PowerDesigner object-oriented model (OOM) Description

1. OOM Introduction Object-OrientedModel (OOM) object-oriented model. An OOM contains a series of packages, classes, interfaces, and their relationships. These objects form a class structure of all (or part) the logic of a software system design

Oracle RAC-related services cannot be started

OracleCSService cannot be started: 1. for network connection problems, check the priority of public and private NICs; and check whether the network connection is normal 2. Shared Disk: Check whether the drive letter is set and whether the shared

Solutions to Oracle loss update Problems

Loss of updates is a common and classic problem in data. During project creation, we may not notice this problem. However, this problem is very important and sometimes leads to serious results. Next we will discuss this missing update. 1. What is

Static registration and Dynamic Registration of Oracle DBA listeners

= [Static registration] =Static registration can be configured through graphical net manager.The relationship between configuration options and related files in net manager:Profile sqlnet. oraService name tnsnames. oraListener listener. oraFor

Oracle 11gr1 flash back to flashback

Open Database flashback1. Check whether flashback is enabled for a database. There are two simple methods:(1) directly query the databaseSQL> select name, log_mode, flashback_on from v $ database; NAME LOG_MODE FLASHBACK_ON---------------------------

Oracle getting started Tutorial: Solve the sequence disconnection problem in the ADF

When the Sequence is defined, if the cache is used, a Sequence jump occurs when the database is closed or down. To solve the sequence disconnection number in the ADF program, make sure that the Oracle database does not generate a disconnection

Use Lucene 2.31 to index Oracle 10 Gb Databases

1. Main technologies used:Lucene 2.3.1IK_CAnalyzer 1.4 Chinese Word SegmentationHtmlParser 1.6 HTML file/Text parser disadvantage: cannot ignore Content 2. Other implementation methods: Perform incremental index content for each category every day:

The following error is reported when ORACLE10.2.0.1 listening is started in RedHat5.

Error during listener startup [Oracle @ localhost ~] : Lsnctl start TNSLSNR for Linux: Version parameter file is/u01/app/oracle/network/admin/listener. oraLog messages written to/u01/app/oracle/network/log/listener.

How to insert images into an Oracle database table

Some students need to insert images into the table in their projects. The following provides a method for your reference: 1. Create a table. Note: The columns to insert images must be defined as BLOB. Create table image_lob (t_id varchar2 (5) not

PL/SQL Developer tool optimization example

PL/SQL Developer: Version Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release we use PL/SQL Developer to connect to 11 GB, we find that PL/SQL Developer is slow in response.There are the following phenomena: 1. When

Using OBackup to create remote Oracle data backup

With the continuous development of the information age, information systems and data are becoming more and more important to enterprises, companies, and units, and their dependence on information systems and core data is also growing, how to ensure

Oracle ASM restart procedure

1. Start the CSS service first # Cd/db/Oracle/product/bin/ #./Localconfig addSuccessfully accumulated necessary OCR keys.Creating OCR keys for user 'root', privgrp 'sys '..Operation successful.Configuration for local CSS has been initialized Adding

Explain the Oracle Execution Plan (2)

Now let's talk about the meaning of each parameter in the Oracle execution plan. The following is an example. Here is a supplement.: Trace types: Serial number Command Explanation 1 SET AUTOTRACE OFF This is the

Oracle entry-level table management

A table is the most basic logical unit for storing data in a database. It consists of rows and columns. Oracle divides the table into heap table and index organization table (IOT) and temporary table (temporary table) This section briefly introduces

In-depth introduction: Summary of MySQL master-slave Configuration

Many of my friends have made mysql master and slave databases for a while, but sometimes they have taken a lot of detours and wasted a lot of time. The main problem is that there is no information about other ChaYue host configurations, I only read

How to solve the garbled buttons in CentOS 5.5 + Oracle 11g EM

The Oracle user must perform operations on the Oracle server. The procedure is as follows: 1. Retrieve the font file simsun. ttc from windows 2. Create the fallback folder in the $ ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre/lib/fonts directory. Command: mkdir fallback

RedHat install Oracle

Version Linux: RedHat 5.6 Oracle: 1, 10.2 Preparations before installation 1. Modify the operating system version. Before oracle is installed, it will verify the operating system version. If you do not know the version, it cannot be installed.

Oracle function repalce user

Syntax: REPLACE (char, search_string, replacement_string) Usage: convert all the string search_string in char to the string replacement_string without matching strings. Example: SQL> select REPLACE ('fgsgswsgs ', 'fk', 'J') from dual; return

Role of temporary tablespace in Oracle

Oracle temporary tablespace is mainly used to query and store some buffer data. Temporary tablespace consumption is mainly caused by sorting the intermediate query results. The temporary tablespace can be released when the database is restarted. If

SQL * Plus set login. SQL Logon Settings

When using SQL * Plus, sqlplus may require set pagesize \ set linesize \ set serveroutput every time. For convenience, you can use the login. SQL method provided by Oracle to set custom parameters in login. SQL and automatically call each time you

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