Vs reported that the "Windows Forms designer package" package failed to be correctly loaded.

If vs2010 is used properly, an error is reported this afternoon. The "Windows Forms designer package" package cannot be correctly loaded. Package load failurePackage 'windows forms designer hosting package' has failed to load properly (guid = {68939

The User Name For The Last login is displayed during Windows login.

The system displays the user name of the last login user each time you log on to the system. Intruders may obtain the login password Based on the displayed user name and access the system illegally. The manual solution for this item is as follows:

How to switch languages through floating windows

Today, we bring you a little bit of language switchingProgram. The main features of this program include: 1. Use a floating window and click double-click events 2. Use the platform signature (local_certificate: = platform, because Android does

Export DLL files in Windows \ assembly

The following uses Excel dll as an example.   The procedure is as follows: First: start -- run -- Enter cmd to bring up the command prompt line Then, execute the doscommand in the command prompt line. Cd c: \ Windows \ Assembly \ enter the

Microsoft Windows uninstall tool-solves the problem of updating Silverlight and failing to install it successfully

This Windows Update includes the upgrade of Silverlight 5, but Silverlight 5 cannot be directly installed on the basis of Silverlight 4. Have you ever encountered this problem? When automatic updates are made, all other items are successfully

Skipping windows azure startup tasks when running in the emulator

Http://blog.smarx.com/posts/skipping-windows-azure-startup-tasks-when-running-in-the-emulator Startup tasks are often used in Windows azure to install things or make other configuration changes to the Virtual Machine hosting your role code.

Step by step remoting 4: bearer mode (1)-Windows Service

In practical applications, we usually only use Windows Services and IIS to host remote objects. The reason for choosing a Windows service is that the service can be started automatically. After the server is restarted, you do not need to start the

[Intractable] system files are not applicable to running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Applications

Some applications in WINXPProgramCannot run in Win32 mode.Warning window title: 16-bit windowsContent: c: \ windows \ system32 \ config. nt. The system file is not applicable to running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Select close to

Windows Communication Foundation journey Series 4)

6. Define datacontract When I introduced how to define a servicecontract, I gave an example as follows,CodeAs follows:[Servicecontract]Public class bookticket{[Operationcontract]Public bool check (Ticket){Bool flag;// Logic to check whether the

Windows Communication Foundation (Part one ))

Preface:WCF was launched by Microsoft Based on Service Oriented Architecture. NET platform framework products, which represent a development direction of software architecture design and development, also plays a very important role in Microsoft's

How to use Windows Domain Server

1. I will not talk about Installation 2. Modify the network attribute of the DC and set the primary DNS as the IP address of the DNS server used by the domain controller, which is usually the same as that of the DC. The following assumptions are

Implement the drag and drop function in the Windows Treeview Control

I have worked on a Windows form and need to implement the drag and drop function in the Treeview space. First, I would like to introduce the Treeview control in Windows form: using the Treeview control in Windows Forms, you can display the node

Access denied for Windows Service MQ

Set two applications Program Application A is a Web application, and application B is a Windows service. Application A generates MSMQ named C (references C if it exists) and inserts records into C. Application B generates MSMQ named C (references C

Install MRTG in Windows

First, you need to install IIS on a machine (preferably on the win2003 platform, which is not supported by the XP Home Edition). This is not complicated and I will not elaborate on it. Second, configure the SNMP protocol for the network device.

How to install a program when the Windows Installer Service cannot be started manually !!

Windows Installer error message Solution 1. All MSI formats installed using the Windows Installer Service Program Cannot be installed normally, and the system prompts "You cannot access the Windows Installer Service. You may be running Windows in

Windows NT/2000 Server Optimization

Many people now think that Microsoft has too many things and vulnerabilities, and Microsoft's system security is very poor. However, I have summed up some experience during the security configuration of various systems, we share this with you. In

Windows classic tips

Windows classic tips   Double-click the icon in the upper left corner of the window to close the window. If multiple windows are opened at the same time and you want to close them, you can hold

How to replace Windows XP operating system files

How to replace Windows XP operating system files

Windows Vista SP1 x86/x64 Chinese official retail Version Download

Time passed so fast that the integrated SP1 version of Vista was released. Many of my friends are still using the XP system, and XP is about to be SP3. Windows Server 2008 is also released. It is Microsoft's last 32-bit system and will be a 64-bit

[MSDN] Using the Windows Azure Storage Services

Using the Windows Azure Storage Services Windows Azure Platform The Windows Azure storage services provide storage for binary and text data, messages, and structured data in Windows Azure. The storage services include: The Blob service, for

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