentOS How to install screenshot tool under GNOME desktop Gnome-screenshot

1. CD-ROM Installation (1). Put the mirrored disc into the computer (2). Switch to Packages (3). [Root@localhost packages]# ll gnome-util* -rw-rw-r--. 2 DG DG 5022340 July 3 gnome-utils-2.28.1-10.el6.i686.rpm -rw-rw-r--. 2 DG DG 74676 July 3

Method of mounting NTFS partitions under CentOS

This article references from http://www.cnblogs.com/gbyukg/archive/2011/11/02/2232343.html CentOS want to access NTFS partitions, now the common approach is to use NTFS-3G or kernel modules to implement. First, the use of NTFS-3G official source

CentOS Calculate Memory CPU Correct method

Processor usage Here you will extract four data from/proc/stat: User mode (users), low priority user mode (NICE), kernel mode (System), and idle processor Time (idle). They are all located on the first line of the/proc/stat file. CPU utilization is

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