How to configure Weblogic server as a Windows Service

How can I configure Weblogic server as a Windows service?          

Winscp: open-source graphical SFTP client used in Windows

Winscp is an open-source SFTP client using SSH in windows. SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is to securely copy files between local and remote computers.   Start winscp, select SFTP as the file protocol (this requires that OpenSSH

Use Windows NLB and IIS arr to build a high-availability environment

In many existing network applications, sometimes a server cannot meet the requirements of the client. Is there any solution to the high scalability, high availability, high reliability, and high performance of the server, increase server SLA? Using

Virtualkd + windbg + VMware fast debugging + windbg download symbol + Windows 7 Local kernel debugging

======================================Windbg download symbol==========================================After patching, "Your debugger is not using the correct symbols" is often displayed ", Use the windbg command to download the updated symbol file.

Use a combination of rainbow tables and ophcrack to crack windows passwords

ArticleDirectory Maximum access Use a combination of rainbow tables and ophcrack to crack windows passwords BySimon ~ Th, 2008.Filed under:Linux desktop applications, Windows applications.5,896Views This article is looking

Create and analyze themes on Windows Mobile

The theme of Windows Mobile is actually a tsk file. We put the created tsk file under the Windows directory, and then open the settings for today, the program set today scans the files suffixed with tsk in the Windows directory by default,

Call of common programs and settings for Windows Mobile

Source: in the Windows directoryBacklight.exe Power Supply settingsBtftpclient.exe Bluetooth Resource ManagerBubblebreaker.exe ball connection gameCalc.exe

Vob migration steps on Windows

1. Stop clearcase on target server   2. Lock vob   3. unregistry & UNTAG the vob   4. Stop clearcase service on the vob Server   5. Kill all processes for the vob   6. Reboot vob Server   7. Rename vob to another name   * If system prompt you can't

Install memcached on Ubuntu and windows

Refer: Http:// Http:// Http:// This chapter focuses on installation. Click here for a test ticket Test the memcached service on Ubuntu

The significance of Windows 8 is not just Metro

Maybe many people may have used Windows 8 preview versions, but they feel that Windows 7 has added a Metro UI and removed the important start button. In fact, the significance of Windows 8 is not just Metro.1. simplify the use of computers Metro UI:

In a 32-bit system, use Windows 7 usb dvd download tool to create a 64-bit win7 System

Thanks to the author of Note: If you reinstall the 32-bit system, the number of. 32-bit update 64bit is correct. Because 64-bit bootsect.exe cannot be read in a 32-bit system. The original article

Windows 8 Tutorial: 50 Windows 8 Operating Skills

1. Lock ScreenAfter the screen is started, you will first see the screen lock page of Windows 8. The screen lock will appear whenever the system starts, recovers, or logs on. If you are using a touch screen device, scan your finger and enter your

Five methods to install Windows 7 64-bit System

64-bit hardware installation requirements: 1. requirements for installing a 64-bit operating system CPU: to install a 64-bit operating system, the CPU must first support a 64-bit operating system. At present, AMD's CPU must be well determined.As

How to design a good Windows 8 application?

Document directory 2. Good background/image/Image 3. Good Design Interface 1. User Interaction Guide 2. Page Interaction Design Windows 8 Application Status Although Windows 8 has just been listed for more than half a month, but the father of

Add Windows file extensions

323 H.323 Internet telephone service text/h323 386 Virtual Device Driver 3GP 3GPP video/3gpp editing 669 Winamp media files 7Z WinRAR compressed file AAC Winamp media files ABS File AC3 AC3 File ACA Microsoft Agent Character File (HTTP format) ACE

Windows Message ID

Windows Message ID 1. WM_NULL = 0X0000: 2. WM_CREATE = 0X0001: create a window for the Application 3. WM_DESTROY = 0X0002: A window is destroyed. 4. WM_MOVE = 0X0003: Move a window 5. WM_SIZE = 0X0005: change the size of a window. 6. WM_ACTIVATE =

Understanding windows Shutdown Process

1. Shutdown Principle After we perform the shutdown operation, we usually see the system shutdown screen, followed by a short or long wait. What is the process hidden after the shutdown screen? Shutdown actually involves multiple processes like

Dual Boot for Windows XP and Windows PE 2.0

In the previous "desktop files", I mentioned that Windows PE has become a recovery tool and introduced how to use it from another partition. Someone asked me a question recently, which makes it necessary for me to discuss the latest development

Adobe AIR mini tutorial-use custom windows and move, zoom, and close operations

This tutorial is intended for friends who have a certain foundation for flex and are ready to start AIR development. Since AIR is targeted at desktop applications, compared with flex web applications, there is naturally more control over application

Windows message constant

1. WM_NULL = 0X0000:2. WM_CREATE = 0X0001: create a window for the Application3. WM_DESTROY = 0X0002: A window is destroyed.4. WM_MOVE = 0X0003: Move a window5. WM_SIZE = 0X0005: change the size of a window.6. WM_ACTIVATE = 0X0006: A window is

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