Abandon Oracle and run MySQL? You still cannot escape the claw of Oracle

BKJIA: Ronald Bradford answered the last question. He is an RDBMS expert and one of the speakers at the upcoming MySQL conference. He has rich experience in MySQL integration. In the following Q & A, he discussed the advantages and disadvantages of

Explain the Silent Installation of Oracle in Linux

In some special circumstances, if you cannot connect to the X server due to the network or X configuration, or the host does not have X, you can install the database in silent mode, similarly, if large-scale deployment is required, Silent

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the impact of tempdb on SQL Server database performance.

This article discusses how to improve the performance of SQL Server databases. BKJIA database channel recommends "getting started with SQL Server" to help you better understand SQL Server databases. 1. SQL Server System database Introduction SQL

Describes how replication works in a MySQL cluster.

7. Cluster Replication 7.1. Brief Description Since MySQL 5.1, cluster + replication is supported, which is undoubtedly a surprise for users who want to build a high-availability solution. In this mode, both real-time master-slave backup and cluster-

Comparison between dedicated Oracle servers and shared servers

When creating an Oracle database, you should see this option in the database creation assistant wizard, which is the connection mode of the database. In Oracle9i or 10g, we can see two connection modes: a dedicated server connection (dedicated

Database optimization design considerations

This article first discusses the basic design of database tables based on the third paradigm, and focuses on the strategies and solutions for establishing primary keys and indexes, then, the optimization solution of the database management system is

Optimization of the MySQL database (below) the high-availability architecture solution of the MySQL database

BKJIA exclusive Article]In the previous article on MySQL database optimization, we followed the author to learn about the optimization of the single-host MySQL database. Today we continue to follow the author's learning about the MySQL Optimized

How to solve the problem of connecting IBatis.net to MySQL

As I recently conducted a cross-database operation test, I started IBatisNet IBatis. dataMapper.1.6.2/IBatis. dataAccess.1.9.2) + SQL Server2005 was used smoothly, but some problems occurred when IBatisNet + MySQL5.1 was used. After hard work and

Detailed explanation of performance issues of cursor scripts (1)

Instances with performance impact of the cursor type. The following two cursor scripts create and execute two types of cursor: dynamic and fast forward only. Knowledge supplement: Operations in a relational database work for the entire row set. The

DataReader Link Close FAQ

I have seen some posts: questions about DataReader's closure, which may seem confusing to everyone. I will explain it here: No matter what xxDataReader is, It inherits the implementation of DataReader, so there are commonalities, so the title is

Weibo: How did you optimize the database?

BKJIA comprehensive report: bib and bib-what is this? When winter is approaching, will the weave and neck be warm? This is a popular Internet term. This is the way of life and attitude of everyone. "Look for me? Come to my Weibo !" Recently, friends

A tangle of the smallest rows in the SQL Server table

Yesterday, a colleague suddenly asked me, saying that when he created the following table in the SQL 2000 database, he suddenly encountered the following warning message. The SQL script and warning information are as follows: IF OBJECT_ID (N

Batch update and maintenance of databases

Situation: multiple database servers with multiple databases on each server. The database structure is consistent and provided to different customers) 1. Manual Operation 1. Few Databases Select different databases from the drop-down list and

Research on Auto-sharding

Skip the theory. I have introduced automatic sharding on the internet... directly go to the configuration. Please leave a message if you have any questions. Or test with million data Insert million pieces of data to a database without sharding. Data

Sort index fragments to improve SQL Server speed

Database Table A has 100,000 records, and the query speed is normal. However, after importing one thousand data records, the problem occurs. When the selected data is between the original 100,000 records, the speed is still quite fast; but when the

Index creation to improve query speed (1)

People tend to fall into a misunderstanding when using SQL, that is, they are too concerned about whether the obtained results are correct, while ignoring the possible performance differences between different implementation methods, this

SQL Server Performance Optimization Analysis of SQL Execution Process

The topics in this article are as follows: Query plan Overview Query resolution Query Optimizer Query execution Reuse of query plans Query plan Overview Most of the time, when we are using SQL server, it is very simple to do: enter an SQL

A long journey to migrate DB2 to Oracle

1. The table tbtest exists in the db2 database and has the following types of fields: Column name Db2 Oracle C1 Char (10) Char (10) C2 Varchar (10) Varchar2 (10) C3 Integer

First practice of SQL Server performance optimization Execution Plan (1)

Since the last article was published, I have received a lot of attention from my friends. Many friends require more practices than pure theories. Indeed, I started to work out this series based on practical ideas! At the same time, in order to make

Data quality management: Required Course for Data Center Optimization

Data is an important asset of an enterprise's data center. obtaining and maintaining high-quality data is critical to efficient IT and business operations. In the face of increasing complexity of business data, how can we fully ensure data quality?

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