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"Silicon Valley connection" Columbia Development smart phone HIV testing accessories: only 34 U.S. dollars

In the daily link to the Silicon Valley, the most fresh information! The "Silicon Valley" here refers to the typical and innovative business representatives abroad. 1. Oracle 1.2 billion dollar acquisition advertising analysis company Datalogix <> Two people familiar with the matter said Oracle has paid more than 1.2 billion of dollars to buy an ad analytics company Datalogix Holdings Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Datalogi ...").

2014 The worst digital inventory check to see if you were shot.

2014 is almost past, the major manufacturers in this year released a number of digital products, foreign digital addiction technology to each of their assessed products have played a score, the following five products are addiction technology site to give the lowest score of 5, including Samsung, Microsoft, such as big-name products. 5, Samsung Gear S, score: 65 points, Price: 200 USD This watch is the most powerful smart watch at the moment-because it is basically a mobile phone on hand, compared to the ordinary Android Wear smart watch, Samsung Maverick use its own t ...

Dell Software Dog can turn a monitor into an android PC

[Guide] With this device, companies of any size can provide mobile cloud services and IT solutions. Tencent Technology Beckham February 1 compiled Dell has launched a new software dog device, it can put a corporate pc in your Palm: Dell Wyse Cloud Connect. It is noteworthy, first of all, as a sign of a "post-PC era" for businesses, followed by an Android operating system. Dell says this is the first safe, manageable, and ultra convenient cloud-reading device that extends Dell's desktop virtualization terminals ...

Samsung Electronics in Las Vegas Consumer electronics Launch Conference

In the first week of January 2014, Samsung Electronics in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Launch Conference, please the "Transformers" series director Bay on stage to praise new products. Unfortunately, Bay just said his mission as a director, the scene of the inscription machine out of the question. He struggled to organize several sentences, but still couldn't tell what he could bring to the audience, and finally said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." In less than a year, Samsung's most profitable smartphone business is also like Bay ...

Millet co-founder Lin: Miui and Palawan are key to overseas expansion

Lead: American Science and Technology blog The Next Web is published today titled "The Millet co-founder explains why Google's former high Tebara and Millet's own firmware are critical to the company's international Development" (Xiaomi co-founder on why Ex-google exec Barra and Its own modularity are key to Analysys success) commented that MIUI is the key to the success of Millet, the company will also put ...

The enemy of the Millet Empire is an inflated self.

Huangwang from Lei not only investment, but also a gesture. As the company's CEO, in December 2014 at the end of the 35 million-dollar round of funding for the launch of the Conference, regardless of the tone of the story or wording, his pie in the Millet founder Lei Closer. "Ecological Chain" "tuyere" these lei frequently used words from his mouth. Although his company has only been established for 1 years, Huangwang has not been as jerky as the CEO of the start-up company. 1 years ago, millet with an investment in Hefei, Anhui Province, the hardware start-up company "incorporation", and this is only millet in 2014 ...

How CIOs can secure mobile security

According to a report by a leading domestic security manufacturer, 1.145 billion people were infected with the virus in China in 2013, and more than 23 million computers were attacked, averaging one attack every 7 days.   And the way that causes netizens to be attacked mostly comes from downloading software, movie, game plug. and have to mention is the enterprise security field, through e-mail, online shopping, chatting and other ways of poisoning, and the proportion of the regional attack is more obvious than before, it is worrying that the higher level of enterprise information is the special attention of the virus, Guangdong ...

Domestic smart watch labor and not get, Apple watch is a lifeline?

In anticipation and controversy, Apple officially released the Apple Watch in the early hours of March 10, using a new pressure touch screen and sapphire mirror, the minimum price of 2588 yuan, 18K Gold version of the highest price 126800 yuan. It is noteworthy that the Chinese market has become the first market for Apple Watch, will be on April 10 to accept the purchase, April 24 official sale. Since 2013, a number of companies have released smart watch products, but so far no one has achieved real market-level success. International enterprises such as Samsung, LG, Sony, motorcycle Luo ...

Gome Silicon MHL Mobile connection standard

Absrtact: Silicon Ying Electronics has reached an agreement with Gome, Gome will be in its retail stores to promote support for MHL TV, smartphones and accessories. At the same time, Gome electrical accessories company will be online and offline sales MHL connectors and converters. Silicon map of the silicon Mirror electronics and Gome reached an agreement, Gome will be in its retail stores to promote the support of MHL TV, smartphones and accessories. At the same time, Gome electrical accessories company will be online and offline sales MHL connectors and converters. ...

Smart hands ring into "chicken ribs"

Absrtact: Just like the last two days throughout the country continue to the high temperature, one night, the intelligent hand ring is also a dense outbreak of various mobile phone manufacturers scrambled to lay eggs, earlier, oppo and Baidu Dulife Cloud together to launch the O-band hand ring, followed by Huawei launched the equivalent of a complex version Like nearly two days across the country continue to the high temperature, overnight, intelligent hand ring is also a dense outbreak of various mobile phone manufacturers scramble to "lay eggs," earlier, Oppo and Baidu Dulife Cloud launched O-band hand ring, followed by Huawei launched ...

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