Refresh and pass value between parent and child windows

1. Refresh the current page and write it in HTML. " Javascript: window. Location. Reload (); " > Refresh 2. Jump, written in HTML   Function gotourl (URL) { // Window. Top. pageframe. Location. href = URL; // Frame Window.

How to set the Windows 7 Quick Start bar

After Windows 7 is installed, the Quick Start column is disabled by default, instead of "Super toolbar ", however, if many Quick Start items are tiled or rolled on the toolbar, it will become ugly, so it is easier to use the XP Quick Start bar,

Hotmail cannot send and receive mails in Windows Mail

1. Select manually configure email account server configuration when setting. 2. Detailed Configuration POP3 server: (Port 995) Whether pop SSL is required: Yes User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example, your user name @ hotmail. debugging in Windows XP

1. on the "debug" menu of vs. net, click the "process" menu item. 2. In the "process" dialog box, select the "display system processes" and "display processes in all sessions" check boxes. 3. Under "available processes", click w3wp.exe in the

Tips for Windows XP Login

When the network management has been so long, I will summarize it myself. Windows displays two types of user logon interfaces: the classic interface and the welcome interface. Analyze the switching and appearance of the two interfaces. 1.

Use the "Remote Desktop" function of the MMC console in Windows 7 [reprinted]

[Original] use the MMC Management Console "Remote Desktop" function in Windows 7 Friends who often use Remote Desktop to manage many servers may have used the Remote Desktop function in Windows MMC. using it, they can easily save n

[Original] Two Methods for opening and closing old windows!

1st Methods The window to be opened is about.htm. Script Language = Javascript > Function Openwin (){Newwin = Zookeeper open('about.htm', 'login', 'location = No, Toolbar = No, status = Yes, resizable = No,

Install and use cvs nt in Windows

1. Download and install Http:// Lang = en Download the package and install it all the way to next. After installation, you can see the CVs for NT icon in the control panel. 2. Set Environment Variables Add the

Solution to the Problem of "Windows NT users" or "'domain \ Administrator" cannot be found when moss creates SSP

I believe many of my friends have encountered the problem of "'domain \ Administrator" in Windows NT user tokens or groups when installing Moss, I reinstalled several times to summarize the following methods to solve this problem. First, there is a

Windows Mobile background light control

General introduction:In Windows Mobile, an API is provided to control background lights. This API enables you to turn on background lights, turn off background lights, and Flash the screen. Development language:Use the C # language and implement

12 tips for using Windows 7

12 Windows 7 Practical Skills {From & Microsoft} I. Windows key + Space" [Function]: transparent all windows and quick desktop viewing (not switching) [Shortcut key]:Win + Space Move the mouse over the rectangle on the right of the taskbar

Windows running commands)

1. gpedit. msc ----- Group Policy2. sndrec32 ------- Recorder3. NSLookup ------- IP address Detector4. Explorer ------- open the Resource Manager5. logoff --------- logout command6. tsshutdn ------- 60 seconds countdown shutdown command7. lusrmgr.

Windows 7 library folder icon Modification

Modify the default icon of the Windows 7 "library" folder The procedure is as follows: 1. Prepare the icon to be used. 2. After creating a folder for the corresponding library, open theX: \ Users \ \ appdata \ roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \

Precautions for configuring IPv6 in Windows 7

IPv6 has quietly come to our side. Windows 7 has started to support IPv6, but For the user, Windows 7 has not been figured out yet, and now it is very difficult to add an IPv6 Dizzy users cannot even touch their minds. The following describes

(Several new demos recently) (used by aero windows) will be useful in subsequent updates.

Example Http:// FID = 2467423588-250528-2508150713 & time= 1362982485 & Sign = FDTA-DCb740ccc5511e5e8fedcff06b081203-J6HlqV0zl3 % 2f2g84onzkqkwjfw2g % 3d & expires = 1 h Let's take a look at

Use Win32 API to set the read and write permissions shared by the FAT32 folder in Windows XP (1)

  I just joined the blog Park. Although I used to wander in the garden, I only remember to appreciate the masterpiece of the ox, and never filled the water. This is my virgin post, and the right is to increase the traffic for the garden. After

Use Win32 API to set the read and write permissions shared by the FAT32 folder in windows XP (2)

In the previous article, I briefly explained the differences between NTFS file sharing and FAT32 file sharing in Windows XP. In the second half, I will not talk nonsense, directly paste the key code that sets the read and write permissions for file

Windows Service debugging process

For the first time, I wrote a windows service in C #. In fact, the implementation is relatively simple. It is to start the remoting connection, but it is annoying for me to debug the windws service for the first time. No experience, and you cannot

Windows Presentation Foundation Overview

In Windows NT, the graphic multimedia system is based on a hierarchical structure. The application interacts with the top-level API (actually a system DLL in multiple user modes, such as GDI32.DLL). These system DLL will eventually call the system

Windows Vista desktop window manager (3)

As mentioned above, WDDM supports cross-process sharing of Surface. Shared DirectX is important for redirecting DirectX applications. Because Vista must be compatible with previous applications, it must support applications previously written in GDI,

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