Sony or realize five-year first profit CEO pressure increase

Sony CEO Hirai (Tencent Science and Technology map) Tencent Science and Technology (snow) Beijing time May 8 News, in the recent fiscal year, Sony may be able to return to profitability, which means that the company's chief executive Hirai (Kazuo Hirai) will be able to remove an obstacle, Closer to fulfilling his previous commitment to revive the electronics maker. But what Sony will do in the current fiscal year is more likely to determine whether the company will be able to move decisively on the road to recovery. Sony expects the company to achieve ... in the last fiscal year ended March.

Microsoft's next generation Xbox has been named Infinity

Sina Science and technology news in Beijing May 8 morning, according to the "International Financial Times" (Nternational Business time) website reported that the familiar source of the news, Tuesday revealed that Microsoft's next generation Xbox game machine will be released on May 21, the game machine has been determined will be named " Infinity ". Recently, Reddit, the American social news website, released the next-generation Xbox video camera as an "Xbox Infinity". Previously, the industry called it the Xbox 72 ...

Intel set-top box or will become the world's first 4K content device

Tencent Science and Technology (slides) Beijing time May 9 News, according to the network edition of Wired magazine report, Intel Wednesday announced that its fourth generation Haswell processor will support 4K resolution. Analysts say that if Intel combines Haswell processor technology with the upcoming TV set-top box, it will be expected to release the world's first truly 4K content device. The Haswell processor supports 4K resolution, which is a great news for the PC industry. And if Intel can integrate the technology into the upcoming set-top box, that would be better news. With Iris ...

FT: Microsoft acknowledges Windows 8 setback

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time of May 7, according to the Financial Times reported that Microsoft is preparing to the Windows 8 operating system key content to make a new start, which makes it nearly 30 years ago, "the newly Coke" Innovation plan fiasco, Another company that has failed to launch a new mass consumer product. Tammy Reller, Microsoft's director of Business marketing and finance for Windows, Rainer in an interview with the Financial Times that Microsoft will launch an upgraded version of the operating system this year, some of the ways in which it is used ...

Android to contribute 3.4 billion dollars to Microsoft revenue this year

Tencent Science and Technology (Shanhui) Beijing time May 9 News, according to foreign media reports, although Microsoft in persuading people to use Windows Phone operating system, but the patent licensing agreement with the Android device manufacturers will bring up to 3.4 billion U.S. dollars revenue this year. According to the agreement, each Android device could bring Microsoft up to $8 trillion in revenue, meaning Microsoft could get 3.4 billion dollars from Android sales this year. Since 2011, Microsoft has gained hundreds of millions of of dollars in revenue from Android every year. For not signing a special ...

ASUS to push small size Win8 tablet less than 300 dollars

Photo of Asus WIN8 System Tablet PC (TechWeb) Beijing, May 7 (Xinhua) The company is planning to launch a small Windows 8 Tablet PC this year to help Microsoft build smaller, cheaper Windows 8 mobile devices, according to the Wall Street Journal's Chinese web report. So far, Windows 8 has made little headway in challenging the market dominance of Google's Android and Apple iOS devices. The first quarter of this year, Windows 8 was in the mobile device market, according to IDC, an international data company.

Nintendo's transition dilemma: indulging in past successes

Introduction: Foreign media in Tuesday published an article said that stubborn Nintendo for the game market trends ignored, still addicted to the past success, this self-righteous attitude eventually led to Nintendo by competitors behind. The following is a summary of the article: Nintendo sold only 3.45 million Wii U game hosts in the first quarter of this year, below the company's expected 4 million. In addition, the sales of 3DS handheld machines outside Japan have also been disappointing. To make matters worse, Nintendo's solution to the problem is nothing more than a palliative: Nintendo CEO Rock Iwata (Satoru Iw ...).

Yi Electric Q4 Net profit 323 million USD down 19%

Art electricity fourth quarter net profit fell 19% (Tencent Science and Technology map), Tencent Science and Technology (Yue Tong) Beijing time May 8 news, according to foreign media reports, art Power released today as of March 31, the financial year of the four-quarter earnings. Earnings showed that in the fiscal year of 2013, art's total revenue reached $1.209 billion, down 11.6% from $1.368 billion a year earlier, and a net profit of $323 million, down 400 million from a year earlier. The main operating business of the quarter: * The quarter of the four, "Battlefield 3 (Battlefi ...

Acer remains on the sidelines of the Windows RT Tablet Market

Tencent Science and Technology (Yu Lin) Beijing time May 7 News, according to foreign media reports, at present, Acer (ACER) is still not launched based on Microsoft's latest Windows RT operating system tablet computer. If, as planned, Acer should have launched an RT tablet in the first quarter of 2013. But after Microsoft announced the launch of the Surface RT Tablet PC, the company overturned the plan. Last October, Acer's board chairman, Wong, said, "At first we were ambitious about this plan and we intend to do it in early 2013." But...

Why is iOS a new era of Windows?

Tencent Science and Technology (slides) Beijing time May 5 News, the U.S. Science and Technology news website AppleInsider recently wrote that, for many years, the industry has been looking forward to the mobile industry in the emergence of Windows. Mobile operating systems such as Palm OS, Linux, Windows Mobile, and Symbian have been hailed as a potential new era of Windows, but in the end there is no exception to failure. And after the iphone was born in 2007, with excellent products and a sticky ecosystem, apple io ...

Analysts say Microsoft should give up its chicken windows RT

1 "Sohu It News" according to foreign media reports, the first quarter of this year, Windows RT Tablet PC market share of only 0.4%, prompting some analysts suggested that Microsoft abandoned Windows Rt. "I will not be surprised at Microsoft abandoning Windows RT," said Brian Proffitt, a Blaine Profite at the University of Notre Dame. Microsoft will continue to invest heavily in the Surface tablet strategy, but that does not preclude it from making adjustments to give up some of its products. Unless the shipment suddenly ...

Fuji Kang Siege: Still frequent hair jumping workers standing up to sleep

Langfang Fuji Kang Park, the dormitory building outside the wall wrapped a large net. At 6 in the morning, when the night shift workers return to the dormitory, the day workers are still resting. April 20 in the early morning, Langfang Foxconn Park in the production line is still the night shift workers "catch empty" close your eyes and rest. April 24 and April 27, Foxconn again issued "two consecutive jumps": Zhengzhou Airport Park, a 24-year-old man and a 23-year-old female worker, jumped to death. The confusion on the assembly line before, the tragedy of the staff jumped off many times in this global foundry giant staged. The worst of the 2010 years, there are as many as 10 workers from Shenzhen Fuji ...

Assemble yourself? 4D Printing can

Si Keller Tubitz (Tencent Science and Technology) with the development of technology, 3D printing so that people can easily complete the image of the production of objects. For example, you can use a 3D printer to "hit" a plane model. But have you ever heard of 4D printing? Compared with 3D, this more advanced technology, in addition to the "long width and height" of these three-dimensional three-dimensional structure, but also adds a so-called "time line." Once it's in real life, a lot of sci-fi movies will appear in front of you. If the chair can deform itself, think Keller Tubitz is mit ...

Intel Smart Logic: maintain operational and manufacturing advantages

Blaine Clannick, Intel's new chief executive, Tencent Science and Technology (snow) Beijing time May 3 News, foreign media recently published an article said, Intel appointed chief Operating Officer Blaine Clannick as the new chief executive's move that the company will continue to go down the current road, Try to capitalize on a promise to lure device makers, Intel's manufacturing edge will still overwhelm its rivals over the next few years. The following is the full text of this article: Historically, Intel has been able to handle its own tubes with precision ...

More than 250 million tablet shipments will be delivered this year

Tencent Science and Technology (Shanhui) Beijing time May 7 News, according to foreign media reports, market research company NPD local time published a report in Monday that this year, tablet computer shipments will be more than the first notebook. NPD expects global tablet computing shipments to reach 256.5 million this year – up 67% from about 159 million in 2012, and more than 1 time to 579.4 million by 2017. This year notebook shipments will be 203.3 million units, and last year basically flat. Notebook market, a bright spot is touch screen notebook, 2014-year touch screen notebook shipments will increase ...

Microsoft "Anti-theft": China is also a victim of piracy

This reporter Liu Fangyuan Istanbul report into the mobile era, people increasingly accustomed to a variety of "free" content, free mobile phone operating system, a variety of free software applications. On personal computers, we need hundreds of thousand dollars to buy genuine software, does this model need to change? In the face of this problem, Microsoft's anti-piracy and digital crime director Juan Hardoy the answer to reporters is no, "people generally think that price reduction is a good way to reduce piracy, but, after our attempts to find that prices do not bring about too much change." "Juan Hardoy ... user 400 million mobile user 125 million

Microsoft said the number of active accounts reached 400 million (Tencent technology map), Tencent Science and Technology (Lin Jingdong) Beijing time May 3 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has completed to migration, Friday declared active account number has reached to 400 million. Microsoft announced the completion of its Hotmail migration to on May 2. It added that the company had migrated 150PB of e-mails in the past 6 weeks. Microsoft also watches ...

New generation of Xbox or no need for users to stay connected

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time of May 7, according to the U.S. Science and Technology web site CNET reports, the media said, Microsoft today in the Xbox team in an internal mail revealed that the next generation of Xbox host will not force users to network at any time. "Durango (the new generation of Xbox code) will not require users to remain networked at all times," wrote the Microsoft Xbox team in an internal email, Technica of the US Technology blog, Ars. Users may not always be able to network, and even if not networked, users should also enjoy our products and services, such as broadcast ...

Beidou Terminal breakthrough 100,000: expected end of the year breakthrough million

Yesterday 2000 languished shares to follow the big city Qi Qi Rose, consecutive Yin fell 3 days of the Beidou concept is also a force, become the plate "leader." As of the close, the Beidou plate rose 3.03%, Obit trading, the National Proton Electronics, Hua Li, and the state electronics and other shares rose by more than 5%. Millions of levels in close proximity according to the network reported that last year, the Beidou Asia-Pacific networking successfully after the formal entry into the application phase. At present, the Beidou terminal has broken through 100,000 levels, and is expected to break through millions of levels at the end of the year. "Beidou scale application market is emerging," said Dr. Li Touhu, China satellite navigation Systems Management office.

In charge of the big losses, chairman Sharp considered resigning

"Sohu It News," Japan Asahi News reported, is carrying out the restructuring of the Japanese motor Company Sharp (Chairman of the Sharp) film Hill-Hung to resign, because sharp financial estimates for 2 consecutive years of huge losses. The 55-Year-old, who will decide whether to resign this month, has told the main bank that he has money with sharp. He is a liquid crystal technology expert, 2007, when he was 49 years old when the President Sharp, to promote the expansion of business routes, building in Osaka, Japan (soil sector) of the city's large LCD panel factory, but with the price of the LCD panel plummeted, sharp performance deterioration ...

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