ORA-39212: Installation Error: incorrect loading of XSL style sheet

Problem descriptionSQL> select dbms_metadata.get_ddl ('tablespace', 'test') from dual;ERROR:ORA-39212: Installation Error: incorrect loading of XSL style sheetORA-06512: In "SYS. DBMS_SYS_ERROR", line 79ORA-06512: In "SYS. DBMS_METADATA_INT", line 73

[Sesame] queries and modifies data.

The Sesame database uses Java APIs to query and modify data.1. query data to obtain the queried data (through SPARQL) public static void testQuery() {try { RepositoryConnection con = repo.getConnection(); try { String queryString = "PREFIX rk: "

The shminfo_shmmax parameter modified by solaris is invalid.

Environment Introduction: Dual-host operating system: solaris 10 database version: oracle 11g R1 64bit current host name and IP: fly-db2 current slave host name and IP: fly-db1 Background: The physical memory of the

Delete archivelog all cannot delete archive logs completely Solution

Recently, due to the surge in archive logs, deleting archivelog all seems to be unable to clear all archived logs. Why? 1. Demo Environment SQL> select * from v $ version where rownum BANNER ---------------------------------------------------------

Introduction to AIX

AIX is a UNIX System developed by IBM. It is a dedicated operating System used on an IBM computer of the 6000 or later. It has been rated by the industry as the best commercial UNIX System for many times. AIX is short for Advanced Interactive

Error code: 0x80004005 & quot; The Microsoft Access databa

A ssis Package was created two days ago to loop through Excel and then import it to the database. It works normally in the development environment, but after being deployed to the SQLAgent, it is found that the Job has failed. Open JobHistory to

New Features of Oracle ASM 11g

1. What is ASM? ASM is called Automatic Storage Management (Automatic Storage Management). It is a new feature launched by Oracle 10 Gb. This is a volume manager provided by Oracle to replace the LVM provided by the operating system. It not only

MySQL-based encrypted master-slave replication using SSL

We all know that MySQL master-slave replication is transmitted in plain text, which is not allowed for some special businesses. Next we will try to build an SSL-based master-slave ReplicationEnvironment: RHEL5.8 SELinux disabled, iptables disabled,

An example of pattern matching like & #39; % xxx % & #39; Optimization

Indexes can be used for like 'xxx % 'in MySQL, but like' % xxx % 'cannot. mysql> desc artist;  +------------+-----------------------------------------------+------+-----+---------+-------+  | Field      | Type                                

How to Use the SQL Server Client Configuration Tool

The SQL Server Client Configuration tool is used to configure the client tool (except the DOS-based client tool) so that it can successfully communicate with SQL Server. This program should be run after the client tool is loaded. In most cases, you

Comparison between SQL Server and common Oracle Functions

Mathematical functions 1. Absolute Value S: select abs (-1) value O: select abs (-1) value from dual 2. INTEGER (large) S: select ceiling (-1.001) value O: select ceil (-1.001) value from dual 3. Smaller values) S: select floor (-1.001) value O:

SQL Server Data Warehouse Construction and Analysis

Basic concepts: 1. Multi-dimensional dataset: a multi-dimensional dataset is the main object in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and a technology that allows quick access to data in a data warehouse. A multi-dimensional dataset is a collection

Close relationship between four Oracle Application Services

The following is a brief summary: 1. service name the service name is actually a database name). A name must be specified when installing ORACLE. 2. tablespace table space: disk storage location of database objects 3. schema scheme, logical

How does Cassandra migrate data to MongoDB?

Flowdock is a Web-based team communication tool. all software developers should use it for communication, rather than using tools such as Campfires, Skype Chats, or IRC. because it can better support their real workflows. Last week, we made a

Improve cache efficiency with T-SQL code to reduce memory consumption

In this article, I will introduce how to write your code to improve the reuse of cache plans. Understand the impact of a cache plan or reusing an existing plan space time and comment, which will help you reduce the number of your application cache

Facebook real-time information system: HBase stores 135 billion pieces of information each month

BKJIA: You may have seen this message in some places. Facebook has developed a new social inbox, integrates email, instant messaging, text messages, text information, and Facebook site information. Most importantly, they need to store 135 billion

Analysis on Design and Optimization of datetime Data Types in SQL Server

I. Scenarios In SQL Server 2005, there is a table TestDatetime, where the data type of the Dates field is datetime. If you see a table record, what do you first think? Figure 1: Data List) When you see this data, do you think this design is a waste

13 Rules for writing high-performance SQL statements

1. First, you must understand what an execution plan is? An execution plan is a query solution made by the database based on the statistics of SQL statements and related tables. This solution is automatically generated by the query optimizer, for

INFORMIX-4GL utilities (1) (1)

Setting Informix Environment Variables I. Environment exampleVariable Name DescriptionDBDELIMITER specifies the field delimiters used by dbload in the extract data file.DBDATE specifies the date format (Y4MD/, MDY4-) to be used in the database

The value of DBA in the sustainable development of enterprises

In today's highly competitive market environment, cost control is undoubtedly a very important part for enterprises to improve their competitiveness. As many competitors will provide homogeneous products and services, enterprises must start from

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