Hang Seng index down 308 points 17777

The index was down 308 points, at 17,777 points, or 1.7% per cent.

Jia Qinglin went to Yunnan to investigate economic development

According to the Xinhua news agency, Kunming, December 16 The Chinese Communist Party's Politburo Standing Committee, CPPCC chairman Jia Qinglin recently exaggerated in Yunnan, to earnestly implement the spirit of the central Economic Work Conference, give full play to the same front and the CPPCC's upper hand and role, accelerate the transformation of economic development, strengthen the cause of national unity  Better benefit the people of all ethnic groups. From 12th to 16th, Jia Qinglin came to Xishuangbanna, Baoshan, Qujing and Kunming to study in factories, research institutes and minority villages. Jia pointed out that to improve the ability of independent innovation, vigorously develop modern agriculture, promote agriculture ...

Sinopec has lost more than 4% of its oil prices have not been upgraded

China Petrochemical stock prices down this morning, because the NDRC said it would not raise the price of oil products in the near future, so that the market worried that its refining business under pressure, the low see 6.14 Yuan, has fallen 4.36%, the latest reported 6.25 Yuan, fell 2.65%, turnover 410 million yuan. According to media reports from the mainland, the NDRC said it would not raise oil prices recently, and the authorities concerned have not yet decided whether to increase the price next month.

Ancient well gong 124 million shares lifted not to be afraid

Large shareholders, even if they reduce their holdings, are rarely sold through a two-tier market. State-owned shares cannot suddenly exit.  The company fundamentals are good, the organization is optimistic.  Wen/"Investment and financial" reporter Zhang Jianfeng immediately wu Ye (000858.SZ), Guizhou Maotai (600519.SH) to achieve full circulation of the pace, June liquor industry, another listed company-Gong (000596.SZ) will also usher in the era of full circulation. According to the source data statistics, June 19, ancient well gong will have 124 million shares of restricted stock market, is 2.5 times times the circulation of capital.

Daily necessities threaten city water

Daily life, people have to brush their teeth, face, makeup, when sick to take a variety of drugs, but very few people realize that a variety of personal care products and drugs are seriously polluting the city water, threatening people's health. At the "Ecology and Health" forum held yesterday, Yin Daqiang, a professor at the School of Environmental Science and engineering at Tongji University, called on Shanghai, like many cities at home and abroad, to receive medicines and personal care products (pharma-ceuticalandpersonalcareprod-ucts,  Abbreviation for PPCPS) The threat of pollution. "Despite the PPC ...

South Korea's stock market fell for the fourth consecutive day, down 1.11% today.

South Korea's stock market fell for the fourth consecutive day, with the Seoul composite index closed at 1375.76 points, down 1.11%.

Electric Mopeds GB suspended implementation

Users think: the management of electric bicycles need policy makers responsible for the spirit of the news around the electric bicycles, electric scooters, the parties to the game can finally a little rest.  The National Standards Committee announced yesterday afternoon, after the release of the 4 national standards, involving the content of electric scooters suspended implementation.  A number of electric vehicle enterprises in response to think that the new GB just suspend, not canceled, electric bicycle enterprises will borrow the buffer period as soon as possible adjustment. Standard Committee "Electric motorcycle" content suspended yesterday afternoon, the National Standards Committee issued a notice on its official website: "Electric motorcycles and ...

Survey of Taiwan institutions: 85% Financial Staff surveyed

Taipei, December 17 (Xinhua) The latest survey by Taiwan's human Resources Enterprise, "1111 Human Resource Bank", found that 85% of the financial staff surveyed and those who intended to enter the financial sector were interested in working in the mainland, including the mainland financial services sector.  The survey also found that Taiwan's financial sector people are willing to work in mainland China, there are three major factors, namely, "work more development, full of challenges", "optimistic about the development of land-funded enterprises in Taiwan", and "mainland financial enterprises more internationalization." As the global economy gradually recovers, the Taiwan joint newspaper, published on 17th, reported.

Big bank bond money to small banks

Small-bank products configured with High-yield corporate debt, big banks to configure national debt, central bank bills and financial debt, whose bond financing Chigau?  Puyi Wealth Research by Wang Shufan, a journalist for investment and financial management, shows that the number of debt and money market-related products has risen month by year, and that since April, the number of debt and money market-type financial products has been at the top of various financial products.  Although the bond market has been collated, it has little effect on the income of financial products, and the products of debt management still keep the mainstream position. However, yields on bonds and money market products are mostly 1.4% to ...

Fund performance face fast stability in doubt

2009 Annual Fund performance ranking is about to be announced in half a month, this year, the fund will become the fund company marketing rhetoric. But it must be pointed out that whether the Fund, especially the active partial-stock funds, can bring long-term stability to the holders of the income is outside suspicion.  Statistics show that the performance of the Fund in the year you sang me on the stage of the phenomenon, many of the year's Performance fund in the second year is often the result of a sharp decline. Although many fund companies in the brand advocacy of the Fund's monthly and annual performance rankings, but due to the performance of many performance funds in the next year often appear performance landslide, base ...

Morning point down to 17617 17681

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the morning to 17617, the end of 17681, this early refers to the first rebound on 18049, the subject of 18100 again and again fell to 17617, temporarily withstand 17500, tail city slightly rebounded to 17766, and then back to 17651, in the low wandering, Made 432 points that the city amplitude, the morning to go back and try to undertake, but due to short-term oversold situation continued, halfway to the conditions at any time rebound, performance will continue to drift, the afternoon refers to the opportunity to rebound first, strong and weak to see whether the enterprise 17750 above.

11 of the first gem companies have been supported by the National Innovation Fund

The latest data from the Torch center of the Ministry of Technology to the securities Daily Show that as of December, nearly one-third of Shenzhen's small and medium-sized board listed companies have been funded by the "Technology Innovation Fund for SMEs".  In the first batch of 28 enterprises listed in the GEM, 11 have received the early support of "Technology innovation Fund of Science and Technology SMEs", accounting for nearly 40%. 8.84 billion yuan financial funds to pry more than 40 billion yuan social capital as a special fund to support and guide the technological innovation activities of small and medium-sized Enterprises, the Ministry of Science and Technology, supervision of the Ministry of Finance ...

Qixia Construction proposed to invest 120 million yuan to set up a joint venture company

Qixia Construction (600533) March 4 Evening Notice that the company intends to be with the controlling shareholder Nanjing Qixia Construction Group Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of Nanjing Qixia Construction Property Co., Ltd. to jointly launch the establishment of rural microfinance companies, the registered capital of 150 million yuan. Among them, the company and the holding subsidiary total investment 120 million yuan, holds the new company 80% Equity.

Short-term punitive redemption fee of fund

The Securities and Futures Commission issued open-end fund sales cost management provisions, starting from March 15 next year, the Open fund manager will be able to choose to hold less than one week, less than one months after the redemption of the fund holders are not less than the redemption amount of 1.5% and 0.75% of the redemption fee To encourage the Fund to implement a back-end charging model, which is kept down for a period of three years and can be zero.  The fund company may pay the trailing commission to the sales organization, does not set the upper limit, but the one-time reward halts. Yesterday, China Securities Regulatory Commission issued "Open-end Securities investment Funds ..."

Premier Wen Jiabao's coordinated attitude in Copenhagen

China Daily News: China Daily reports from Copenhagen that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, who is visiting Denmark and attending the Copenhagen Weather Summit, will meet with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina this morning. Local time this afternoon, Premier Wen Jiabao will also attend a luncheon with national leaders from countries such as Maldives, Ethiopia and Sudan.  Analysts have shown that this will be an opportunity for small island nations, African countries and 77-nation groups to coordinate their attitudes. (Source: China Daily reporter Shang Lee ...)

Jinzhou Environment introduced into MBK Fund to start a new round of strategic adjustment

Jinzhou Environmental Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinzhou Environment Group"), which was selected for five consecutive years as China's top water industry influential enterprise, announced that it had introduced a new financial investor, the MBK fund, and embarked on a new round of major restructuring of its corporate development strategy.  Jinzhou environmental group, said that the MBK fund to join the strategic deployment of a major adjustment, from now on, Jinzhou environmental group will be more than 20 years of industry accumulation as the basis for the support of the abundant funds to give full play to the resultant force and advantages, into a new stage of development. Jinzhou environmental group is a Chinese water supply and sewerage and solid waste treatment in the field of ...

50 days flower land price rose 65%

Yesterday, six sites divided into three groups, developers jumped the price of 200 million Rob Canton to sell the climax one after another. Yesterday, Guangzhou sold six three groups of 22 bundled huadu Southern Flower market residential land, including a group of land prices as high as 3809 yuan/square meters, than 50 days ago the sale of Huadu Ma Xi Cun land price rose 65%.  Bidding site, Hong Kong listed companies road strength real estate when a jump price of 200 million yuan to scramble for plots, Guangzhou has become the most crazy price jump record. Yesterday 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the land sales will officially start, six residential land into three groups of bundled transfer, a total of road strength real estate, poly ...

Li Bingbing participates in Copenhagen Earth Hour Night event

December 16, Chinese artist Li Bingbing attends the "Earth Hour Copenhagen Night" event in the Danish capital Copenhagen City Square. The campaign called on people in Copenhagen to extinguish the unnecessary power-consumption lighting tools for one hours, aiming to advance people's focus on energy and environmental issues. Xinhua News agency reporter She Shudong December 16, Chinese artist Li Bingbing participated in the "Earth Hour Copenhagen Night" event in the Danish capital Copenhagen City Square. The event called on people in Copenhagen to extinguish unnecessary power-consumption lighting tools for one hours, aimed at improving people's energy and environmental problems ...

China heavy industry 16th landing on Shanghai stock Exchange rose 12.47%

The first domestic military assets of the overall listing of blue chips landed in Shanghai stock Exchange. December 16 9 o'clock, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China heavy Industry", 601989.SH) listing, the first day opening price of 8.41 yuan, closing price of 8.33 yuan, the turnover rate of 76.55%.  In the half hour of the gongs ceremony, the SASAC, SSE, China heavy industry and the parent company, such as heavy industry, such as the high level of all the scene to congratulate. According to the disclosure, in China's initial inquiry stage of heavy industry, insurance funds accounted for 37%, stable first, the proportion of the fund is 20%. Second round ...

The Supreme Court retrial 306 acres of land fake auction in Shanghai

A 7-year old land big case that people see finally because the Supreme Court of a paper began to enter the law of the "Sunshine Zone" November 25, the People's Republic of China issued the "(2009) People re-word 6th Civil adjudication," 306 acres of land in Shanghai, "false auction" case retrial, Confirmed that the incident lead Shanghai Terry Company as the plaintiff's main qualification, Terry to five auction companies in the construction of the project to enjoy property rights and interests. The history of the ruling is a rare revocation of the Shanghai High People's Court 2005 Shanghai High by the first word of the 1th civil ruling, and the People's Republic of China ...

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