Centos 6.0 System Drbd+heartbeat+nfs enable high-availability file storage

This paper centos6.0 system: Using DRBD mirroring technology to achieve data synchronization between two servers in the background, the use of heartbeat to achieve automatic switching, open NFS to provide file services node1:

CentOS Install RAID Card driver summary

Sometimes CentOS Linux kernel does not have a RAID card driver, can only be loaded with floppy disk drive, in fact, there are other methods, as long as the appropriate driver to find the official, the RAID card is now a lot of brands, but most of

A tutorial on setting up VPN server based on PPTP under CentOS

PPTP, that is, the PPTF protocol. This protocol is a new enhanced security protocol developed on the basis of PPP protocol, which supports multi-protocol virtual private network (VPN), and can enhance security through the methods of Password

How to completely empty the terminal screen in the CentOS system

how to completely empty the terminal screen in the CentOS system There are many other ways to clean the screen on the Internet, but they are basically variants of the clear command. So how can you really empty the screen? Coincidentally,

The process of constructing VPN service based on PPTP protocol on CentOS

About PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (English: point to Point Tunneling Protocol, abbreviated to PPTP) is one way to implement a virtual private network (VPN). PPTP uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to create controlling channels to

CentOS System vi working mode and usage of common commands

VI Mode of work VI has three basic working modes: 1. Command mode: Instruction mode mainly uses the arrow keys to move the cursor position to edit the text 2. Text input mode: Press a/a, i/i, o/o to enter text mode in command mode 3. End line

CentOS to view the real-time traffic command of the network card

This article introduced Linux to see the network card traffic six methods, Linux system using Nload, Iftop, Iostat and other tools to view the network card traffic, here we first to explain the next Iptraf method, the need for a friend reference.

How to install the Percona server on CentOS

In this article we will learn about the Percona server, an open-source mysql,mariadb alternative. The InnoDB database engine makes the Percona server very attractive, and if you need high-performance, high-reliability and cost-effective solutions,

Aliyun host CentOS System how to mount and extend multiple hard disks (non-directory mount) steps

Note recently bought a Aliyun host (also heard good only to buy), the operating system is CentOS, and later bought a new hard disk, in the new hard disk how to mount and expand a lot of time, fortunately operation, and now the operation of the steps

CentOS 7 Build an FTP server

This paper uses the latest CentOS 7来 learning to build a variety of Linux servers, sharing today is to build an FTP server (PS: not recommended to use the latest system to learn, because the system has changed, a lot of previous methods to build the

Ways to map the directory of a CentOS server to a Windows disk drive

1. Install Samba (CentOS 5.5): The code is as follows: Yum Install samba System-config-samba samba-client Samba-common  2. Create WWW account The code is as follows: /usr/sbin/useradd www Mkdir-p/data/www chmod 777/data/www Chown-r

Ways to view user logon records on a CentOS system

Maintaining, maintaining, and analyzing logs, such as those that have occurred in a given period or are occurring, is one of the most basic and important tasks for Linux system administrators. For user management, checking the user's login and

CentOS Uninstall Apache method

First turn off the httpd service /ETC/INIT.D/HTTPD stop List HTTPD Related packages Rpm-qa|grep httpd The following packages are listed Httpd-2.2.3-63.el5.centos.1 Httpd-manual-2.2.3-63.el5.centos.1 Uninstall Package Rpm-e Httpd-manual-2.2.3-

CentOS 6 Webmin failed to start PROFTPD solution

PROFTPD is a set of highly configurable open source FTP server software, the name of the last D is because in Linux is called by Daemon. PROFTPD and Apache configuration is similar, so it is very easy to configure and manage, the following small

Summary of common View system Information and log commands in CentOS system

system log files ( can be viewed by cat or Tail command ) /var/log/message information and error logs after system startup is one of the most common logs in red Hat Linux /var/log/secure Security-related log information /var/log/maillog

CentOS How to install screenshot tool under GNOME desktop Gnome-screenshot

1. CD-ROM Installation (1). Put the mirrored disc into the computer (2). Switch to Packages (3). [Root@localhost packages]# ll gnome-util* -rw-rw-r--. 2 DG DG 5022340 July 3 gnome-utils-2.28.1-10.el6.i686.rpm -rw-rw-r--. 2 DG DG 74676 July 3

Method of mounting NTFS partitions under CentOS

This article references from http://www.cnblogs.com/gbyukg/archive/2011/11/02/2232343.html CentOS want to access NTFS partitions, now the common approach is to use NTFS-3G or kernel modules to implement. First, the use of NTFS-3G official source

CentOS Calculate Memory CPU Correct method

Processor usage Here you will extract four data from/proc/stat: User mode (users), low priority user mode (NICE), kernel mode (System), and idle processor Time (idle). They are all located on the first line of the/proc/stat file. CPU utilization is

SECURECRT connection Ubuntu,centos failed, long reconnect, unable to connect solution

Ubuntu,centos the SSH Remote Encryption Connection service is not installed by default.Use the command to install.0.sudo apt-get Install Openssh-server openssh-client1.rpm-qa | grep ssh to see if SSH is installed if no No. 0 step is

Linux CentOS 6.5 Build SVN server

Example: Web11. Install Subversion#yum Install subversion#mkdir-p/oop/svn///Create SVN directory #chmod-R 777/OOP/SVN//Modify directory permissions to 777#svnadmin CREATE/OOP/SV N/webapps//Create an SVN version repository WebApps (webapps name

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