Shau Jiangchung Gas Injection commitment or no one to pay

March 1, Changchun gas a paper suspension of the book so that many years of restructuring issues to see the dawn, at this time from the company's share reform has been over the past 4 years, entanglements for several years, in addition to the large shareholder of the Changchun Sasac injection of equivalent assets is difficult, two shareholders hundred investment in the equity change also makes in the end who to carry out the reform promises become more uncertain,  This also led directly to the 240 million shares of the then restricted stock has not been listed. News from the market, Changchun Sasac under the Changchun Natural Gas Co., Ltd. and Changchun Leymus Coal AG Two assets will be injected into the listed companies to strengthen the gas and coke Changchun gas ...

Three loves rich: the additional purchase Shanghai coking has not been passed

Three loves the Rich (600636) The Thursday evening announcement said, June 18, by the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission listed company merger and Reorganization Audit Committee audit, the company Non-public issue shares buys the asset and the related transaction the application has not been passed.  The company's shares will be licensed on June 19. According to the three-love-rich announcement, the company intends to Shanghai Huayi Group, China Xinda Asset Management company, China Huarong Asset Management company, such as three of the private issue of shares to buy its holdings of Shanghai Coking Co., Ltd. all equity.

Tsinghua University President says 1000 housing units will be built for teachers to build 5000 more sets

Xinhua News (Reporter Zhou Yimei) CPPCC member, Tsinghua University president Binglin said yesterday, Tsinghua will be the centennial anniversary of the teacher classification management. Binglin revealed that the existing teachers will be divided into three types of management, the first category is to do scientific research, the second class is to do teaching, the third category is both. Do scientific research, use the academic level evaluation, do teaching the teaching quality to evaluate the requirements.  But the main school teachers should also be combined with teaching and research. He revealed that through a year of hard work, the 1000 sets of housing formalities for the Qing yuan will be assigned to teachers. In addition, there are eight areas near ...

Hang Seng index rises more than 300 points to 18,188 points

Hang Seng Index early plate a narrow range of shocks, the afternoon of the city, the opening only 10 minutes, the index pulled up 200多 points, the latest reported 18,188 points, up 303 points, or 1.69%. Blue-chip overall rally. Cosco Pacific, BOC Hong Kong rose more than 8%. Kowloon Warehouse, Tencent rose more than 7%.  The exchange control fell 1.02%. Chinese stocks, shipping, ports, real estate, gold stocks are the most favorable to boost the strongest trend.

BDI index pushes Chinese-funded shipping stocks up early

The Hong Kong shipping unit was raised early and was driven by the Baltic Sea Index, which represents dry bulk freight prices, to a 8-month high of nearly 3,300 points. Hong Kong stock market in early May 29 to explore a low rebound, the HSI is reported at 17,969.65 points, rose 84.38 or 0.47%, Pacific Shipping (02343) has been a good point of HK $5.33, the latest reported 5.26 Hong Kong dollar, 9.4%; CSCL (02866)  A 2.28 Hong Kong dollar, the latest reported 2.26 Hong Kong dollar, + 3.7%. The Baltic Sea index received 3,298 points on the eve of 4.2% or 134 points ...

US new Treasury secretary's first visit to China may not raise currency issue

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will begin his visit to China on May 31, and will meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao, who are expected to discuss the U.S. budget deficit and China's investment in US Treasury bills, but are not expected to raise the currency issue. According to Taiwan's "Central Society" 28th, Mr. Geithner's visit will be his first visit to China after his tenure as finance minister.  U.S. Treasury officials point out that he will also discuss with Chinese officials the issue of reducing emissions, in addition to the interests of U.S. companies. The report said that when the U.S. Senate reviewed Geithner's nomination this January, he had ...

Six city users bask in living cost Beijing highest Wuhan

"Every day opened his eyes, there is a string of numbers out of my mind: mortgage 6,000, food and clothing with 2,500, slowly on the kindergarten 1500, human relations between 600, transportation 580, property management three hundred or four hundred, mobile phone charges 250, and gas and electricity costs 200." From the first breath I woke up, I had to make at least 400 a day, which is the capital of my life in this city. "-Haiping live in the city, a string of numbers around us, especially after the mortgage, the figure becomes heavier." Let's look at the situation of our life now--big to the price is very cold, small to cabbage prices ...

Hang Seng is up 164 points in afternoon opening

The index was opened in the afternoon, the latest rose 164 points, reported 18,049 points, or 0.92. Blue-chip growth has widened, Cosco Pacific, Tencent Holdings led the rise.

Hong Kong stocks still fall more than 200 points in the afternoon

Japanese stock afternoon decline narrowed, a shares rose more than 1%, so that Hong Kong stocks afternoon stability, after the opening of the decline narrowed, now reported 17,804, down 281, state-owned enterprises index 10461.52 points, down 2.23%, Chinese financial stocks decline still see selling pressure.

CISA said China's attitude has been clearly announced by the end of May

China News agency, Beijing, May 29 (Xinhua Nanyulin) After Japan's iron and steel enterprises and one of the world's three largest miners, Australia, Rio Tinto 26th to determine the global iron ore price agreement for the 2009 fiscal year, the South Korean comprehensive iron-making company announced on 28th to follow up.  China's iron and steel industry Association executives said today that China's attitude has been clear and will be announced in the recent days. Rio Tinto, one of the world's three largest miners, 26th announced a new long-term agreement with Nippon Steel Company for iron ore contract prices, the powder mine in 2008, the price reduction of 32.95%, block ore price 44% ...

Liu: Increase in the cost of agricultural products should allow moderate price increases

Food prices and security, affecting the nerves of CPPCC members. Yesterday, the CPPCC member Liu said that the price of agricultural products is facing various pressures to increase the cost, so should allow moderate price increases, which not only conducive to farmers to increase income, but also conducive to the good development of related industries. Chengpin, a member of the CPPCC, said that farmers should be allowed to transfer their land to big grain producers, and to release large amounts of rural labor from farm produce into industrial workers.  Zheng, a member of the CPPCC, said the government should take the lead in austerity and eliminate food waste. Liu ——..., chairman of CPPCC and New Hope Group

Hang Seng index down 308 points 17777

The index was down 308 points, at 17,777 points, or 1.7% per cent.

Received a number of big business after receiving the results

Collar Exchange (00823) strong performance in the year, after the performance of a number of big row, and raise the target price, but the price of the market under the stimulus is not too big, the current 17.44 yuan, 0.23%, a deal more than 110 million yuan.  The plate had risen 1.84% to 17.72 yuan, and fell 1.49% to 17.14 yuan.  As at the end of March, the income of the remitted revenue increased by 13.5% to $1.818 billion, and the allocation of each fund unit was increased to 43.13 cents. UBS raised its target price to 19.9 Yuan, Macquarie rose to 23.9 Yuan, and Moses rose to 1 ...

The future of the city: Hong Kong stocks fail to keep 17700 or trigger the stop plate

Hong Kong stocks opened a 128-point low this morning (18th) and again fell through 18,000 points, followed by a fall of more than 400 points, a fall of 17,700 points, and a narrowing down in subsequent declines. A half-day closing of 17,728 points, 356 points or 1.97%, half a half-day transaction of 36.7 billion yuan.  The country refers to the afternoon market at 10,421 points, down 279 points or 2.61%. Mobile (00941) fell 1.81%, reported 75.8 Yuan.  The Exchange control (00005) fell 1.05% and reported 66.05 Yuan. Real estate stocks continued to sell, long real (00001) fell 1.8%, ...

CBRC: Bank capital adequacy ratio reached 11.4% at the end of September

After five rounds of consultation, the guidelines on the disclosure of the capital adequacy ratios of trade banks (hereinafter referred to as "the Guidelines") were finally released yesterday.  The guidelines, to be implemented on January 1, 2011, will require banks to reveal a series of information, including the changes in paid-in capital or common stock and other capital instruments, in a timely manner. The guidelines will apply to new capital accord banks and other trade banks that have voluntarily implemented the new capital Accord, as defined in the guidance on the implementation of the new capital agreement in China's banking industry.  According to reports, the first batch refers to the establishment of diplomatic relations between workers and peasants and the National Development Bank, China Merchants Bank. "The capital adequacy ratio meets the need ...

China and OAS sign two agreements to deepen friendly cooperation

WASHINGTON, December 16 (Xinhua) China and the Organization of American States signed two agreements at the OAS headquarters in Washington on 15th to deepen friendly cooperation, according to the news released by the Chinese Embassy in the United States 16th. The Chinese Embassy in the United States said in a statement that China's permanent Observer of the Organization of American States, Ambassador Zhou and the OAS Secretary General Insulza signed the "Government of the People's Republic of China and the OAS secretariat on the establishment of the Chinese-OAS Cooperation Fund Agreement on the Supplementary Protocol" and " Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China ...

Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd has benefited from Shanghai property boom

Shanghai Industrial Holdings, which announced 2 billion yuan to buy four homes at the Shanghai World Expo Park, was back on the rebound today, with shares now falling only 0.78% to 31.65 Hong Kong dollars and trading 640,000 shares.  BNP Paribas issued a report saying it maintained the stock's buying rating, raising the target price from HK $37 to HK $37.5, a premium of 25% per cent over Nav, and a 18% premium over the market. Faba, the Shanghai industry's previous takeover of the Gulf project only marginally increased net asset value (up 1.4%). Plus the recent sale of Bright Dairy (600597-CN) equity record ...

National Standards Committee says it is suspending the implementation of the electro-friction standard part

National standards Committee said that the implementation of the standard part of the electric motorcycle to speed up the revision of electric bicycle standards December 16 from the National standards Committee learned that 4 of electro-motorcycle standards, involving electric scooters, the suspension of implementation, will speed up the revision of electric bicycle standards. It is understood that December 15, the National Standards Committee and the relevant parts of the State Council and industry Associations, jointly studied the "Electric motorcycles and electric scooters general technical conditions," and other 4 national standards related topics. Considering the current electric motorcycle is a new industry, the formulation of a series of related policies also need a process. After studying ...

Flat deep love: The dust has not settled

This reporter Wangxiaofan Huang Tijian from Shenzhen in the next 18 months, there are too many variables exist: management attitude, the relevant legislative process of bank and insurance cooperation, a-share and H-shares market changes, deep development and the decision of China Peace shareholders Meeting,  Even the changes in the financial situation on Wall Street will have an impact on the deal by affecting the cash demand of TPG's parent company ...  The announcement of China's peace and deep development on June 12 is not announcing a result, but announcing the beginning of a long journey. It seems like everything has settled down, but in fact it is still a mystery ...

U.S. futures rise 34 points

U.S. futures rose, the S & P 500 index futures rose 3.5 points, reported 913.3 points, na refers to 100 period goods rose 2.3 points, reported 1,457 points, the Dow futures rose 34 points, reported 8,527 points.

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