Manually create an Oracle 10g ASM Disk

Prepare the environment: Oracle 10g online documentation, host with 10g database software configured, oracleasm library rpm package, 2 5 Gb hard disks 1. View local disk Information [Root @ shiyueasm ~] # Fdisk-l   Disk/dev/sda: 16.1 GB, 16106127360

Install and test MongoDB on a single machine in Ubuntu

1. Download The mongodb-linux-i686-1.8.2.tgz in the directory/home/nh/Downloads/and unzip it to get the mongodb-linux-i686-1.8.2 2. Create the directory data1 under/home/nh/Downloads/mongodb-linux-i686-1.8.2 and create the file log1.log under

OTL-Oracle Development Summary

There are also a lot of articles about OTL on the Internet, but it seems that it is only official documents. OTL is very easy to use. Combined with some official examples, you can try more to understand it. After about a month of project development,

Oracle connection string reported error ORA-01722: solution to invalid number

Oracle connection string reported error ORA-01722: solution to invalid numbers, the following function, used to find a string similar to create or replace function f_GetUsers (key in varchar2, P_cursor out pkg_test.myrctype) Return number is

Routine Oracle Database tablespace operations

Question: As an Oracle DBA, it is inevitable to perform some operations on the tablespace in the database. This is an operation that I often perform when managing the database. It is recorded here, they are all presented in the form of examples. One

How to disconnect a user from Oracle

During Oracle data restoration today, we found that the restored data is incorrect and there are repeated records. Query the relevant information and learn that the user corresponding to the database should be deleted before restoration, then create

How to automatically start Oracle over 10 Gb instance databases when Linux is started

How to automatically start Oracle over 10 Gb instance databases when Linux is started: # Description: start or stop oracle./Etc/rc. d/init. d/functions# Oracle_envExport ORACLE_BASE =/u01/app/oracle/db10gExport ORACLE_HOME = $

Modify ports 1521 and 8080 occupied by Oracle XE Listener

When I was installing OracleXE for developer Demon today, there was a prompt: Destination Folder: D: \ oraclexe \ PortFor 'Oracle Database Listener'1521 PortFor 'Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server'2030 PortForHTTP Listener:

Oracle Manager Server Installation Configuration

Install omsBefore logging on to oms, you must first install the oms service. Start Oracle universal installer, check the installed products, and expand oracle main directory-oraHome92. If oracle9i management and integration is not available, it

ORA-14452: troubleshooting

ORA-14452: attempt to create, alter or drop an index on temporary table already in use Procedure:1. First query the object_id of the table from user_objects:Select object_id from user_objects where object_name = upper ('ggs _ stick '); 2. Know the

View and charge Oracle components

1. SQL query Select parameter from v $ option where parameter in ('partitioning '); 2. E: \ Oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ db_1 \ oui \ bin \ setup.exe, click Billing module       Product Module Oracle

C # Read and Write Oracle Clob objects

The following are two implementation methods: Method 1: This method writes a txt file larger than 4 kb to a Clob object or reads it from the Clob field and creates a txt file to save the operation. These operations are achieved through multipart

URL writing for connecting applications to Oracle rac

Oracle RAC clusterRAC, short for real application clusters, is a new technology used in the new version of Oracle Database, It is a type of high availability and the core technology that Oracle databases support the grid computing environment. An

Summary of some common methods of HibernateTemplate integrated by Spring and Hibernate

1: get/load access to a single piece of data Public Teacher getTeacherById (Long id ){ Return (Teacher) this. hibernateTemplate. get (Teacher. class, id ); } Public Teacher getTeacherById (Long id ){ Return (Teacher) this.

Hibernate configuration --- Search Policy

Hibernate is a persistence layer framework that does not rely on any container and supports ing objects to database tables, ORM. Supports addition, deletion, modification, and query operations during development and encapsulates basic JDBC

LOB processing in Oracle

It is mainly used to store database fields with a large amount of data. It can store up to 4 GB of unstructured data.This section describes the storage of character type and binary file type LOB data, and separately introduces the storage of binary

Install Oracle 11g R2 ( and basic configuration on CentOS 6.0

First install CentOS6.0 ============== Not to mention. Install it. The only thing to note is that the Checking the Software Requirements section in the Oracle 11G Installation guide will require the Installation of some Software. These software are

Sequence details in Oracle

The first three paradigm of database design is that the independent table structure must have a unique primary key to identify the table data.SQL Server (duoOn the platform. Manually encode the primary key in the table and set it as an

Explain how to use Oracle sequences and triggers

The following describes the sequence and trigger used to create a table using the Oracle Client. We will record their usage: The sequence is created and the trigger is used to implement auto-increment of the table's primary key. First, create a

SQL * Plus set login. SQL Logon Settings

When using SQL * Plus, sqlplus may require set pagesize \ set linesize \ set serveroutput every time. For convenience, you can use the login. SQL method provided by Oracle to set custom parameters in login. SQL and automatically call each time you

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