Bright Wind Taiwan CEO Liu Chunyuan: Transforming and constructing four-body image interactive Platform

In order for the real world to become more accessible in the data world, Google, Apple, Facebook, Baidu and other domestic and foreign giants have to layout voice recognition, image recognition, augmented reality, virtual reality and other markets. Amazon recently launched Firefly, said to be able to scan the identification of 100 million objects. Chris, founder of Liang Liu Chunyuan, said Amazon had a layout for image recognition. Five years ago, when he was still in Silicon Valley, Amazon bought a visual product search company, Snaptell, to start a small attempt. Then he was close ...

Good weekend, everybody.

The Botanical garden has a great view, but there are too many people on weekends.

Sing together Yinsan: three won IDG investment 22 years old has been financially free

Yinsan: Sing together "founder." KTV billion market for ten years unchanged, he claimed to give me a SNS, I will pry up the whole O2O. He started high school in the United States, after the Bentley Business School Full award, in the United States two of startups have been successful. 2012, sophomore he dropped out of home to start a business, founder together singing. Focus on Subversion offline KTV, has obtained IDG three times financing. Young only call entrepreneurship, 50-year-old only counted the sea "I am a little angry, but I am still a person with feelings." My T-shirt says I love people. The more emphasis on what is missing, so everyone can understand me ...

Joint Equity loan contract


5 common traits of successful entrepreneurs: Type A personality

This article is from foreign Science and Technology Blog Inc., author Drew HENDRICKS. No one is born to be a perfect entrepreneur, but some people do have more entrepreneurial qualities than others. Understanding the common traits of successful entrepreneurs has some benefits for better development of their own businesses. If you don't have these characteristics, you can train and train yourself over a period of time. These qualities are not all innate, but imitating the positive side of successful entrepreneurs can add weight to your success. Of course there are exceptions (Steve Jobs, after all, does not smell as a social skill ...).

Notarial Certificate of Joint venture contract


Who was the first journalist in bucket village?

Who's the first journalist in Bucket village? New villagers: The Spring breeze in the world April days, "who is the first famous journalist" activities are beautiful like painting bucket village fiery. If you have a uniquely sharp player perspective, join the Bucket Village radio station!  "Bucket Village radio station" as a commitment to provide "bucket ol" the latest game information Bucket Village media platform, look forward to your joining for the majority of players to bring more fresh explosive material. Here you can share with the players in the bucket village growth experience, spread the game anecdotes, or even exclusive release of your success ...

Contract form for employing legal advisor


Who is it? China Capital International Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

Industrial and Commercial Registration No.: 1101062295176 China Capital International Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing West railway station, South Plaza, Room 904, Rong Xin Building no one can find the real information of this company!

Juiceup:80 after the beauty of the sale of detoxification fruit juice

Juiceup is the two-returnee girls joined together to create a new detox fruit juice brand. Users through Juiceup's official website or micro-letter after a single, Juiceup will make 6 bottles of fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, and in the day through the cold chain logistics to the user's doorstep. Founder and CEO Nie Jingjing is a detox control ", she graduated from Renmin University of China, in Australia to master, became a detox enthusiasts. In addition to regularly drinking fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify, Nie Jingjing has tried a lot of fresh detox methods and even flown around the world to experience detox therapy courses. When I was an MBA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, nie ...

Cash flow statement


Profit and profit distribution statement


Lei snake Chen Min Bright: The luxury of a small crowd a USB port cost 380,000 dollars

How does a game house "make hardware a luxury?" 380,000 dollars design a USB interface, detail control or idle? In the hardware and people linked up mobile internet era, rather than blindly follow the speed, rather than create their own rhythm, the hardware into luxury. Lei Snake CEO Chen Minliang never wore a suit. Even at public events, he is a casual outfit. This is more in line with fans of his expectations: he is a game home, unrestrained, keen to pursue the ultimate self. Perhaps in the eyes of the public, Lei snakes are not famous. But fans are no less obsessed with the snake than the woman facing Hermès ...

Our instant translation software---UU is taking off, are you willing to help?

We are Xian six degree Network Technology Co., Ltd. We have established a community platform that can make friends across languages----umeparty. For more information, please see: about Umeparty Umeparty is a language impassability people can meet, together online translator community; Umeparty is an online translator with instant translation tools-"Little Fish uu" community; Umeparty is a place for foreign friends who make language impassability through online translation. Today's online communities are all people in the same language ...

Can the Pink Beard company Live for 100 years?

Lyft's founder, Logan Green and John Zimmer, have received more than 300 million dollars in investment. Will their cars ' friends ' models sweep the world to become world-class companies? In 2007, Logan Green (left) partnered with John Zimmer to start a hitchhiking service. In the 2012, they modified the idea to become the fast-growing application of shared--lyft services. Company Information: Company Name: Lyft Company Headquarters location: USA Old Gold ...

Corporate Property Insurance Policy


Three small partners of the rocket dream: Flying ideal country or castles in the sky

It times Sun Yu the same dream of three people in the 1993, the Hu Zhenyu investment of 10 million yuan was established in January 2 this year, so far only 3 members. Three partners have a clear division of labor. Hu Zhenyu recently saw a variety of investors, and initially he gave the team a billion estimate, with an investor of 16 million and a 16% stake. But recently, he has adjusted his goal: after careful decision, we now plan to postpone the 16 million-yuan financing plan, first, the incubation stage of small-scale financing plan, on the scale of 3 million yuan, relative to the previous 100 million Yuan target, ...

RMB collection price doubled several times earnings far beyond the stock market

RMB collection Price even several times earnings far beyond the stock market November 18, 2006 00:35:18 Zhongcai net <img height= "1" src= " 20061118000007 "width=" 1 "alt=" "/> First attention, today we ...

5 American start-ups doing business in developing countries + public goods

These American entrepreneurs are combining entrepreneurship, business with compassion and love, creating jobs for local people around the world and providing them with basic living wages. Here are their company and entrepreneurial stories. 1. Nisolo Products: hand-made leather shoes: Job creation Location: Trujillo, Tennessee, USA: Patrick Wood Airtac (Patrick Woodyard), founder and CEO of Nisolo Weibo: @ Nisoloshoes Entrepreneurial story: in Peru, Trujillo Shoemaker Town, in the give ...

A practitioner tells: Fast consumer products suppliers do O2O pain and joy

A practitioner talking about traditional offline FMCG suppliers and the game between supermarkets and online sales, the continued growth of online sales has led to fewer and less passenger flow under the line. Agents do O2O must be connected to supermarkets, supermarkets need agents to solve the problem of the last kilometer "and other issues, focus on the service surrounding the crowd, do a good job of localization." In the traditional industry for many years, whether from the traditional mode or from the traditional management, there are a lot of problems exist, but also really see the decline, and can always maintain high-speed growth, the basic is the use of the line. First of all, to talk about the line of fast consumer products supplier Mode: ...

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