Summary of SQLite knowledge in iOS development

I. Query Optimization 1. Use Indexes When there is too much data in the table, creating an index can significantly increase the query speed. Create an index SQL> CREATE INDEX name ON table (Field 1 [ASC, DESC], Field 2 [ASC, DESC]...) Delete

Oracle Database migration skills

This article describes some Oracle database migration techniques, including preparations before Oracle database migration and solutions for different types of migration. We hope to help you understand Oracle database migration. BKJIA database

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the impact of tempdb on SQL Server database performance.

This article discusses how to improve the performance of SQL Server databases. BKJIA database channel recommends "getting started with SQL Server" to help you better understand SQL Server databases. 1. SQL Server System database Introduction SQL

Optimize the SQL Server engine using the optimization Consultant

In addition to relying on DBA's personal experience, database optimization also requires the help of some small tools. Recently, the database server is a little slow. Let's see which aspects of the pressure is relatively high! In fact, this Lucky28

Describes how replication works in a MySQL cluster.

7. Cluster Replication 7.1. Brief Description Since MySQL 5.1, cluster + replication is supported, which is undoubtedly a surprise for users who want to build a high-availability solution. In this mode, both real-time master-slave backup and cluster-

Differences: Full backup, Incremental backup, and differential backup

1. Current mainstream backup technologies Data backup: That is, the data is backed up, the data to be stored is copied directly, or the data is converted to an image and saved on the computer. Such as Ghost and other backup software, CD burning and

Selection Guide and recommendation of database products for Small and Medium Enterprises (1)

Data is the core information asset of an enterprise. The importance of ensuring data integrity, availability, and security to the normal operation of the enterprise is self-evident, and the database is the core software that carries this important

Research on the System Table of Oracle autonomous access control mechanism

I recently focused on database security and roughly studied the independent access control (DAC) and Mandatory Access Control (MAC) of databases ), now I have written my understanding of the DAC in Oracle and shared it with you. All the above

Logs are not as simple as you think.

All those who have been in contact with SQL Server should now know that transaction log is an important part of any SQL Server database. Talking about logs is one of my favorite topics. Some common misunderstandings about logs may be a long article.

Access to create a simple MIS Management System (1)

MIS Management SystemIt is also a very practical management system, which can put a lot of things in order to facilitate your search. Next we will take the CD and VCD in your family as an example, we will introduce how to establish a MIS Management

Talking about an annoying deadlock tracking experience

Recently, when I first moved to a new company, I suddenly experienced a large volume of interruptions in the production database at night and lasted for nearly an hour. In the event of an accident, I was not at the scene, I missed the opportunity to

Containers and data streams in SSIS-data conversion continued

Some Data conversion tasks in Data Flow are listed in the previous article. Here, the remaining conversion tasks are continued. Data Mining request Data Mining is a very important task in SSIS. Its idea comes from some algorithms. The data mining

Optimize Your DiscuzNT and run it.

Last year, I used DiscuzNT3.0 for secondary development and performance optimization, but I have never had the chance to write down the time relationship. Let's take a long 5.1 vacation and write an article about disruptive things. I have read the

How to solve the problem of "invalid SQL object name"

Today, I encountered an uncertain problem. After the website is upgraded, a page cannot be accessed, and the message "Object Name" xxx "is invalid. The xxx table is not created on the server, so you can open "SQL query analyzer ": Export the SQL

Batch update and maintenance of databases

Situation: multiple database servers with multiple databases on each server. The database structure is consistent and provided to different customers) 1. Manual Operation 1. Few Databases Select different databases from the drop-down list and

Performance Considerations for concurrent DB2 connections

BKJIA Summary: in the previous article, we saw the performance optimization of the DB2 utility. This time we will focus on the performance considerations for the DB2 concurrent connection. In general, when the number of connections is small, the

Sort index fragments to improve SQL Server speed

Database Table A has 100,000 records, and the query speed is normal. However, after importing one thousand data records, the problem occurs. When the selected data is between the original 100,000 records, the speed is still quite fast; but when the

SQL bit by bit performance optimization is actually not so mysterious (1)

I often hear that the most difficult part of SQL Server is performance optimization, which makes people feel mysterious. This kind of thing can only be done by experts. A long time ago, I saw a highly-handwritten blog on the Internet and introduced

SQL Server Performance Optimization Analysis of SQL Execution Process

The topics in this article are as follows: Query plan Overview Query resolution Query Optimizer Query execution Reuse of query plans Query plan Overview Most of the time, when we are using SQL server, it is very simple to do: enter an SQL

Database cache reconstruction cannot be ignored

This article analyzes the traditional distributed Cache system and points out that it will put a great deal of pressure on the database during Cache reconstruction. It also analyzes how the MongoDB mmap solution avoids this problem. For example, in

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